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I dont think I've ever wanted to reach through the screen to throttle someone before.

Author: Clint Walker from Illinois, USA
30 June 2003

I actually used to watch this program a few years ago, from say, about early 2000 to 2001. And you know, I actually kind of liked it, even though I rarely agreed with what he said, mostly because it was nice seeing normally namby-pamby politicans actually answer a question once in a while.

But as time has gone by the show has changed quite a bit, and the reason why is actually pretty simple: Bill's head has become so overinflated, I'm surprised his neck can support it.

So now that Bill has the ratings, the show has practically become an hour long rant that goes beyond news analysis, and at best has become an endless trip inside his need to make himself feel important, and at worst is like listening to the old man in the diner booth next to you complain about how everything he cant find has been stolen by some punk kid.

Now as much as I want to, I wont get into the whole "conservative" thing in regards to Bill or Fox News channel, even though I really, REALLY want to. Let's face it people, this dude is as whacked out republican as any blowhard talk radio twit. Oh, wait a minute....Bill has a radio show during the day, dosent he? Hmmmm.....

Actually, I'll just keep my comments to his show. Listening to Bill yap and yap and point his fingers at the guests (and at the viewer) just got real old, REAL fast. To call him a TV bully almost sounds too easy, and in someways he's more like a 19 year old who overcompensates in heated conversations by yelling due to a percieved lack of anyone ever listening to him. This is probably the reason why he'll spend segment after segment calling anyone who wont go on his show a "coward." Deep down this guy just cant belive that someone wouldnt go on his top rated show. It's actually kind of cute, really, even though he's seemed to become angrier and angrier over the last year.

There's a story on about how a guest from "Not in Our name" (an anti-Iraq war group comprised of relitives of 9-11 victims) not only had his microphone cut, but was told off air by an enraged Bill that he was going to "----ing destroy" him.

I'm sure that if you are a fan of Bill's, then you are pumping your fist in the air with approval. Id like to think that there are plenty of people like me who are nearing the breaking point in regards to shows like this. But since, according to conservative types, "no one wants to listen to liberals with TV or radio shows," people like me may be in for a long haul.

But I believe that this goes beyond what side of the political fence you lie on. This is about a big bawl-baby who dosen't know when to quit flapping his jaw, and unfortunatly has three cameras recording every word that comes out of his mouth.

And really, is anyone really afraid of the guy? C'mon, he's no different from anyone's dad.

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Terrible, terrible

Author: Matt Crowley from Beverly, MA
2 January 2003

This is a terrible show. It's incredibly biased, and it's mean. Bill O'Reilly is rude and has no respect for his guests. If you want fair "no spin" programming, then look somewhere else. The editting is all in Bill's favor, and whenever the guests try to bring up a good point, Bill just silences them by interrupting them repeatedly. He's a disgrace to Harvard.

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For some reason I like it

Author: Melbster from Norway
4 May 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Let me begin by pointing out that I'm a die-hard liberal. Some of my favorite people to listen to are Maher and Stephen Colbert. Yet, for some reason I like this show. Maybe it's Bill himself. Maybe I've just gotten too used to the Fox standard of Hannity and Glenn Beck that this becomes slightly good in comparison.

There's something about The Factor that makes it worth watching. Maybe it's the fact that, despite is staunch conservative views, Bill actually does appear have a mind of his own. He doesn't just spew off the usual far-right conservative talking points like Hannity, or Beck's insane conspiracy theories (yes I know he's left Fox a while back). He seems to have no problem taking on fellow conservatives on issues that he doesn't agree with them on, like when he defended Ellen DeGeneres against the One Million Moms organization, or the fact that he views himself as an environmentalist. He also tends to invite 'opposites' like Jon Stewart on his show every once in a while, which usually leads to very entertaining, yet respectful conversations.

What I will say is that he often does have a bad habit of talking over his guests (though I think this has gotten better over the years), though he's not nearly as bad as certain other commentators. He also does say some ridiculous things, like his infamous segment about Amsterdam and drug policies.

Bottom line is though, if you need to fill up some sort of a right-wing talk-show quota, this is one I can recommend. It is far better than Michael Savage or Rush Limbaugh. I often hear liberals say that conservatives should watch Real Time to get a different perspective, well then I will say the same to liberals about The O'Reilly Factor.

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Insulting and dishonest toward his guests and core audience.

Author: Tanner Salcido from United States
18 January 2011

As a liberal I've tried watching this program to get a perspective on conservative view points as well as my own. I've always been of the opinion that in order to understand your own opinions you should understand the views and ideas of those you disagree with. This is not the show you want to watch if those are your goals. Bill O'Reilly is rude, mean, biased, and a hypocrite. His show attempts to get the point across through propaganda methods and twisting the truth. It is actually an insult to his viewers that he can't get his point across through honest, thoughtful discourse but rather through shouting over his guests, and by using quotes and videos out of context. Honest discourse is not achieved through name calling and intimidation, or by misrepresenting the opinions of those with whom he disagrees. A credible and worthy idea will stand up to even the strongest criticism. That O'Reilly must arrive at his point through bias and trickery shows a lack faith in the ideals he defends and a belief that his audience doesn't have the capacity to come to the same conclusions thoughtfully and rationally.

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Name & Town, Name & Town, Name & Town

Author: getyourdander from United States
31 July 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When you enter a "no spin" zone, you have to expect some air pockets. The air pockets here are in the fact that Bill O'Reilly really polarizes people. He does it on purpose. He is like the reverse of a David Letterman. Where Letterman makes it clear he does not care about anyone or anything & can never be serious, O'Reilly tries to care about others & stands up for them.

He does expose folks for what they are often in interviews. What is interesting is how much he employs x-President Dick Morris. For those of you who haven't read Morris book about the 1990's, you need to realize that Dick Morris was Bill Clinton's right hand. He wrote all of Clinton's speeches & pretty much ran the Clinton Administration from day one for 8 years. Clinton has never denied anything in Morris book about those "good old days".

When Jon Stewart came in for an interview this year, the atmosphere was so electric that even UN-edited versions of the interview are on You Tube.

As far as serious news, sometimes the Factor gets derailed by the amount of it. The factor does create some of it's own news due to needing to stay on top of it's ratings. As long as this formula holds, the ratings here will continue.

Are there ways for the factor to get better? Sure there is, but as long as the ratings are high, changes will be slow in coming. At least this show does not pretend to be something it is not.

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The Real Truth about Fox News

Author: drshi from United States
6 May 2015

As reported by US News, The Wall Street Journal, and The Pew Research Center:

"In a stunning rejection of network news and nightly news anchors, cable news, driven by the Fox News Channel and mouthy Bill O'Reilly, is now the top most trusted source -- by a mile. In a new poll from Boston's Suffolk University, more than a quarter of the nation says Fox is tops when it comes to who they trust the most, and O'Reilly is the most believable.

"The key finding is that network news is dying. Some 28 percent of likely voters say that they trust Fox News the most, followed by CNN at 18 percent. After that, the trust in TV news nose dives. NBC was third, at 10 percent, MSNBC fourth at 7 percent, CBS and ABC tied at fifth with just 6 percent. The remaining 25% are divided up at less than 1% each among local media outlets and Internet news sources."

"Viewer Demographics:

Fox News: 39% Republican, 33% Democratic, 22% Independent

CNN: 18% Republican, 51%Democratic, 23% Independent

MSNBC: 18% Republican, 45% Democratic, 27% Independent"

Radical Left-wing hate sites contend that Fox News has only 3 million viewers, but this is a bald-faced lie. Fox is a 24-hour news channel where many different viewers go for at least 60 minutes throughout the day; so, although the average viewership is around 3 million at any one time, Neilsen Media Research reports that in an average month the number of individual viewers who tune into it for news is a whopping 85 MILLION.

The so-called "Fox-debunking examples" shown in YouTube videos make no distinction between hard-news reporting and opinion-based programming. When a Hard-news Anchor interviews someone and simply asks incisive questions, the responses are aired regardless of the position taken. When Commentators clash their personal opinions against those of guests, this too is aired regardless of who seems to "win" the discussion. If someone has to resort to lies and distortions to support their agenda, what does this say about its merit, as well as its advocates' morals and ethics?

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The Smartest Show On Television

Author: Derek Gumin from West Hollywood, CA
8 May 2014

You don't have to agree with O'Reilly's politics, nor do you have to think he's the most humble man on television; however you cannot question is honesty and unbiased approach toward politics. I'm a registered republican, but I'm a social democrat when it comes to abortion, equal rights, and freedom of expression; aspects of politics that Mr.O'Reilly and I don't quite see eye to eye on all the time. Yet somehow he puts things in perspective and makes sense of it all without being offensive or dishonest with the public.

Many show's like to spin the truth based off of the political values of their own hierarchy, which in turn promotes a bias side of the news to the public. Many MSNBC & CNN watching liberals like to accuse FoxNews of being dishonest and bias, but in reality Fox is the only news station that asks the hard, significant questions- the ones those other stations don't ask because it might hurt the current administration's poll numbers.

The O'Reilly Factor is the foundation that holds FoxNews together providing integrity & and an unbiased intelligent program for people who want get the news straight. Not the diluted, twisted form you get on many other news programs. Let me conclude by saying that if there were more news anchor's like O'Reilly, the United States would be a much more profitable, patriotic, and united country.

P.s. #1 in Prime Time News since 1996 deserves more respect than 3.3 on IMDb. Too many haters out there, not enough love.

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This is one "factor" that needs to be factored out.

Author: Htom_Sirveaux from United States
3 January 2012

As a man who likes to think for himself, I don't trust any news agency in its entirety; I do trust some more than others, but there isn't one I trust entirely. Among them, the Faux... sorry, Fox News Network is one I trust the least, and they have totalitarian-minded narcissists like Bill O'Reilly to thank for that.

One thing that Billy Boy likes to pride himself on is being a "crusader for the First Amendment." And what are some of the things he does to show his "support" of it? He rapid-fires questions at his guests (primarily people he disagrees with) without giving them a chance to answer with numerous interruptions. He continually tells his guests to shut up. He cuts the microphones of those he is losing arguments with. He calls it "dangerous" when people post things about him on the Internet that are "completely untrue." But this is the best part: Bill once threatened anyone who called in who he didn't like to receive a visit from Fox security. This is his idea of what freedom of speech is supposed to be? Oh, wait a minute... he's defending HIS freedom of speech, but not that of anyone who disagrees with him. What's that they were saying about "no-spin zone"?

Sorry Bill, but it's easy to disagree with someone who supports politicians who flush our nation down the toilet (though nowadays, that pretty much pertains to all of them on either side of the spectrum), makes ludicrous and unfounded claims against people one doesn't like (yet thinks it's "dangerous" for people on the Internet to say "completely untrue" things about him), comes up with idiocy such as a "war on Christmas," and calls anyone who disagrees with his nonsense "unpatriotic." Speaking of which, I seem to recall a term for ludicrous, unfounded claims... ah yes, it's called LYING. All the while, he calls his opponents "ideologues" as if it were some kind of insult. The guy's living proof that not everyone who gets into Harvard is intelligent.

I'm sure Bill's buddies won't care for this review, calling it very opinionated if trying to put it politely. Well, your buddy Bill is extremely opinionated as well, so deal with it. You can't have it both ways, something your precious Billy Goat doesn't seem to understand. If you're a rational, thinking person - and by that I mean whether you're conservative, liberal, or moderate, as unlike Bill, I'm intelligent enough to know that most people are far more complex than any particular political ideology - you can use "The O'Reilly Factor" for one of two reasons: you need a good laugh or you feel the need to get angry at someone. Either way, you won't be disappointed. In the meantime, if you haven't already, be sure to seek out the video of Bill in his younger days as he throws a hissy fit for his ineptness at reading a teleprompter... it's really quite entertaining.

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unfair and lopsided as Fox News itself

Author: wynonasbigbrownbeaver from Japan
28 February 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

On one episode, O'Reilly once stated that "all" war veterans are reaping the benefits they deserve once their service has been complete and that there are "no" homeless veterans in the United States. He wasn't prepared to eat his words, once a horde of homeless military veterans actually stood outside the Fox News building in protest, demanding his presence to prove to him he was wrong. A petition, that was several hundred pages thick, had names of all veterans experiencing little benefits for their time in service.

He once argued with a son of a deceased 9/11 victim, losing his composure in the process in front of live camera feed, that "he has done more for his country" than his guest "has ever done in his entire life!". Mr. O'Reilly, what have you really done for your country? Do you really look out for the troops your news network claims to support? Certainly your 10 million dollar a year contract reaps more than the troops ever acquire in their time of service and they risk their lives and their limbs out on the field.

Stating this, I AM a capitalist Republican from the south and are appreciative of Republican values portrayed on the News Network. But at least have some integrity when it comes to acknowledging the facts. O'Reilly, your methods of a Republican message to society does a disservice to America. You've done nothing for your country and are an embarrassment to me as an American.

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comical at best

Author: kevinpatp from Bulgaria
6 June 2009

to give this show 1 out of ten is a complement, it can be funny but frightening that people hold such opinions. the presenter needs a lesson in ethics and the danger of instilling panic and hate upon the viewer, in years to come people will look at this and regard it alongside the vileness of Nazi propaganda. an objective view is a foreign concept to this presenter. but if you want to have a laugh it may be worth a go but you will leave it with your doubts in man kind confirmed, or a scathing view of this show and its retarded presenter. to summarize this show is laughable its a bear pit for the refuse of public opinion

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