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10 Jan. 2003
A Moment in Time
Reba suggests making a time capsule for Elizabeth which would include everyone recording messages. The recordings are secret, but after the box is bundled, everyone is curious about what others said. They decide to watch the tape together.
24 Jan. 2003
The Rings
Reba has financial difficulties and has to sell her engagement ring on E-Bay to make money. Brock is upset and starts bidding on the ring. When Barbra Jean finds out, she thinks the ring is for her. Van wants to buy a ring for Cheyenne.
17 Jan. 2003
The Vasectomy
Cheyenne and Van have a false pregnancy scare. Reba admonishes them for not taking more precaution and tells them they cannot have another baby while living there. Barbra Jean wants another baby; Brock has to admit he had a vasectomy.
31 Jan. 2003
Seeing Red
Kyra is upset that Reba will not get her a cell phone so she starts being close to Barbra Jean. Brock convinces Reba to tell BJ that she should get a makeover. BJ does, but her new look surprises everyone.
7 Feb. 2003
Terry Holliway
Reba and Brock attend a party out of town for what they think is a party for an old friend. Turns out it is a funeral for that friend. Barbra Jean is worried about them being together. Van & Cheyenne are in charge of Kyra and Jake.
14 Feb. 2003
Valentine's Day
Jake likes a girl at school. Brian asks Reba out for Valentine's day but she is nervous and pretends to be sick. He brings over chicken soup and tells her he loves her. Brock and Van compete for finding the best gift for their wives.
21 Feb. 2003
The Feud
Reba has to deal with two dentists arguing-her boss and Brock. Reba is surprised when she finds out why they feud. Van gets a job doing yard work, being paid under the table, and is surprised when he finds out it is cheating the government.
28 Feb. 2003
And the Grammy Goes To...
Brock's mother, Grammy Hart, comes to visit and Reba is surprised when her former mother-in-law is nice to her. Grammy Hart saves her evil ways to lash on Barbra Jean. Cheyenne thinks Van should forgive and forget his parent's rejection.
7 Mar. 2003
The Wall
Van and Cheyenne reconcile with Van's parents. The parents give Elizabeth a pony and want to babysit her overnight. Reba is anxious over not having her granddaughter. Meanwhile, Van returns to football and has little time for Cheyenne.
14 Mar. 2003
The Best Defense
After a false alarm for someone breaking into the house, Reba decides the girls need to take self defense lessons; Barbra Jean attends with them. Brock decides to install a burglar alarm system and allows Jake to select the password.
28 Mar. 2003
For Sale, Cheap
Reba organizes a silent auction at Jake's school and has no volunteers. Barbra Jean volunteers to help her. Van offers private football lessons for the auction and Cheyenne is jealous when he is a hit with the women who want to bid on Van.
25 Apr. 2003
The Will
Reba misses a near-fatal accident. She decides to write a will and put things in order. She finds out Brock has a new will which leaves everything to Barbra Jean. Van & Cheyenne write a will and leave the care of Elizabeth to Brock & BJ.
2 May 2003
Location, Location, Location
Brock & Barbra Jean return from San Antonio with thoughts of moving. Kyra's high school grades earn her a chance to study in England for the summer, and Cheyenne finds out she has to attend summer school. Reba only has money for one child.
9 May 2003
Your Place or Mine?
At Reba's house, Kyra feels like she is last in line for everything. Kyra tells Brock she wants to move in with him and Barbra Jean. Van and Cheyenne want to use Kyra's room as a nursery.
12 Sep. 2003
She's Leaving Home, Bye Bye
The entire family must deal with the fact that Kyra is leaving the home to go live with Brock and Barbara Jean.
19 Sep. 2003
War and Peace
Kyra is living with Brock & Barbra Jean, and becoming closer to Reba. Barbra Jean thinks she knows how to raise a teen and makes a lot of rules.; Cheyenne's snoring keeps Van awake.
26 Sep. 2003
The Best and the Blondest
Barbra Jean sets a night of family fun rolling coins into wrappers. Reba tells Cheyenne to attend a career fair to determine a job choice. Cheyenne complains to Brock and discusses his job. She decides to be a dentist. Reba is doubtful.
3 Oct. 2003
Spies Like Reba
Kyra is not sharing information with her mother, so Barbra Jean tells Reba to do what she does: read Kyra's email. Reba, Brock, and Barbra Jean read an email that says Kyra's going to an unsupervised party.
10 Oct. 2003
Calling the Pot Brock
Babara Jean tells Kyra to avoid people who smoke marijuana. Kyra asks her father if he smoked. He lies and says no, and then agonizes over the lie. Reba is proud to say she never smoked pot. Cheyenne tells van about her drug use.
17 Oct. 2003
Reba cleans Kyra's room and packs things to send to Brock's house now that she is living there. Kyra stops sharing with Reba. Barbra Jean hosts a communication workshop at Reba's house for her and Brock. The whole family soon joins in.
31 Oct. 2003
The Ghost and Mrs. Hart
The former owner of Brock's house died while at home; Reba convinces Barbra Jean that the house is haunted. Barbra Jean is so frightened she stays at Reba's place. Reba says they should hold a ghost purge ceremony to get things right again.
7 Nov. 2003
The Cat's Meow
Kyra wants to keep a cat so Barbra Jean helps hide the cat in the attic since Brock is allergic. However, it seems Barbra Jean is the one that is allergic. Jake seems to enjoy spending more time at Brock & Barbra Jean's home than Reba's.
14 Nov. 2003
Regarding Henry
Van and Cheyenne are off to a football game and need someone to watch Elizabeth. Barbra Jean volunteers. When Reba finds out Barbra Jean once lost Henry at a mall, Reba does not want her to watch Elizabeth.
21 Nov. 2003
The Great Race
Reba tells Cheyenne she should learn to cook, so she asks Barbra Jean to teach her. Reba tells Jake to run the fund-raiser 5K race for school, but he convinces her she should race. Both Reba and Brock train for the race and get competitive.

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