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Season 4

17 Sep. 2004
The Accidental Role Model
Brock thinks it was a mistake to divorce Reba and marry Barbra Jean. BJ announces she is leaving Brock. Reba does and does not want to hear it. Brock still loves BJ. BJ decides to kick Brock out of their house.
24 Sep. 2004
Mother's Intuition
With Brock's move out of the house, Reba says Kyra should move back to Reba's. Kyra feels she should stay with Barbra Jean to help with her separation. BJ does not act depressed - she is enjoying her freedom. Reba feels she is just acting.
1 Oct. 2004
The Two Girl Theory
Reba tells Barbra Jean she should go out and mingle. BJ does not want to go alone and makes Reba go with her to a night club. They have fun together and meet guys. But, BJ is supposed to be going to marital counseling with Brock.
8 Oct. 2004
Van's Agent
Van tells his potential new agent a secret about his mother-in-law, Reba. Problem is, the secret isn't true.
15 Oct. 2004
Reba and Cheyenne throw a surprise party in honor of Van's new Arena Football contract.
22 Oct. 2004
Couples' Therapy
Reba learns that Babara Jean's therapist holds her responsible for most of their marital problems.
5 Nov. 2004
All Fore One
Brock wants to play professional golf. Reba encourages him to follow his dream. BJ is upset because she thinks this will end their marriage. Van is afraid he will miss his daughter growing up if he is away for arena football in Denver.
12 Nov. 2004
Hello, I Must Be Going
Brock & Barbra Jean vacation to San Antonio. Kyra wants to move back to Reba's house because she thinks she is the cause of Brock & BJ fighting. Van returns from training for the weekend, really tired. Cheyenne has activities planned.
19 Nov. 2004
Barbra Jean wants to host the Thanksgiving dinner. Reba says no. They compromise with BJ cooking and having it at Reba's place. With too many cooks in the kitchen, feelings are hurt. BJ confesses she feels like an outsider compared to Reba.
14 Jan. 2005
No Boys Upstairs
Kyra has a boyfriend and she wants to spend time with him even when Reba is not home. Reba agrees, but says no boys upstairs. Cheyenne & Elizabeth visit Van in Denver; Cheyenne is surprised how neat and clean his apartment is.
21 Jan. 2005
Diamond Jim Brady
Van injures his tail-bone; the doctor says it is worse than that. He has a spine disease and needs to quit sports. The football team buys out Van's contract. With money in hand, he spends it on gifts for everyone. Reba's gift is a surprise.
28 Jan. 2005
Reba and the Nanny
Since Van cannot play football, he starts doing all the things he did not do before. He hires a nanny while he is off on his adventures. Cheyenne takes on more college courses in order to graduate sooner, feeling she is now the breadwinner.
4 Feb. 2005
Date of Mirth
Barbra Jean tells Reba she has a crush on her marriage counselor. Reba talks to the counselor and realizes that he and she have a mutual attraction. The counselor transfers Brock & BJ to another therapist, and then he and Reba go on a date.
11 Feb. 2005
Reba the Realtor
Reba loses her job by insulting her boss. She takes up real estate and wants to show Brock's old condo. She gets a great offer but Brock decides not to sell. Kyra gets a job singing at a bar. Van takes her and realizes she has talent.
18 Feb. 2005
Flowers for Van
Reba starts playing online poker, and becomes addicted. She enjoys chatting with another player - then finds out who it is. Cheyenne wants Van to pay more attention to her. He sends flowers, but everyone thinks they are from someone else.
25 Feb. 2005
Who Killed Brock?
Reba watches Barbra Jean's dog Broq, but leaves the dog outside and it gets lost. Not finding the dog, BJ visits a psychic who tells her someone in the family did something to the dog.
8 Apr. 2005
The Pageant of Grandmas
Jake's school is holding a beauty pageant - with grandmothers! Jake asks Reba, but of course Barbra Jean wants to also do it. Jake really wants his mother in, so both are in. On the day of the pageant, they find out only one can be in it.
15 Apr. 2005
Reba's Rules of Real Estate
Reba has an interview with a real estate agency. The real estate agent visits Reba at her home to see her home environment. Reba gets the job, and then finds out Dolly Majors is too cut throat for her taste.
29 Apr. 2005
Driving Miss Kyra
Kyra takes her driving test, passes, and gets her license. To celebrate, Reba gives her a cell phone - with a tracking device. Reba plans to monitor Kyra's movements. But Krya figured it out and traded it with Cheyenne - who drove to a bar.
6 May 2005
Go Far
Brock forgets to pick up Jake from a friend's home and realizes he needs to spend more time with him. Brock signs up to be a football coach and talks Jake into playing. Jake is terrible at football and feels he is letting his father down.
13 May 2005
Help Wanted
Reba is overwhelmed at work and needs an assistant. Reba reluctantly gives the job to Van. Instead of assisting, he joins in the sales pitch. Van closes the sale deal and Reba is jealous.
20 May 2005
Hello, My Name Is Cheyenne
Reba thinks Van has a drinking problem, but it is Cheyenne who has the problem. Van promises not to tell because Cheyenne says it is under control. When it gets out of control, Cheyenne confesses. Kyra's band gets a job out of town.

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