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The first classic episode of the BMW series.

Author: Stuart Casey from Winnipeg, Canada
5 June 2003

While John Frankenheimer and Ang Lee made films whose primary purpose is to show off the new line of BMW cars, Wong Kar Wai's FOLLOW is the first to actually try to make a genuine piece of art where the cars plays a secondary purpose. A driver (Clive Owen) is hired to keep surveillance on a movie star's wife, and begins to find himself emotionally involved.

OK, the plot is standard film noir material, but it is Wong Kar-Wai's elliptical visual style juxtaposed with melancholy music that creates an unforgettable mood piece that rejuvenates noir cliches. A perfect example is when Clive Owen looks into the wife's face and suddenly realize why she's attempting to leave her husband. It's just a simple understated shot that would be absolutely beautiful until you realize what the camera is focusing on.

This is a short film that a viewer would wish to be a full-length feature to stay in the sad stylish world that it has created. Now how many car commercials can claim that?

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Author: Moppy007 from Melbourne, Australia
18 June 2002

The most touching of BMW's short films. Owen once again plays the cool driver, but this time his emotions get in the way of his work. No insane car chases, but great in all aspects. Only one word can sum this up - beautiful.

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Best in the series.

Author: girmo2003 from La Verne, CA
9 September 2001

The BMW Film series films are all excellent. I particularly appreciate the humor of "Star" and the sensitivity and awareness of "Powder Keg," but "The Follow" seems to stand out as the best film of them all. The Driver seems more relaxed and perhaps more together in this of all of the films. He starts out detached, coldly explaining the best way to tail someone, but becomes human, identifying with the heroine and allowing justice to be served. Amazingly all accomplished in 6 minutes. Clive Owen is great as always and Forest Whitaker is affecting in an unbilled performance. 9/10

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Truly haunting little film

Author: polkablues from Washington
8 June 2001

I just watched the first four in the series of "BMW Films", and this is by far the best. I was more familiar with the other three directors (the great Ang Lee, the very good Guy Ritchie, and the stunningly adequate John Frankenheimer), but after seeing "The Follow" (and reading someone compare Kar-Wai's "In the Mood for Love" with Soderbergh's "The Limey") I feel a strong need to search out more of this director's work.

"The Follow" avoids the "five minutes worth of car chase" formula employed by the other BMW films, instead reaching for a more haunting, psychological examination of obsession and the loss of love. Clive Owens is given more to work with here than in any of the other films, and he comes through like a champ, delivering a lyrical, understated narration that the film would fall apart without. Mickey Rourke is solid, but his role goes by so fast that he doesn't get a chance to do much. Forest Whitaker is better, though for some reason uncredited. If you get a chance to watch this movie, by all means do it. Among the top five short films I've seen. Now I need to go see if I can find a copy of "Chungking Express" to rent.

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The Finest Film in a Wonderful series ...

Author: LateNightCable from North Hollywood
28 July 2003

I agree that The Follow is the finest film in " The Hire " series of BMW short films. With it, director Wong Kar-Wai gives us a unique take on the series. The photography, and music blend perfectly to make the film itself very simple, elegant, and more poignant then you would ever expect a " promotional film " to be.

The performances are genuine and unhurried, which aside from Clive Owen as The Driver, include the talents of Mickey Roarke and Forrest Whitaker. This really does leave you wishing it was a full length feature.

Something I have noticed in all of the BMW films is the attention paid to atmospheric sound, the effects are always excellant. I highly recommend viewing all the films in The Hire series, but particularly The Follow.

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Author: Boba_Fett1138 from Groningen, The Netherlands
17 April 2005

Visually this is a beautiful short. It has some amazing cinematography by Harris Savides who also made moody movies like "The Game", "Finding Forrester" and "Birth". The fine directing is from Kar Wai Wong, who makes this short a little piece of art.

The story is also what helps to make this movie beautiful. Although its short it still manages to create depth and stir up the right emotions. This is the second and so far last "The Hire" short written by expert Andrew Kevin Walker. If you only like and expecting a cool car chase than you're better of watching another "The Hire" short and you can just better skip this one.

The good mood music is from Joel Goodman and Jeff Rona.

Famous stars in this are Mickey Rourke and Forest Whitaker in an uncredited but big role.

The third "The Hire" movie is just simply beautiful!


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BMW Films has yet to let me down - fantastic.

Author: pooter-2 ( from San Diego, CA
5 June 2001

Another great short film from BMW films. Clive Owen is impressive as always as The Driver, but this time, he has heart instead of speed. Forest Whittaker is also wonderful and appears unbilled. A simple story told well brings a lot of emotion to a mere 6 and a half minutes. Bravo.

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One of the best from the BMW Series

Author: pfors21 from California
1 March 2002

This short with the possible exception of Inarritu's Powder Keg is the best from the BMW series. This one is a typical film you might expect from Wong Kar Wai (very dark and film noirish). It should not be missed by any of his fans.

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Surprisingly engaging short well delivered by Kar Wai Wong

Author: bob the moo from United Kingdom
25 April 2012

I was surprised to find that the director of the second film in the BMW series The Hire was Ang Lee, so imagine how I felt when this one was directed by Kar Wai Wong, he of In the Mood for Love and other films where car chases do not feature particularly highly; to say the least I was curious as to what he would deliver here. The plot this time is a tailing job – a movie star's agent hires the Driver to follow the star's wife to confirm she isn't cheating on him; a simple job but then perhaps not.

What Wong delivers is actually a really nice short film that delivers substance in a way the previous two had not while also giving the guys paying for the film plenty of slick shots of their cars in motion. The film opens with some shots with an artistic slant and it continues as such throughout. In the previous films the Driver had been mostly silent however here his narration is key and it is pretty well written to be about the art of The Follow while also filling in the story as we go along. OK, it is a flaw of the film that his technique looks awful (he seems far too obvious to me!) but the narration and the style help cover this minor quibble.

The film has a great style to it and Wong really does a good job with the following sequences. Unable to work with the thrill of a chase, he instead captures moments of slick beauty as the two cars move around cities and landscapes – it had a real flow to it and looked beautiful; the shots after stopping at the bank were particularly memorable. The cast do well here, Owen is better with some character to talk about while the quality of Whittaker, Rourke and the looks of Lima all help the feel of the film as slick and polished.

The Follow may lack the action chase sequence of the other films thus far, but it produces something I enjoyed much more as a short film (as opposed to an action clip). The story is good, the narration adds a layer to the film and yet Wong still manages to make the central product look good. Very good little short that rises above its commercial heart.

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Very romantic and touchy

Author: Elina Streltsova from Russian Federation
2 August 2006

This episode of the series is the most 'filmish' of all. What I mean is that the action concentrates not around the driving itself, but about the plot, the idea - and driving is only entwined with the action, but doesn't guide it.

The driving during all the episode resembles a dance - they two are moving tenderly, closely, yet intently. Storytelling is non-linear, but this dance runs through all the episode. At the same time the details, which are highlighted now and then, make all the plot somehow intimate. And the music matches the mood appallingly.

If other episodes could be associated with a comedy, a thriller or an action movie, this one is sure to be a melodrama: it's very romantic.

Well, you'd better see it - I doubt you'll regret you did.

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