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Season 3

12 Sep. 2003
She's Leaving Home, Bye Bye
The entire family must deal with the fact that Kyra is leaving the home to go live with Brock and Barbara Jean.
19 Sep. 2003
War and Peace
Jake goes to miniature golf with Brock & Barbra Jean. Krya is living with Brock & Barbra Jean, and becoming closer to Reba. Barbra Jean thinks she knows how to raise a teen and makes a lot of rules. Cheyenne's snoring keeps Van awake.
26 Sep. 2003
The Best and the Blondest
Barbra Jean sets a night of family fun rolling coins into wrappers. Reba tells Cheyenne to attend a career fair to determine a job choice. Cheyenne complains to Brock and discusses his job. She decides to be a dentist. Reba is doubtful.
3 Oct. 2003
Spies Like Reba
Kyra is not sharing information with her mother, so Barbara Jean tells Reba to do what she does - read Kyra's email. Reba reads an email that says Kyra's going to an unsupervised party.
10 Oct. 2003
Calling the Pot Brock
Babara Jean tells Kyra to avoid people who smoke marijuana. Kyra asks her father if he smoked. He lies and says no, and then agonizes over the lie. Reba is proud to say she never smoked pot. Cheyenne tells van about her drug use.
17 Oct. 2003
Reba cleans Kyra's room and packs things to send to Brock's house now that she is living there. Kyra stops sharing with Reba. Barbra Jean hosts a communication workshop at Reba's house for her and Brock. The whole family soon joins in.
31 Oct. 2003
The Ghost and Mrs. Hart
The former owner of Brock's house died while at home; Reba convinces Barbra Jean that the house is haunted. Barbra Jean is so frightened she stays at Reba's place. Reba says they should hold a ghost purge ceremony to get things right again.
7 Nov. 2003
The Cat's Meow
Kyra wants to keep a cat so Barbra Jean helps hide the cat in the attic since Brock is allergic. However, it seems Barbra Jean is the one that is allergic. Jake seems to enjoy spending more time at Brock & Barbra Jean's home than Reba's.
14 Nov. 2003
Regarding Henry
Van and Cheyenne are off to a football game and need someone to watch Elizabeth. Barbra Jean volunteers. When Reba finds out Barbra Jean once lost Henry at a mall, Reba does not want her to watch Elizabeth.
21 Nov. 2003
The Great Race
Reba tells Cheyenne she should learn to cook, so she asks Barbra Jean to teach her. Reba tells Jake to run the fund-raiser 5K race for school, but he convinces her she should race. Both Reba and Brock train for the race and get competitive.
9 Jan. 2004
All Growed Up
Cheyenne passes her Dentistry Test. Van wants to quit school and try out for arena football, a step towards professional football. Reba thinks it is a bad idea. When it seems he tried and failed, Reba tries to get him a second chance.
16 Jan. 2004
The United Front
Kyra talks to Reba about a boy she likes. Reba tells her to ask the boy out. Brock and Barbra Jean are upset. When the boy picks up Kyra, they find he is 17 years old and even Reba is upset. Van helps Jake who is being picked on by bullies.
23 Jan. 2004
To Tell You the Truth
When Van catches a ride home from the airport, to avoid an argument, he lies and tells Cheyenne a buddy drove him instead of a female team employee. Cheyenne finds out and there is an argument.
30 Jan. 2004
Brock's Mulligan
Brock takes Van to the country club to play golf. Reba talks to Brock and Barbra Jean about raising money for Kyra's college fund. Reba suggests that Brock sells his country club membership. Brock announces he is quitting work to play golf.
6 Feb. 2004
The Shirt Off My Back
To make money for Kyra's college fund, Reba and Barbra Jean start making and selling patch work shirts. Van announces that he is going to shave his head to show team unity, and Cheyenne tells him not to.
13 Feb. 2004
Sister Act
Kyra is skipping school and says it is because she is being picked on. Later she is suspended from school because she hits another classmate. The reason for hitting a classmate is a surprise.
20 Feb. 2004
Fight or Flight
Kyra sneaks out of Brock and Barbra Jean's house in the middle of the night to sleep at Reba's. Van and Cheyenne are to appear on a cable sport show, but Cheyenne does not want to.
19 Mar. 2004
The Big Fix-Up
Barbra Jean fixes Reba up on a blind date, much to Reba's chagrin. Barbra Jean & Brock go on the blind date with them. Cheyenne is happy that their bonus money is earning interest, but Van buys a car with the money without consulting her.
26 Mar. 2004
The Good Girl
When Reba takes Van's new car out joyriding, she accidentally scratches it and has to tell him.
30 Apr. 2004
Happy Pills
Barbara Jean comes to Reba when she suspects that Brock is having an affair. Reba agrees to ask him about it, and Brock reveals that he has been going to a therapist and is taking anti-depressants.
7 May 2004
Girls' Night Out
Cheyenne turns 21 and wants Reba, Barbra Jean, and her to go out to celebrate, but Reba and BJ are not talking. BJ does not want Reba to tell Brock to continue his happy pills. Van does not know what to get Cheyenne for her birthday.
14 May 2004
Core Focus
Barbra Jean wants to talk to Brock about another baby. Brock does not want to talk to BJ -he talks to Reba. BJ sees them talking, and things start falling apart. Cheyenne & Van forge Reba's name to an application for an expensive apartment.

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