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5 Oct. 2001
The white-picket-fence world of the Hart family collapses when Texas soccer mom Reba discovers that her dentist husband Brock is leaving her for his impossibly perky and unfortunately pregnant dental hygienist Barbra Jean. As if that bombshell isn't enough, Reba also learns that her 17-year-old daughter Cheyenne is pregnant by her boyfriend Van. Concerned with the effect all this chaos will have on 12-year-old Kyra, and 9-year-old Jake, and determined that her family will muddle through this domestic mess together, Reba summons her courage and plans a shotgun wedding ...
12 Oct. 2001
The Honeymoon's Over or Now What?
With Cheyenne & Van back from their honeymoon, they return to school. The principal wants the pregnant Cheyenne to consider a different school. Reba says if Cheyenne cannot attend, Van does not attend. Van is the star football player.
19 Oct. 2001
Someone's at Gyno with Reba
Everyone has a hard time adjusting when Van moves his belongings into the Hart household, on the same day that Reba discovers that the obstetrician she has chosen for her daughter Cheyenne will also be delivering the baby of ex-husband Brock and his mistress Barbra Jean.
26 Oct. 2001
You Make Me Sick
Cheyenne has morning sickness. Brock tells Van it is just mental because Barbra Jean does not have it. Turns out, Barbra Jean hides her sickness. Jake spends a lot of time at a friends house, but the friend does not stay at Jake's.
2 Nov. 2001
The Steaks Are High
Van talks Reba into hosting the football team's traditional pre-game dinner, but when Cheyenne accidentally buys a new brand of potato salad, the team believes that the break from tradition is an omen of certain doom, leaving Reba to save both the team and Cheyenne from disaster.
9 Nov. 2001
The Man and the Moon
Reba's kitchen sink is broken. She calls a plumber. The plumber flirts with Reba; they go to the store to pick out new fixtures; he kisses her when they return. On a football game trip, Cheyenne & the cheerleaders moon the players.
16 Nov. 2001
Tea and Antipathy
Kyra does not want to spend time with her father since it includes Barbra Jean. Cheyenne & Van plan to move out. Reba & Brock will not lend money. Van asks his parents. They give money, truck, and place to live - with strings attached.
7 Dec. 2001
Don't Know Much About History
Kyra switches from the clarinet to the tuba because of a boy. Van flunks his history test and cannot play in the football game. Van is allowed to take a make-up test. Brock & Reba tutor him. He knows the answers but is just nervous.
14 Dec. 2001
Every Picture Tells a Story
Reba's longtime friend Lori Ann returns to their hometown. Lori Ann encourages Reba to get rid of Brock's junk out of her garage, and they find a photo that suggests that Brock was fooling around with B.J. long before him and Reba separated.

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