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A funny little film with a groovy soundtrack to boot.
scriptgirlNYC2 September 2001
Anita Liberty is a woman spurned by Mitchell, her boyfriend of three-and- a-half years. Subsequently, she dedicates her career to "humiliating him in public." Not that she has much of a following, at first. She relies on the support of her best friend, Amy, who patiently placates her, even though it's obvious she's heard it all before. Nevertheless, Anita is unable to get past Mitchell and continues on her quest to write poems about him and perform them in public. Anita's attempt to "heal through hate" ultimately turns into personal fulfillment as she helps others with her message. She even has her own funky theme song, which becomes an anthem for all women who have walked down the same path as Anita Liberty. I really enjoyed this short film. I thought it was funny, and the music was really cool too.
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