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A refreshing, intriguing, off-beat British soap.

Author: MARK HODGSON from London, England
27 November 2001

The use of atmospheric popular music, cinematic camerawork and special effects distinguish this "soap", (actually soap belittles NIGHT AND DAY, perhaps serial drama is a better description). Having bored of repetitive plotlines and characters, I'd given up on British soaps, until this one arrived. Off-beat characters, regular and genuine cliff-hanger endings to episodes, even adult content in the omnibus repeats, all add up to a unique approach to a formerly hackneyed genre. The opening intrigue of the series alludes to TWIN PEAKS in that the femme fatale of the neighbourhood is a blonde schoolgirl who touches many lives before shuffling off...

All of which is good enough to keep this viewer hooked.

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a unique MASTERPIECE, maybe too good for mainstream TV

Author: ivana2804 from Belgrade, Serbia
27 November 2004

Night & Day is a BRILLIANT, ORIGINAL, GROUNDBREAKING TV series, which has mostly been badly treated by TV executives and it never reached high ratings, but has gained a cult following. It certainly isn't for those who only look for some lighthearted fun, who don't like to use their brain and imagination too much while watching TV, or for those who only like documentary style realism, or cannot take anything that is different from the things they are used to see. But I find it incredible that anyone can call the series bad or complain about the acting. NAD's trademark use of fantasy scenes, visions, flashbacks, great background music, weird camera angles and cinematography, its occasional weird humour and campiness, and literary and religious allusions, are very daring, but brilliant. But IMO everyone should be able to appreciate the great writing, strong story lines, complex and dynamic characters (in the sense that they all show different sides to them and undergo big transformations which are however always psychologically true) and fantastic acting, especially by (in no particular order) Georgina Walker (Jane), Stephanie Leonidas (Della), Seb Castang (Josh) and Nick Schofield (Ryan) out of the young cast, and Sally Dexter (Natalie), Cathy Tyson (Steph), Joe McGann (Alex) and the hilariously funny Lesley Joseph (Rachel) out of the older cast. The series kept getting better and better, and the ending was so strong and moving that it left me thinking about it for months and months afterwards.

RATING: 11/10

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Simply the best

Author: rainbow-13 from United Kingdom
11 June 2003

This soap was simply the best, but unconventional. Those who watched became devoted loyal fans. But ITV did their best to kill off interest. The late night episodes got later and later until they hovered around midnight and would be skipped at the drop of a hat. I simply do not understand why they should put in the resources to produce 18 months of programmes and then do their best to kill off the show. In addition to excellent scripts and production, the acting talent was exceptional. Many were new faces to TV and the best (Kevin Sacre, Seb Castang, Stephanie Leonides, Adam Paul Harvey, etc) have gone on to better things. The only one who hasn't has been Stuart Manning - he publicly criticised the transmission hour at an awards ceremony (Best Newcomer) and has seemingly been black listed as a result - true shame. This may well turn out to be one of those programmes like Fawty Towers or The Monkees - cancelled after a short run only to become long-running cult favourites. It was quite clear from the 'catch up' in the last episode (when the story line had moved on 5 years) that there had been enough material planned to keep it going for 5 years - very short-sighted, I say!

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Mysterious, Intriguing and Beautiful

Author: clairethompson18 from UK
7 June 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


I just finished watching the last Episode of "Night and Day" and felt compelled to write and urge EVERYONE to watch it,Even if you hate the programme you have to see this episode. It was so brillant I - embaressed to say - found myself shouting at the T.V trying to persuade the programme not to end. When it eventually did - even sadder to say - I actually didn't speak for about twenty minuites afterwards. It truly was a haunting experience and of course it would'nt be "Night and Day" if it was't also a crazy, slightly whacky, slightly funny experience .You can imagine that if all this has happened in one year what would have changed when they showed everyone four years later.It did wrap everything up perfectly (I especially loved the fact that ryan ended up as a transvestite (GENIUS !) ) I sort of guessed what happened to Jane in the end but when I actually heard it I got goosebumps. I suppose the down side of Jane being made this idolisied,amazing mysterious thing is that you could'nt really then expect her to live in the real world, getting married having kids. This way she is remembered forever as this enchanting creature. I must say that the very last scenes were breathtaking, the haunting music and the ghostly image of jane with the little knowing nod to the camera (beautifully done). The final image we are left with is of jane -as she should always be remembered -in her femme fatale days giving a last little wink and a Sssshh to the camera .Truly an episode which will stay with you for a long time.

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Author: momtazbh from London
27 January 2003

It's really upset me how many negative comments N&D has received - I think it's the most imaginative, exciting, fresh, gripping drama/soap i've ever watched on British TV. Everything about N&D is fantastic, the acting is great and the script faultless. I love the dream sequences, the fact anything can happen, it disregards conventions and looks like alot of fun to make. The backgroud music is perfect, infact, stylistically it's very impressive.

The plot is addictive, intriguing and very unpredictable.

I feel so strongly about this show and will be really sad when it's over . My Thursdays, in fact my life, will never be the same again. What makes me sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mad is the way it's been treated by ITV. Fair enough they cut it to once a week, but the scheduling has been appauling. It seems to change every week which makes it difficult for people to get into it. (Of course I stay up and watch it or record it every week!)

If you've never seen N&D, catch an episode before it reaches it's not to distant end. It's incredible and well worth it. This is what TV should be about - true creativity.

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terrific but under rated

Author: liv gollan from gold coast, australia
4 May 2003

Night and day is a terrific, insightful, whimsical and an altogether unique television viewing experience! It is completely different to your m-o-r Home and away type soaps. NaD Centres around the lives of the residents of Thornton Street, and in particular the dissapearance of Jane Harper and how it affects those around her.

There is some terrific, hilarious and VERY camp acting to be found here, particularly in the characters of Jane, Rachel Culgrin and Ryan Harper. This show was never really given the opportunity to develop a real fan base, which is an absolute shame, as now it has been axed by its british developers, ITV. It will be ending in the UK in a few weeks time, so if you can, catch an episode, it would be time well spent! In Australia the show has about 6 months left in its run, so catch it while you are still lucky enough!

Had this great show been allowed to go on a little longer i really believe it would have become classic must-see-tv. As it is, it will remain as cult must-see-tv!

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Truly amazing. Honestly.

Author: Kiefer Sutherland ( from Sydney, Australia
26 October 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


This show premiered in Britain in November 2001 and Australia in May 2002, and has been amazing audiences here ever since. The sharp writing, elegant direction and acting, interesting plots and intriguing characters have made it a drama worth watching. Here in Australia, 25 episodes have so far aired (up to where Britain was in April 2002), and I have seen everyone and been awestruck. Although at times it has tended to wander a bit, it has in general been a very well put together show.

The plot centres around the residents of Thornton Street - and in the first episode, 16 year old Jane Harper (played stunningly by Georgina Walker) goes missing? Is she dead? Kidnapped? Or did she leave of her own accord, and if so why? As we journey through the lives of her family and the families around them, we realise that everyone has their own secrets - especially Jane. Not only was she having an affair with Alex (a great performance by Joe McGann), father of her best friend Della (Stephanie Leonidas) but she also may have been pregnant and she certainly wasn't innocent. While her mother and brother (Sally Dexter and Nick Schofeld) go through a series of changes following her disappearance, her father (Tim Wallers in a performance that is a bit weak) tries to hold the family together.

But the show does not entirely centre around the Harpers. The rest of the street is brought together by the tragedy and we soon learn that the adults are trying to help their children grow up before they've grown up themselves. Jane's uncle Mike (the handsome Dominic Rickhards) is struggling to hold together his family because of the insecurities of his sexuality, and those of his wife Fiona and son Tom (Glynis Barber and Adam Paul Harvey). Their neighbours, Will Radcliffe and his daughter Frankie (Sean Francis and Debbie Korley) are finding their place in society dramatically altered and across the street, Alex and Della each keep their own secrets from Alex's pregnant wife Roxanne (Lysette Anthony) and their twin daughters Becky and Laura (less than convincing performances from Jai and Keya Wilson).

The majority of the characters of the show are well constructed and serve their purpose - the most convincing being the menacing Rachel Culgerin (Lesley Joseph) who is desperately trying to keep her place in society although she does not know how to relate to people, mostly by trying to reclaim her nephew and niece (Max Anthony Foster and Daniella Isaacs) from their brother, the handsome Sam (Stuart Manning) who is caring for them after the sudden death of their parents. A few characters - notably Roxanne's father Charlie (Gareth Hunt) and his new bride Dona (Christianne Gadd) seem remarkably underused and almost seem to serve no purpose, as does a friend of Tom's named Jimmy (Joe Jacobs, a great actor but not used enough). While the entire town searches for answers to Jane's disappearance, they all deal with their grief in seperate ways. For some it means accepting she is dead, while for others it is not to give up hope. For some, blame lies in Jane's boyfriend and generally accepted "no-gooder" Josh (Seb Castang) who resides at the half way house with, in my opinion, the most intriguing character, Holly Curran (played menacingly well by Phoebe Thomas) who knows more secrets than she really should.

However for the other characters, the mischevious Kate (Julie Smith), the French exchange student Francois (Laurie Hagen) and the reverend Steph McKenzie (Cathy Tyson) who brings back painful memories for the older generation of the street, they are merely trying to fit in. The show is in general an exciting and intriguing show although it seems that some plotlines are either left in mid-air or are ignored for several weeks at a time. Possibly because of time constraints, or because of the large cast some stories are never finished or by the time they do return, the viewer has already forgotten what happened. This is the show's weakest point, I think.

Admittedly, some of the stories are slow moving but the great writing makes up for it as storylines eerily come together and we find links to help the audience uncover what happened to Jane Harper. Of course, whether or not the truth will ever be revealed relies on whether or not the show is cancelled and one hopes that the producers of the show will make a smart move and stop the show themselves before it is forcibly removed, so that the audience can know the truth - not only behind the mystery of Jane, but also behind the other tales of Thornton Street.

This show in my opinion deserves 4 Stars - something really good. (There are only two 5-star shows in my opinion "24" and "The X-Files" so 4-stars is really top class). It is great viewing and people should really get involved in it! It really is a quality show.

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Ambient Soap

Author: JekyllBoote-1 ( from London, England
24 December 2002

Strange how this oddly understated show divides opinion so violently. I watched the first 20 or so episodes when it was airing several times a week, without quite being drawn into the curiously un-insistent plotlines. The disappearance of the beautiful but unlikeable Jane Harper (Georgina Walker) ought to be an event of considerable drama, but such is the gentle, ambient quality of the show, that even this fails to move the viewer very much. Is this a failing? I'm inclined to give "Night & Day" the benefit of the doubt. When I first saw it I wasn't sure whether it was experimental or just incompetent. I don't think it really matters.

People who like quick development of plotlines are urged to stay away! "Night & Day" unfolds at a glacial pace. It was probably inevitable, in the light of this, that it would be reduced to one episode a week. This seems less an ignominious concession, and more a realisation on the part of the programme's makers of its natural tempo.

Some viewers will also be irked by the difficulty of establishing who the central character is. Initially Della, Jane's shy friend, seemed to occupy this role, but as the show has continued this would seem to be less the case.

On balance, I find the show likeable. Its lack of urgency, its ambient, dreamy quality, and its evocation of a quiet London (which still exists in pockets here and there) mark it out as unusual in a TV world where noise, incident and naturalism are the norm.

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A New Era in Soap Opera

Author: bazyong from London, England
27 November 2001

Having watched every episode so far I think this is the greatest thing to hit the screen in ages. The directing is fantastic and im sure pioneering as far as soap operas come. This is also great because it is not just targeted at the usual predominant female target audience but at young and old viewers a like, both male and female. Personally I would compare it to Hollyoaks in its target audience but completely different in its style. I think this is a space which definately needs to be watched. The characters are so distinct, from the seductive Sharon Stone(Basic Instinct) esque Jane Harper, with her michievious ways and intelligent manipulation of the male mind to the old tv favourites such as Alex (Charlie in the upper hand) and Aunt Rachel (Dorean in Birds of a feather)whom we witness in new yet very fitting roles. This Soap/drama has something for almost everyone, the almost being not the older age bracket (50+ sorry).To sum this soap/drama up I would have to say it is a combination of the escapist american shooting to the gritty British realism which has made films such as Lock Stock' and Bridget Jones Diary so popular. The experience is a vicarious ride which to a film student like myself may seem odd in a soap, but incredibally fitting. Written by Sebastian James-Yong

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on the hunt for night and day

Author: rat_little-red from United Kingdom
21 February 2008

i loved night and day, i don't even think i made it to the end when it was on TV, moved around and axed from its daytime slot - itv wont even release a DVD because of royaties.

so anyone please tell me how i can watch it again. is it in an online archive? what is the point of having a show and then it not being accessible?

night and day is like the younger sibling drama series of twin peaks, and follows in the footsteps of difficult distribution. but when it was shown its cult following speaks for itself. a soap bordering on drama, crime and ghosty horror. there was nothing like this then, the performances were great, and there is no way to watch it... seems dumb to me.

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