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Nearly three hours long, and deliberately paced at that, this first feature ever in the Inuit language is a demanding experience. But the rewards for those who risk the journey are simply extraordinary.
Chicago Sun-Times
An experience so engrossing it is like being buried in a new environment.
Entertainment Weekly
Stunning, fully formed masterpiece.
New York Daily News
Don't miss The Fast Runner. If you do, you will deprive yourself of not only one of the most intriguing feature-film projects in decades and enough plain-spoken anthropology for three credits at Harvard, but one of the most flat-out entertaining movies of the year.
A landmark movie that becomes a priceless entryway into a distant land and its people, few of whom will ever seem as foreign and far away again.
Magically transports the viewer across time and space. As it does so, it becomes a humbling reminder of the universality of the human experience.
Philadelphia Inquirer
This long (nearly three hours), revelatory movie is both a thrilling adventure about endurance and survival, and an elegiac examination of centuries-old tribal culture, fast-fading in the new millennium.
Miami Herald
More than once during The Fast Runner (Atanarjuat), it's easy to forget you're watching a movie.
New York Post
It is an important, thoroughly bewitching work of art.
Charlotte Observer
If you're put off by deliberate filmmaking (or subtitles, though the movie doesn't have much dialogue), you're in the wrong spot. If not, you'll see why voters gave "Atanarjuat," as it's officially called, a 2002 Oscar nomination for best foreign film.
Its refusal to draw solid lines between "good" and "evil" characters is more sophisticated than the psychology of most current commercial pictures. It's well worth a trek to a theater adventurous enough to show it.
It's an endurance test. Though never boring, the movie is a fairly long slog through the snow.

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