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Season: 3 | unknown
Year: 1998 | 1999 | 2000 | 2001 | unknown

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 6: Silicon Valley Saviors

11 December 2001
Santa Clara County, California: A 34-year-old man's neck has been slashed from side to side; A 35-year-old woman ran off the road and landed in a tree; A frequent flyer had a seizure and fell; A 54-year-old man has overdosed on alcohol and pills; A 78-year-old man has suffered a diabetic seizure; A young man has faked being beaten up after being kicked out of his parents' house; A 42-year-old man was stabbed in the abdomen; A young woman has stabbed her boyfriend in the chest; A 32-year-old man has suffered a diabetic seizure, and also has a large sore on his leg.
Jon Prido ... Himself
David Corello ... Himself - Patient
Abbie Serrano ... Herself - Patient
Nephty Landin ... Himself
Arthur King ... Himself - Patient
Kim Roderick ... Herself - Patient
Tim Lear ... Himself - Patient
Coy Jarrett ... Himself - Patient
Stacy Stidger ... Herself
Richad Ho ... Himself - Patient

Michael McGlone ... Himself - Narrator

Season 3, Episode 12: Down and Out

2 February 2001
San Jose: A young woman with a history of alcohol and psychiatric problems claims to have been assaulted; Various car crash victims; A man who has been drinking has passed out in a creek bed;

Unknown Season

A Sinister Turn

2 November 2000
Indianapolis,Indiana: A man drives into a house in an apparent carjacking; A 16-year-old girl suffers a febrile seizure; A five-year-old boy has been hit by a van; A man collapses at a club from a possible drug reaction; An out-of-control man was arrested; A man driving a stolen car is badly injured when he crashes into a tree; A satellite installer was attacked by two pit bulls.
Danny Sizemore ... Himself
Kelvin Coe ... Himself - Patient
Angela Hunter ... Herself
Joshua Ward ... Himelf - Patient
Lisa Warren ... Herself
Desmond Cheeseborough ... Himself - Patient
Samantha Stuart ... Herself
Eric Loy ... Himself - Patient
Clinton Ballenger ... Himself - Patient

Michael McGlone ... Himself - Narrator
Jackie Vasquez ... Himself - Patient

After Dark

12 March 1999
Detroit: A 10-year-old girl, whose mother is agoraphobic and has not been out of the house in seven years, has been hit by a car while riding her bike; A gunman who has barricaded himself in a home invasion has been shot in the head; A 14-year-old asthmatic boy has had a reaction to a bee sting; A car has crashed into a street light, and a sawed-off shotgun was found under the seat; A man is unconscious after having fallen in a bathroom; A woman sitting on her porch has been shot in the hand in a drive-by; A man with one leg is beaten up in a carjacking.
Vince Fourment ... Himself
James La Croix ... Himself
Gloria Jackson ... Herself (as Lt. Gloria Jackson)
Marti Rademaker ... Herself
Joe Fountain ... Himself - Patient
Jimmy Ray Davis ... Himself - Patient

Michael McGlone ... Himself - Narrator

Air Care: 24-7

16 November 2000
Orlando: A 22-year-old man has badly injured his legs in a high-speed crash; A 65-year-old man is suspected of having a stroke; A five-year-old sickle cell patient is running a really high fever; A car surfer is run over by the car he was standing on; A man his having chest pains after smoking crack; A 20-year-old motorcycle rider has been hit by a car; A 73-year-old man is crushed by a large tree; A man on a roof tripped and fell 30 feet to concrete pavement.
Cindi Bilanski ... Herself

Kathy Cox ... Herself
Karen Thurmond ... Herself
Mary Olson ... Herself
Michele Knieriemen ... Herself
Kenneth Harris ... Himself - Patient
Jason Seymour ... Himself - Patient

Michael McGlone ... Himself - Narrator

At Risk

5 October 2000
Charlotte, North Carolina: A man has been shot in the upper arm; An elderly woman has fallen and broken her ankle; The water breaks on a woman 4½ months pregnant; An employee at a car dealership has been shot in a robbery; A drunk who has been on a bender for two weeks wants to go somewhere to dry up; A 19-year-old has injured his ankle in a sporting event; A drug dealer swallowed three rocks of cocaine to avoid arrest.
John Crunk ... Himself
William Taylor ... Himself - Patient
Melissa Grimes ... Herself
Kevin Caldwell ... Himself
Richard Baker ... Himself - Patient
David Parker ... Himself - Patient
Mark Swanson ... Himself (as Dr. Mark Swanson)
Tom Porcelli ... Himself
Inga Kish ... Herself (as Dr. Inga Kish)
Jeffrey Odom ... Himself - Patient

Badlands and Broken Hearts

6 March 2000
Albuquerque, New Mexico: A man accidentally shoots his 14-year-old nephew in the arm while hunting; An 89-year-old man collapses at his son's wedding; A Canadian tourist complaining of chest pains has to be airlifted 80 miles east of Albuquerque; A store clerk calls paramedics on a homeless man who had been robbed and assaulted; A car accident near Cuba, New Mexico, results in an ejection; A woman faints at on her front door step after her daughter evicts her; A two-year-old sitting in her grandfather's lap was ejected in a car accident when her mother fell asleep at the wheel.
Bob Grothe ... Himself
Monica Johnson ... Herself
Buxton Apache ... Himself - Patient
Tony Young ... Himself
Patricio Baca ... Himself - Patient
Jennifer Stafford ... Herself - Flight Nurse
Barbara Christian ... Herself
Fred Engel ... Himself - Patient
Greg Wilson ... Himself
Jerome Bailey ... Himself - Patient
Adrian D'Souza ... Himself

Chaos Theory

15 January 1999

Critical Care

26 October 2000
Reno, Nevada: A 72-year-old asthmatic man collapses after having trouble breathing; A 36-weeks pregnant woman was rear-ended on her way to work; A man inside a motel room is complaining of chest pains; A three-year-old suffers a pediatric seizure; A concerned neighbor calls 911 about her neighbor who has a history of falling down; A 36-year-old man has overdosed on 40 methadone pills; A 39-year-old man suffers a seizure; A 63-year-old man with a history of heart disease is feeling ill.
Glenn Jones ... Himself
Tom Smith ... Himself - Patient
Marti Robinson ... Herself
Kelly Harper ... Herself - Patient
Russell Barnum ... Himself
Paul Adams ... Himself - Patient
Haley Aramini ... Herself - Patient
Matthew Godfrey ... Himself - Patient
Vivian Richards ... Herself - Patient

Michael McGlone ... Himself - Narrator

Desert Fever

12 October 2000
A 59-year-old man has taken a hard fall from a horse; A 26-year-old woman has been in a rollover accident; Paramedics have to retrieve a snake from someone's home; A young woman fractures her clavicle in an accident; A 44-year-old suffers a seizure in a grocery store; A 33-year-old man was hit with a beer bottle and punched in the mouth; A cancer patient is experiencing nausea; A woman complains of chest pains and breathing problems; A construction worker has fallen 20 feet, landing on his back; A diabetic man being taken to the hospital refuses to take an IV.
Jim Dooley ... Himself
Huntley Holland ... Himself - Patient
Dawn Martin ... Herself
Carin Marter ... Herself
John Chelgren ... Himself - Patient
Dan Pentkowski ... Himself
Eugene Martinez ... Himself - Patient
Scott Meyer ... Himself - Patient
Benny Quintana ... Himself - Patient

Michael McGlone ... Himself - Narrator

Desert Jackpot

22 January 1999
Las Vegas: A construction worker sufferers a serious head or neck injury after falling off a two-story building; A man is hospitalized with a heatstroke after drinking two much alcohol and passing out in the baking Sun; An incoherent man is found sitting in a parked car near a freeway; A 42-year-old man has been assaulted in a parking lot; An 80-year-old woman with ulcers is complaining of stomach pains; An emotionally disturbed man roaming in a parking lot after terrorizing a day-care center suffers second degree burns from the hot pavement after he is wrestled to the ground after trying to grab one of the paramedics; A construction worker has fallen off a scaffold; A woman stoned on drugs is found on the ground complaining of pains all over her body; A 80-year-old man is possibly suffering a heart attack.
Calvin Griffin ... Himself
Art Lewis ... Himself - Patient
Melanie Isom ... Herself
Walt West ... Himself
Hugh Follmer ... Himself (as Dr. Hugh Follmer)
Tressa Davis ... Herself - Patient
John Malone ... Himself - Patient

Michael McGlone ... Himself - Narrator

Double Dose

8 January 1999
Tampa: A street kid has been stabbed in the leg; A teen suffers a neck injury in and is pulled unconscious from a spring after a diving accident; A man suffers a concussion in a fender bender; A 36-year-old man has fallen 35 feet at a warehouse; A three-year-old girl with cerebral palsy has a pediatric seizure; A 21-year-old man wrecks after falling asleep at the wheel; A man in an area of town known as "The Box" is stabbed in a knife fight; A rancher has been gored by a bull.
Troy Basham ... Himself
Mike Giordano ... Himself - Patient
Kathy Koch ... Herself
Hubert McNeely ... Himself (as Hubert 'Mac' McNeely)
Andra Stenger ... Herself
William Jeffrey Boyd ... Himself - Patient
Bert Taber ... Himself - Patient
Jessica Clark ... Herself - Patient
Aaron Goff ... Himself - Patient
Rodney Hagedorn ... Himself - Patient
Kenneth Powell ... Himself - Patient

Michael McGlone ... Himself - Narrator

Dream World

25 September 2000
Orlando: A 70-year-old man was in a minivan rollover on I-4; A 21-year-old man goes into a diabetic shock when his plane lands at Orlando International; A 42-year-old man has been smacked in the head with a beer bottle; A 16-year-old girl is running a hight fever and is slipping in and out of consciousness; A 76-year-old woman slipped on a hard wood floor in her home,suffering a femur fracture; A large bookshelf falls onto two small children; An ER frequent flyer claims to have had a seizure, and a few hours later is picked up again.
Joel Romero ... Himself
Edgar Aguirre ... Himself
Herbert Braden ... Himself - Patient
Keith Grice ... Himself
Kevin Grice ... Himself
Joseph Golden ... Himself - Patient
Jerome Letang ... Himself
Barbi Cox ... Herself - Patient
Muriel Porter ... Herself - Patient
Lori Ann Warner ... Herself - Patient

Everyday Heroes

30 November 2000
A 77-year-old man has been experiencing chest pains for several hours; A man has been beaten up in a robbery; A teenager injures her ankle jumping on a trampoline; A diabetic is acting combative; A 72-year-old woman is experiencing chest pains; A 39-year-old man has been ejected from his truck in an accident; A man has had an alcoholic blackout; A ten-year-old has been bitten by a neighbor's dog; A paramedic gets a new tattoo.
Michael Moore ... Himself
Darin McIntosh ... Himself
William Carroll ... Himself - Patient
Sallie Deal ... Herself
Amanda Green ... Herself - Patient
George Ross ... Himself
John Day ... Himself - Patient
Gay Smith ... Herself - Patient
Robert King ... Himself - Patient
Jamie Galloway ... Herself
Trenton Massey ... Himself - Patient
Nikki Thompson ... Herself - Tattoo Artist

Michael McGlone ... Himself - Narrator

For Better, for Worse

13 December 1999

Force Five

Oklahoma City: Paramedics have to set up triage in rural areas after a Force 5 tornado strikes.
Steve Finley ... Himself
Jana Hardy ... Herself
Gary England ... Himself - Channel 9 News (archive footage)
Michael Murphy ... Himself - Field Supervisor
Tony McLarty ... Himself - Field Supervisor
Kyle Flowers ... Himself
Tawny Tinneman ... Herself - Patient
Kylee Tinneman ... Herself - Patient
Blaine Darnell ... Himself - Patient
Katie Haynes ... Herself
Irma Gonzalez ... Herself - Patient
Linda Callaway ... Herself - Patient
Wyatt Darnell ... Himself - Patient
Waleeska Harjo-RidingIn ... Patient who didn't know her last name
Tom Tinneman ... Himself - Patient

House Calls

11 October 1999
Pittsburgh: A 94-year-old woman complains of shortness of breath; A 27-year-old woman is suspected of a heroin overdose; The daughter of one of the paramedics falls and cuts her lip; A woman seven-weeks pregnant is complaining of severe chest pains; A father and son were assaulted in front of their store; A man is found on the ground unresponsive; Another man is suspected of having taken too many pain killers; A woman is trapped inside her car after an accident; A 30-year-old woman was assaulted by her boyfriend; A 24-year-old frequent flyer has a seizure; An 18-month-old little girl has fallen off a kitchen table.
James Brown ... Himself
Bryan Kuszajeski ... Himself
Catherine McSorley ... Herself
Michelle Marshall ... Herself - Patient
Darnella Wilson ... Herself
Tiffany Griffin ... Herself - Patient
Akhil Mishra ... Himself - Patient
Mayank Mishra ... Himself - Patient
Larry Kennedy ... Himself - Patient
Lucille Davidson ... Herself - Patient
Vonda Morris ... Herself - Patient
John Mahoney ... Himself (as Dr. John Mahoney)
Matthew Rodetsky ... Himself - Patient

In Hot Water

27 December 1999
Pittsburgh: A boater hits the steering wheel when he crashes; Firemen respond to a structure fire; A boater is trapped underwater; A resident of the structure fire has lost his medicine in the blaze; An 83-year-old man is found vomiting blood in his bathroom; A man in a nursing home is found unconscious and unresponsive in a diabetic coma; A 33-year-old man is found passed out stoned on the riverbank; A 49-year-old man has taken so many drugs that he is having trouble breathing; A medical secretary collapses at work with back pain; Paremedics respond to a medic alert.
John Soderberg ... Himself
Jerry Wasek ... Himself
Tom Polito ... Himself
Stewart Medford ... Himself - Patient
Tom Martin ... Himself (as Dr. Tom Martin)
Ed Jones ... Himself - Patient
William Loomis ... Himself - Patient

Michael McGlone ... Himself - Narrator

Kansas City Blues

19 October 2000
A 61-year-old man has collapsed in a parking lot; A shooting victim is bleeding heavily; A tracheotomy patient has some bleeding around his tracheal tube; A 61-year-old man has been hit in the head with a stick; Paramedics notice needle tracks on the arms of a woman complaining of chest pains; A 75-year-old man was sitting in his chair at home when he started feeling dizzy; A 34-year-old man is suspected of going into diabetic shock when he is found unconscious and unresponsive; A 79-year-old man collapses in his home and is experiencing rectal bleeding.
Dave Hutton ... Himself
Bill Bowen ... Himself - Patient
Loren Vinson ... Herself
Sarah Tufty ... Herself
Terrence Eskridge ... Himself
Floyd Davis ... Himself - Patient
Kathleena Todd ... Herself - Patient
Pearl Ledbetter ... Herself - Patient
Keith Walters ... Himself - Patient
J.D. White ... Himself - Patient

Michael McGlone ... Himself - Narrator

Knights of Newark

21 April 1998
Newark, New Jersey: A family is pinned in a car after being rear-ended by a stolen vehicle; A man hits his brother with a baseball bat in a drunken argument; A construction worker has fallen 30 feet at a site; A woman was slashed by another woman; A man has suffered a massive heart attack; An off-duty police officer and his brother are struck by a man driving a stolen vehicle; A child is having a bad asthma attack; Another car crash involves cops and a stolen vehicle; A man is stabbed in the arm; A woman is very upset after a pharmacist accuses her of shoplifting.

Lonesome Highways

3 January 2000

No Limits

20 September 1999
A woman has been run over by a car in the French Quarter; A firefighter has been injured on the job; A man receives a head injury after passing out on Bourbon Street; A man is showing signs of a diabetic seizure; An elderly woman complains of abdominal pains; A seven-year-old boy was struck by a car while riding his bike; A man faints after an altercation at a store.
Rayme Edler ... Himself
Chris Lodice ... Himself
Bill Niemeck ... Himself
Yolanda Wilson ... Herself
Charmaine Tyler ... Herself - Patient
Zyrone Pounds ... Himself - Patient
Joe Glorioso ... Himself
Robert Smith ... Himself - Patient
Elizabeth McCall ... Herself - Patient
Rayon Landry ... Himself - Patient

On the Edge

7 February 2000
Oklahoma City: A 77-year-old woman is experiencing breathing difficulties; A man crashes after skidding over a wet highway; A man is injured in a fight outside the Will Rogers Theater; A shooting on the south side; A man is shot in the knee outside of a night club; Six people, four critical, are injured in a car accident; An 18-year-old woman is having a panic attack.
Jana Hardy ... Herself
Robert Hanes ... Himself
Ada Marie Woods ... Herself - Patient
Leonel Deleon ... Himself - Patient
Conrad Ballare ... Himself
Bill Warren ... Himself - Patient
Michael Willis ... Himself - Patient
Sam Allen ... Himself - Patient
Stephen Starr ... Himself - Patient
Joe Harris ... Himself - Patient
Candace Pitts ... Herself - Patient

On the Streets

15 March 1998
Denver: Four patients from a collision involving a drunk driver; A man suspected of a heroin overdose collapses outside a homeless shelter; A confused 83-year-old woman complains of an unspecified ailment; A seven-year-old boy is having a bad asthmatic attack; a 22-year-old man has two stab wounds from an ice pick; An airplane carrying a 54-year-old man having a heart attack is diverted to Denver so that he can be treated; A man as been smashed over the head with a beer bottle.
Tamara Bryan ... Herself
Jane Mehew ... Herself
Kevin Kelble ... Himself
Darla Leiker ... Herself

Michael McGlone ... Himself - Narrator
Mick Messoline ... Himself

Portland Pioneers

6 December 1999
Portland, Oregon: A 56year-old man is suffering a seizure; A 31-year-old woman becomes trapped in her car after being t-boned by a semi; A young experiences trouble breathing after overdosing on some unknown substance; A woman has trouble breathing after an allergic reaction to an antibiotic; A man overdosing on heroin is found seizing; A stoned woman has crashed into a utility pole; A soccer player breaks another player's leg after kicking the leg instead of the ball; A man who has collapsed at the Portland Airport is suspected of having a heart attack; A young man has been slashed in the head; A young woman was punched in the face and robbed.
Jan Acebo ... Himself
Ray Bashaw ... Himself - Patietn
Thomas Bondurant ... Himself
Denise Smith ... Herself - Patient
Ruth Haag ... Herself
Ken Garrett ... Himself
Gunther Payer ... Himself - Patient
Colin Rogers ... Himself - Patient

Michael McGlone ... Himself - Narrator

Rush Hour

21 April 1998
A motorcyclist is hit by a car; A man calls 911 when his Porsche stalls on the freeway; A woman injures her neck in a car accident; A driver has been shot in a drive-by; A man has been beaten up; A woman hits her son-in-law over the head with a beer bottle after he assaults his wife, her, and his father-in-law; A man who is in an argument with another man repeated slams his head against a car; A young child is having a bad asthma attack; A man suffers a seizure, then becomes combative.
Steve Lopez ... Himself
Kory Jackson ... Himself
Linda Scroggins ... Herself - Patient
Willie Dunn ... Himself
Tyrone Nelson ... Himself - Patient
Arthur Williams ... Himself - Patient
Ray Schiller ... Himself
Tony Green ... Himself

Michael McGlone ... Himself - Narrator

Seven Minutes

15 March 1998
Phoenix: A motorcycle cop has been hit by a that crossed the center line; A 19-year-old seven months pregnant is giving birth in a parking lot, A 38-year-old woman has injured her back in a boating accident; A 25-year-old gang member sufferers chemical facial burns when his cousin knocks acid out of his hand in an attempted suicide; A drunk driver going in the wrong direction collided with three other cars; has had acid thrown in his face; A min breaks his leg when his car crashes into a van.
Cindy Rust ... Herself
Jose Martinez ... Himself - Patient
Tim Pyle ... Himself
Donna Donaldson ... Herself
Dana Trickel ... Herself - Patient
Judy Wolff ... Herself - Patient
Lee Baker ... Herself
Carlos Rodriguez ... Himself - Patient

Michael McGlone ... Himself - Narrator

Southern Comfort

4 October 1999
Nashville: A tourist is experiencing painful breathing at his hotel room; A motorcyclist has crashed into a utility pole; An elderly man is suspected of having a heart attack; A 33-year-old man has been beaten up in a fight; A 12-year-old boy has injured his leg in a little league game; Paramedics have to respond to a SWAT team raid on a crack house; An elderly woman is unable to get to her feet after falling inside her home.
Bill Gramse ... Himself
Danny Atkinson ... Himself - Patient
Leigh Darnell ... Herself
Damon Matthews ... Himself - Patient
Tom Gilmer ... Himself
Tommy Shadwick ... Himself - Patient
Chris Lumbley ... Himself - Patient
Quinn Harris ... Himself
Justin Russell ... Himself - Patient

The Night Shift

5 April 1998
San Francisco: Two men have been in an accident on the Bay Bridge; A bodyguard at a nightclub has been beaten up; Another man has been beaten up in a street fight, and is struggling to breathe; An HIV+ man is evaluated after ingesting alcohol and Valium ; A woman has been slashed in the throat with a broken bottle; A 25-year-old man is suspected of a heroin overdose; A paramedic receives an accidental needle stick; A four-year-old child has sprayed herself with pepper spray.
John Christy ... Himself
Niels Tangherlini ... Himself
Chris Fuller ... Himself - Patient
James Lancaster ... Himself - Patient
Gay Bryson ... Herself
Karen Monday ... Herself - Patient
Brenda Lancaster ... Herself
Simon Pang ... Himself
Tim Callahan ... Himself - Patient
Jeff Allen ... Himself (1999)

Michael McGlone ... Himself - Narrator

The Wild West

13 March 2000
Portland, Oregon: A 32-year-old unrestrained is unresponsive after he crashes his car and goes down a 15-foot embankment; A 17-year-old was shot in the chest; Life Flight responds to a head-on collision near Mt. Hood; A heroin overdose at a crack house; A 67-year-old woman has some unknown illness with a low heart rate; a drunk pedestrian has been hit by a car.
Chris Culbertson ... Himself
Ami Niiya ... Himself
Jeff Stuthers ... Himself
Tessie Adams ... Herself
Samuel Hunt ... Himself - Patient
Ken San Juan ... Himself - Patient
Paul Pharr ... Himself
Charlotte Miller ... Herself

Tough Love

22 November 1999
Boston: A pedestrian receives a badly injured foot when she is struck by a speeding car; An EMS dispatcher was broadsided by another motorist; An electrician was burned in a flash fire; A man injures his hand when he punches a wall in anger; A man trying to rescue a cat on his roof fell and injured his ankle; A drunk man falls down hard on the sidewalk; Another drunk has been beaten up in a drunken street fight; A cancer patient who has just returned home from the hospital has a malfunctioning oxygen machine.
John Doyle ... Himself
Georgina Diaz ... Herself - Patient
Zonius Wiley ... Himself
Ruth Cranston ... Herself - Patient
Nancy Plaza ... Herself - Patient
Curwin Kerr ... Himself - Driver
Adam Corneille ... Himself
Artie Dagan ... Himself - Patient
James Gibson ... Himself - Patient
Donnie Taylor ... Himself - Patient
Derek Ray ... Himself - Patient
Pasquale Giordano ... Himself - Patient

True Believers

7 December 2000
Kansas City: An elderly woman was working in her yard when she started feeling dizzy and weak; A 16-year-old boy has a severe laceration on the back of his head from a car accident; A retired fire captain is having a heart attack; A combative 40-year-old man having a seizure stops breathing after being given a sedative to calm him down; A man suffering from congestive heart failure has been having progressively heavy breathing for three days; An attendee at a religious event passes out; A 75-year-old woman is dazed and confused after rolling out of bed and falling on the floor; An 84-year-old former baseball star who has collapsed in his home is suspected of having had a stroke.
Scott Bookman ... Himself
Frances Harvey ... Herself - Patient
Mark Braithwait ... Himself
Michelle Braithwait ... Herself
Orlando Gonzalez ... Himself - Patient
Lacey Rogers ... Herself
Andy Meyer ... Himself - Patient
Paul Paikowski ... Himself
John Hodge ... Himself - Patient
William Stone ... Himself - Patient
Carolyn Renfro ... Herself - Patient
Robert Beal ... Himself - Patient
Debbie Lawrence ... Herself

Michael McGlone ... Himself - Narrator

We the People

5 February 1999
Washington, DC: A firefighter suffers facial and inhalation burns when his mask comes off fighting a fire; A man has a bullet lodged just underneath his skin after being shot in the back in an argument; A woman goes into labor; A tourist has dislocated her knee; A man has collapsed outside a burning building where his home and business were relocated; An out-of-towner who has been shot in a rough part of town while trying to procure drugs has driven to a police station with a broken thigh bone after having been shot; An HIV+ man is having trouble breathing; A 61-year-old inebriated mugging victim has been hit in the head; A woman on the mall waiting for a July 4 fireworks display is having an asthma attack.
Adrian Nunn ... Himself (as Sgt. Adrian Nunn)
John Kelly ... Himself - Firefighter
Eric Harold ... Himself
Mike Baker ... Himself
Rhonda Coles ... Herself
Robert Adams ... Himself - Patient
Renee Lang ... Herself - Patient
Wayne Moore ... Himself (as Dr. Wayne Moore)
Chris Kessler ... Himself - Patient
Leroy Thomas ... Himself - Patient

Michael McGlone ... Himself - Narrator

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