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Season 1

20 Sep. 2001
The Agency
The Agency receives word that Fidel Castro will be assassinated when he visits America and the CIA has 48 hours to stop the assassination.
27 Sep. 2001
Viva Fidel
The Agency receives word that Fidel Castro will be assassinated when he visits the United States and the CIA has 48 hours to stop the assassination.
4 Oct. 2001
God's Work
The Agency is investigated for its involvement in the downing of a small plane over Columbia carrying two members of a missionary family who mistaken for drug dealers.
18 Oct. 2001
The Year of Living Dangerously
American miners are taken hostage in Indonesia, so the Agency sends an inside operative who may be a little too headstrong.
25 Oct. 2001
In Our Own Backyard
A New Jersey couple is shot in their backyard, where investigators find a fallout shelter with items that lead the Agency to suspect that the husband was a Russian spy with a nuclear that may now be on the black market.
1 Nov. 2001
Callan attempts to recruit a Middle Eastern diplomat to help stop terrorists from setting off a bomb in three days, but the diplomat is reluctant to get involved out of fear for his family.
8 Nov. 2001
When the Agency learns that someone has in their possession anthrax, they try to find out who and how they plan to use it. They think they found the man, a man named Zimmer. They discover he tried to make contact with someone he knew years ago who is now a housewife. So they arrest her and try to get her to tell them what she knows which she claims is not much. They also try to intercept the anthrax which is on it's way.
15 Nov. 2001
Matt discovers the truth about the death of his brother Eric in 1999 while on assignment in Kosovo. In the meantime, Haisley heads to India to work with a double agent who has inside information on the nuclear-weapons program.
29 Nov. 2001
Haisley is suspected of being a mole by a counterintelligence agent when the foreign national she's dating lies about knowing her on a polygraph test.
6 Dec. 2001
Rules of the Game
The Agency has the terrorists suspected of plotting to assassinate the king of Saudi Arabia arrested, only to learn a surprising fact about them.
20 Dec. 2001
When a newspaper article reveals that a high ranking KGB man worked for the U.S. during the cold war. The man fearing what will happen if he's exposed alerts the C.I.A. Pierce who was his handler must try to find a way to protect the man especially since a KGB man who likes to weed out traitors, is close to finding out who the "one" is.
17 Jan. 2002
Son Set
When the son of a British official is kidnapped, and it's believed that it's so that the official could be coerced into giving up information. So Quinn sends Carl and Matt to England to see what they can do to help.
24 Jan. 2002
The Enemy Within
The daughter of a U.S. ambassador who was once an informant for Matt is kidnapped and held for ransom, while Quinn tightens his grip as acting chief of the Agency and terminates several jobs.
31 Jan. 2002
The Golden Hour
Matt and Lisa are shot at by a would-be assassin while they wait to drive past the Agency's main security gate, bringing up questions as to whether the attempt on their lives was random or planned.
7 Feb. 2002
The Gauntlet
Senator Tom Gage is appointed the new director of the Agency, while Matt and Terri head to Russia to meet with an informant about an arms shipment to Iraq.
28 Feb. 2002
Sleeping Dogs Lie
On Gage's first as the new director of the Agency, a young Vietnamese man is murdered and the father blames the CIA. In the meantime, Terri runs into a man she thinks is building a bomb.
7 Mar. 2002
The Plague Year
Matt trails a terrorist entering America from Mexico the Agency suspects is a suicide bomber, but his exact target is unknown. In the meantime, Haisley becomes attracted to a translator working the case.
28 Mar. 2002
An ex-corporal who served under Gage in Vietnam accuses him of murdering civilians, while Matt must determine if a dictator is dying so his opponents know when to overthrow him.
4 Apr. 2002
The Greater Good
Gage gives Matt orders to plan a mission to blow up chemical-weapons plant in Sudan, even if it means the deaths of over a hundred people working as slaves.
18 Apr. 2002
Gage meets with the chief intelligence officers from India and Pakistan to prevent a nuclear war, while Carl's son visits with some news.
25 Apr. 2002
The Understudy
Haisley's life in danger when he takes the place of an agent dealing with the Russian mob after the agent realizes his contact already knows him and Gage must decide whether to let Haisley go on with the mission.
2 May 2002
Gage is confronted by police chief Jack Mannion when a CIA agent is murdered in his car.
9 May 2002
Matt and Terri lead a mission to rescue a CIA agent posing as an American diplomat whose captors demand the release of all Taliban prisoners and $20 million.

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