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Quality is an art not a budget.

Author: Dana Marek from Houston, Texas
13 March 2006

This movie is a great example of why so many people are watching independent, "Indie", movies now. The absence of large amounts of capital requires the artists, (producers, directors, writers and actors) to become more creative.

The story is original and the dialog is realistic. It passes my "Believability Test" for action/drama movies. (Do you believe this could happen, in this way?)

Leon Coffee is a surprisingly good actor. If he ever tires of dodging bulls, (he is a professional rodeo clown) Hollywood could certainly use his talent.

Many of the extras in this film were cowboy "re-enactors" from around Texas. They provided a bit of extra authenticity to the film.

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This western is an excellent return to quality film making for the whole family

Author: sirlinda from Australia
6 January 2007

We own a videos shop so we preview a lot of movies and we get very bored with bad ones very quickly. I found this film to be a wonderful film made the way good westerns were. It has many good values taught through out it; by people/characters trying to do what they feel is right. It doesn't fixate on violence with all sorts of meet me at high noon on Main Street for a shoot out. That isn't to say there isn't any bad guys in it, and there are shootouts. It is more real than that. I didn't feel it dragged it covered seven years of a man's life in a short space of time. Sum it up this way, my daughter who isn't into westerns and my husband who is both enjoyed it and that says a lot.

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Terrific Western in the spirit of the Golden Age of movies

Author: wbygodv from United States
22 July 2007

Mark Valley's charisma and excellent acting are clearly on display. Leon Coffee is terrific as the itinerant cowboy preacher. Supporting roles by R. Lee Ermey (superb as always), Mark Collie (the country singer), and Lisa Stewart keep the story moving. While clearly a first movie from a young production company, they put together a very good film that is suitable for the entire family. Extraordinarily well-written story that is anything but predictable. Minimal violence but none of it graphic. I'm surprised that Valley didn't get offered additional movie roles on the basis of this. Believe that he and Coffee had excellent on-screen chemistry. There should be a sequel.

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Decent flick...not really a Western, though

Author: Christopher E. Meadows ( from Springfield, Missouri
14 January 2004

I saw this movie in a theater, with a Q&A by the director, in Springfield, MO, which is one of the places the director calls home and where one of the actors (Woody P. Snow, a local radio DJ) is from. It was a decent movie for its essentially shoe-string budget. Not really what you'd call a's more of a character study or psychological drama that dresses itself in Western trappings. (Sort of like how "Little House on the Prairie" was set in the west without having the constant gunfights and things that you associate with a Western.) It also had a few problems with the pacing, particularly toward the end where it suddenly and without warning drops into a 15-minute flashback. Had a few interesting ideas in it, though...particularly in regard to how what you think you see at the beginning isn't what you really see at all.

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It is a great movie with lots of action

Author: jcham ( from Uvalde, Texas
15 July 2001

The movie "Jericho" has a different twist to the bad guys. It is really a mystery with a lot of western action. I saw it at the Houston Film Fest and would love to see it again. The actors all did a great job and it was easy to believe what was happening.The sound, lighting and directing was excellent. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys the old west and a good mystery.

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An excellent western with a great plot twist.

Author: rabaldy from Milwaukee, WI
15 July 2001

This is an excellent movie with some good acting. It is a great plot that has a very unique twist. It is well directed and is definitely worthwhile seeing. There are some excellent western scenes and the action is also excellent. I would recommend this movie to anyone who not only likes Westerns, but who just likes a good mystery plot. Well done.

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OK western

Author: ctomvelu-1 from United States
29 June 2008

Mark Valley (who?) stars as a cowpoke suffering from amnesia, trying to regain his memory in this low-budget STV job shot on location in Texas and New Mexico. Along the way, he works as a cattle drover, a gold panner and a ranch hand before discovering his true identity in a twist ending. One thing for sure: he knows how to handle a pistol, and does so frequently in this gritty but clichéd western. The costumes and general look of the characters and settings feel authentic enough. What's missing is a Sam Elliott or Tom Selleck to give the movie a certain zing. I will say I stuck with it to find out the guy's true identity, which for most viewers likely will come as a complete surprise.

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A good old fashioned western!

Author: Ejner Fulsang from United States
27 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie took me back to my youth when Hollywood routinely did great westerns. I would have given it a 10-rating but the dialogue was a bit 'TV' in spots. Some, though certainly not all, of the cast suffered a bit in the same regard, but I forgave that. These guys are just getting started, and as such, provide an essential 'farm-league' for aspiring actors looking to do serious work.

The aspects that were most appealing to me were the clever plot twist about three quarters in, and the classic hero-myth story format--at times I thought I was watching Homer's Odyssey set in the old west. **Spoiler Warning!!** The protagonist's routine trip to Jericho (Troy) ended up lasting many years, while he wandered about in the wilderness of his lost memory. Along the way he encounters the Cyclops, the Sirens, and the Land of the Lotus Blossoms. He eventually finds his way back to his loyal Penelope, and his son--now a man. There was even a suitor, though not a very serious one. Stories the follow the hero-myth format tend to resonate with readers and this one was no exception. Even my teenage kids enjoyed it and they don't normally watch westerns. Anyway, kudos to Black Knight Films for a fine debut! I'll be watching for their next-up, "Diamonds in the Rough."

--Ejner Fulsang, author of "A Knavish Piece of Work," Aarhus Publishing

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An Intriguing Mystery that will Entertain the Whole Family

Author: cawilmont from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
5 August 2001

From its mysterious, Hitchcock-style opening to its satisfying conclusion, Jericho is a delightful and intriguing movie. Set in the old west, Jericho is a suspenseful story of friendship, loyalty, and determination. Filmgoers will find themselves sharing the fast-paced adventure of the main character who is searching for his true identity. Along the way, be prepared to experience a wide range of emotions. Beautiful cinematography and a stirring soundtrack suit this heartwarming story well. Our family enjoyed watching this movie twice!

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peculiar and spotty, but surprisingly well-thought-out mystery/Western that may or may not ring your bell

Author: TheUnknown837-1 from United States
20 September 2009

Although very obscure and a little hard to locate, "Jericho", a film which has nothing to do with the city of the same name, is a combination of the genres of mystery and Western that results in something that is quite delightful, however not extraordinary.

The story feels more like it should be set in the 1940s as opposed to the 1880s and it has some truly bad dialogue and ridiculous moments such as in the opening third of the running time and a few spotty performances, but in the end, I thoroughly enjoyed "Jericho" and the mean reason was because obviously the writers had clearly outlined their story a few times to create a fairly complex, but understandable mystery film that really shows its true colors in the final act.

Typically when I review a film, I go into a deep analysis, but this time I'm going to cut short, because "Jericho" was not a film that had my enormously involved or incredibly disinterested. I was somewhere in the midpoint between these two verdicts. I basically liked the movie but more or less as a guilty pleasure. The story is good, but the screenplay is a patchwork of good and bad dialogue, there are some mediocre performances save Mark Valley, Leon Coffee, and some of the supporting cast, and the music score was completely off-kilter. It does make up for this when the mystery of the story is solved towards the end, but then it's sort of ruined when the movie reaches an abrupt, non-conclusive resolution. In the end, if you like Westerns, or better still, if you like mysteries, you may or may not enjoy "Jericho." This is a film that will find its reviewers split right down the middle.

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