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To the world, he's dead. But soon, he'll become the most wanted man alive (Season 5)
The terror alert level has just been raised (Season 4)
For America to survive, Jack Bauer must die (Season 6)
Jack's country needs him. Dead. (season 6)
Every Second Counts. (Season1)
A new day begins (Season 2)
He's tried to escape it. He's tried to silence it. But for Jack Bauer...instinct never dies. (Season 4)
Who do you trust when the people who are sworn to protect you, conspire against you? (Season 2)
To stop these attacks Jack Bauer has to be sacrificed (Season 6)
He disappeared to protect his secret. He changed his name and started a new life. He thought he was safe...then Day 5 began....(season 5)
This time, the terror is contagious (Season 3)
There's So Much More to 24...
Just in time (Season 7)
A New Day. A New Beginning. A New Bauer. (Season 7)
All he wants is to be with his family. All he needs... is to survive one more day. (Season 8)
New York Gets Jacked. (Season 8)
My name is Jack Bauer, and this is the longest day of my life.
I'm federal agent Jack Bauer, and today is the longest day of my life.
Sometimes the men sworn to keep us safe...are the most dangerous of all.
He's got one day to save his family and protect his country. The clock is ticking.
A lot can happen in a day.
The clock is ticking. (Season 1)
The clock is ticking... again (Season 2)
To stop a weapon that has no cure...you need a man who knows no limits.
The first wave of attack will be terror. The last line of defense will be him. (Season 3)
If you think you know what's next, you don't know Jack!
If he thinks he can quit now...he's dead wrong.
Jack's back!
The most critically acclaimed series on television
The most wanted dead man alive (Season 5)

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