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A decent effort worth a look.
lois-lane3317 September 2015
It looks like the later Rizzoli & Illes show was inspired by this show. Better than a lot of things I've seen in a TV landscape dominated by The Police Procedural-this show stands out as being a bit different-but in a good way. It is to crime shows what Yes was to progressive rock music-always something fresh and always done well. I actually cannot remember seeing this show on TV at any time even though it ran for six years it seems. Not even in reruns. I have noticed that in different areas there are shows that don't seem to be available in other areas-I guess this is one of them. Would have watched it-maybe better to see it on DVD without the dreaded barrage of commercials that I think render most shows neutralized at best. Worth a look if you've never seen it. Probably better than watching the 57,000th episode of Law & Order.
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Irrational —adj: 1. inconsistent with reason or logic; illogical; absurd: 2. incapable of reasoning
bvandyck9 February 2014
Crossing Jordan takes "artistic license" to the level of absurdity. It also presents disappointingly predictable plots, and most of its characters are simply unlikeable.

Jordan (the star) is a self-centered, non-committal, irrational jerk that would be fired from any job in a real or even semi-real world.

Dr. Macy (the boss) is a chronically morose individual that should be taking psycho-therapeutic medication to make him socially functional.

Detective Woody (the irritatingly on again, off again love interest) is a character that epitomizes the show's writer's irrational sense of drama.

Lily (the grief councilor) is an overly emotional character the wears thin pretty quickly.

Nigel and Bug (supporting MEs) are the plot's magical advancement tools and comedic relief. They have superhuman scientific and computer skills and are the most likable and rational characters in the show.

Unbelievably, all other characters that are introduced to the show are presented as very unlikable people.

Frankly, the show is poorly written with over exaggerated drama. My wife enjoys the show and I have watched just over 100 episodes with her and I enjoyed it until the characters developed to the point where it became impossible to have any empathy for them. They are irritatingly dysfunctional and disappointingly predictable.
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A show with Wit and Drama at the Same Time!
ShelbyTMItchell1 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Jill Hennessy of Law and Order fame gets to headline her own show. As she plays disgraced former ME Jordan Cavanaugh. Who butts heads with the other doctors, in particular the main doctor who also is like a father figure to her, played by the great, and underrated Miguel Ferrer.

As despite the fact she can be a pain in the rear along with solving crimes that she needs to let the police do. Still she makes up for her erratic and careless behavior for the victims. As that is what makes her flawed but great at the same time.

She and her police detective turned bar owner father, played by Ken Howard as wished he did not leave the series early. Had also great rapport. As Jordan is really haunted by the death of her mother as a child.

The great ensemble also had Jerry O Connell as another cop and loved interest in Woody Hoyt. And also Steve Valentine, Kathryn Hahn, and Ravi Kopor ad wit and charm to the show!
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solid procedural
SnoopyStyle22 August 2013
Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh (Jill Hennessy) is a top Boston medical examiner despite her checkered past and aggressive nature. Dr. Garret Macy (Miguel Ferrer) is the chief medical examiner who helps her start over. Bug, Lily Lebowski, and Dr. Nigel Townsend are some of her other fellow workers. She often works with police detective Woody Hoyt (Jerry O'Connell). The earlier seasons have her bouncing off ideas with her ex-cop father Max.

Tim Kring brings us Jill Hennessy and a good cast. It is a solid standard police procedural. The group has good chemistry. It lasted 6 seasons, but it did get convoluted in the last few years. As the show went on, the characters' back story started to conflict with the flow of the show. Eventually it cracked under the weight of the back story.
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Excellent Show!
Holly L22 April 2012
This show is excellent. It took me a few episodes to really get into it, but now I am on season 6 and am sad to know that it's almost over! There lots of things about it that remind me of the show, Bones, except there is more scandalous things in this show.

The show has many various characters that come and go, but there are several that stay season to season.

Jordan is a sarcastic medical examiner, who goes above and beyond to try and help solve murders. It's almost as if she is an unofficial detective. She is the main character, so you get to see how crazy her life is and how determined she is to always find the killer.

Garret is the chief medical examiner, meaning he is Jordan's boss. He also happens to be Jordan's best friend. He is always mad at Jordan's getting into other people's business, but always backs her up.

Nigel is another medical examiner, who is very technologically advanced. He is funny and you can't help but love the accent.

Bug is another medical examiner, who is extremely smart and nice. It's funny, sarcastic, and thrilling. It is most definitely worth watching!

Woody is the detective that most frequently is in the episodes. He is very good friends with Jordan, although they have some extreme up and downs from season to season.

Lily is the last main character. She is the nice one who is always emotional. She is secretary who turns into a grief counselor. She is sweet and kind of holds all the characters together in the first few seasons.

This show is funny, sarcastic, and thrilling! Definitely worth watching! :)
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Nice Effort, Needed More Oomph
someofusarebrave12 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I am actually really not eager to review this show, mostly because I do genuinely like Jill Hennessy. She is one of those pretty, unassuming women who looks as though she could have done pretty much anything she wanted to do--model, run for governor, 'stick it to the man' by turning every radical liberal leader within fifty miles to violence--but instead she has chosen to act. Acting is a difficult, artistic pasttime, of the sort you rarely see pretty girls engage in seriously without involving a host of men designed to teach them how to, well, act as they are attempting it. She was one of the first of a slew of women in some line of police work to star in her own show, and there is a lot to be said for that. She also manages to be engaging and impossible to look away from as an actress. Unfortunately, this character spawned a slew of knock-offs which all carried the original's inherent flaws. First off, this character's first actual, well, characteristic that we are introduced to as viewers is the fact that she is angry. We soon find out the reason for this is that her mother was murdered when she was just a child, leaving her father alone to raise her. Now, in real life angry people usually make a slew of mistakes, because they are too busy fighting back against anyone and everyone they consider to represent their enemy for even a moment or two to focus real hard on any other pursuit. They are typically willing to fight anybody, if that is their anger has gone on long enough. Jordan's, of course, being decades old, has. However, this is television, and so of course Jordan manages to be an insightful and driven M.E. in addition to being an Ineffectively Angry Person. She does not, however, manage to be a particularly interesting one. Anyone who has spent more than two seconds around somebody suffering from poor anger management knows that there is little "fun" or "sexy" about it all--you are simply trying to get away from the person as fast as humanly possible, to preserve your own skin. Yet in this gem of a series, an entire office of people are falling all over themselves to help Jordan in her first case back at an office she left years ago? Right. Women do not tend to all gather around a near-stranger this way unless they know this person is equally capable of having their backs…and the confused look in Jordan's eyes whenever directly confronted about her behavior or anything else that's real and current news would seem to imply her inability to do so. So that's odd. Also, Jordan returns to town and immediately moves back in with her father. Now, I think most of us can agree that a thirty-sum-odd woman might be just slightly uneasy about becoming a dependent to her daddy again, can't we? Jordan however accepts the idea with seeming ease, even going so far as to break into her father's house without telling him she is in town and attempt to sneak up on him. This would be cute behavior with someone her own age, but with her Dad or with any other male relative, it sends up some serious red flags. First, the two of them have poor boundaries: from Jordan's "cute" story of staying up late at night as a child watching him work while trying to remain hidden to him to their game of putting themselves in the victim's and murderer's shoes and verbally playing out the scene of the crime, both Jordan and her father seem to be people unwilling to admit when enough is enough. She seems desperate even now to hold his attention no matter what; she is clearly put off by a woman who her father is dating, although her mother has at this point been dead for decades. Many young girls left behind by dead mothers and left to their fathers to raise become the victims of some form of incest, emotional if not physical; this situation has all the signs of an incestuous relationship between father and daughter, but of course it is television and so our "badass" heroine cannot possibly be the victim of incest!. She is I suppose too pretty. It is not the actress' fault that that the character does not have what it takes to hold my attention for long. She is simply not written it seems to have much of a personality, other than being a Woman who Suffers. These women were probably rare once upon a time, but they are not so rare now. More, most of them manage to have some sort of inner strength or fire which remains strong throughout the series and carries them relatively unscathed through everything they have suffered. Most of them are champions of survival, women capable of living through it all and of inspiring that same trait in others. At least, the women on television shows that I choose to spend my time with are. Perhaps the reason is because these women are the victims of specific and individualized male violence of some form or another--the way that most women suffering in the world today are. Crossing Jordan is a relatively inoffensive, none-too-gory crime-solving show with a weekly mystery at its core. Its lasting power lies in the fact that it can hold the attention of the entire family, or of a couple or a couple of couples, for an hour once a week without once bringing up a single point for them to argue about. This may be a rare quality in television shows--but ought it really be confused with what qualities equate excellence in them? A solid effort, with a good ensemble cast; to bad the entire effect is so, well, boring.

Better once the detective is on more.

Also--the show is like CSI--but with powerful women. Nice.
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This show cannot be canceled!
J-bjoerklund18 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I know it has been a while ago that the show has canceled, but I still have the strong opinion that this show is one of the rare highlights under our television series. No other show I am aware of has shown such a development of characters as well as having so many exiting and interesting cases. This show has so many facets, both at the character development and at the professional fonts. In addition to that, it has a hilarious humor at some points and makes you laugh and cry at the same time. Yes, I admit, the whole plot with Jordan arguing with her father and not coping with her mother's death has slowed down the show in the first season. But after they got past that, there were hardly any episodes that I could afford to miss. In my hope that anyone in charge of something reads this: Please bring back the show! There is already a complete season 7 as fan-fiction out there, what further evidence do you need that this show will be watched! The show still has so many fans and supporters, please don't just let this die!
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A good show
xxxx_luca_xxxx27 April 2008
I really liked Crossing Jordan, I hope that someone picks up the torch and runs with it. A great cast, & story line. Put a spin on it, shake it up...but please, bring it back on...someday, soon. Use story lines out of the news, bring guest stars that are either not been seen for awhile or vice versa. Maybe they could bring back the actor (can't think of his name, sorry) Quincy, Jack Clubman (If this is wrong, sorry again). Just because they work with death every day, make story's about other cases...its not a must be death crime, maybe Jordan can branch out. They could if they want to continue it, have her like CSI or a doctor...the she can go back to the other...This just my opinion, but it was a good show.
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It has a great plot
kmskaty1 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
It has a great plot. But I just love the chemistry between the co-workers, and the crime mystery. But later on the couples really turn things around in the morgue. Sometimes in the show we get to know more about the characters. Like, we get to meet Lily's mom, and we get to know why Nigel and his dad don't talk anymore, why Bug doesn't belong, we get to meet Woody's younger brother, Jordan's older brother, Macey's ex-wife and daughter. We also get to know a little more about Jordan's mother's problems, and death. We get to see couples we thought would never happen and some we thought eventually will happen. Example: Nigel and Kate, who would've known that would happen. But it did. Bug and Lily, there's a big slap in the face. Everyone who watched Crossing Jordan for along time would've seen that coming. Woody and Jordan, DUH!
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Not Just the Female Quincy
Brian Washington12 February 2008
When I first heard about this show, I thought it was just an updated version of "Quincy M.E." only with a female lead and a little more gore. However, since I started watching the reruns on A&E I have become a fan. The thing that really sets it apart from the show that it was inspired by are the quirky characters that are an integral part of the show; especially Nigel and Bug. Also, Miguel Ferrer plays Macy with just the right combination of cynicism and grittiness to make this show work.

However, this is definitely Jill Hennesey's show. She has definitely evolved from her days as Clair Kincaid on "Law and Order". She definitely shows a perfect blend of toughness and vulnerability that attracts a lot of men to her.

This show definitely is one of the few quality shows of this era.
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My favorite show of all time
Elaine Barker8 November 2007
Crossing Jordan was a show like no other. From the characters to the story lines, it was wonderful. It tackled serious issues with sensitivity and even appropriate humor. The main cast was all together from the first season on. Jill Hennessy, Miguel Ferrer, Jerry O'Connell, Kathryn Hahn, Steve Valentine, and Ravi Kapoor each portrayed very different characters but did an excellent job in doing so and all appeared to have great chemistry on screen.

I only wish that upon the series finale they had tied up all loose ends, but since they didn't, the finale ended in a way I could live with.

I eagerly await season one on DVD (Feb, 2008!) Thank you to all the wonderful writers, crew, and actors who worked on this wonderful show. It will always be special to me!
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xredgarnetx27 September 2007
CROSSING JORDAN was on the air for six years, then canceled by NBC without a proper finale. I have caught most of the episodes, not always in order, in reruns on A&E. Most of the characters are captivating, and together they make a family of sorts. Jordan herself (Jill Hennessey of LAW & ORDER fame)is a feisty Boston ME who plays by her own rules and doesn't hesitate to become Nancy Drew if she thinks the occasion calls for it. The character is clearly influenced by Sandra Bullock's haunted detective in MURDER By NUMBERS. Her boss, Dr. Macy (Miguel Ferrer) is a sheep in wolf's clothing. He seems tough, and he can be when he needs to, but he is a real softie underneath. Jordan's colleagues Bug (Ravi Kapor) and Nigel (Steve Valentine) are the Abbott and Costello or Hope and Crosby of the morgue. A likable but often perplexed detective (Jerry O'Connell from SLIDERS) is often on hand, and as the seasons wore on, several additional supporting players came and went. Holding the whole thing together is Lily (Kathryn Hahn), who keeps everyone in line with a delicate but firm touch. The show as a whole was rarely as gripping as HOUSE or even SCRUBS, but it had its moments. Too bad it never found its audience. But it did last six seasons, no mean feat. I am sorry to see it go.
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Crossing Jordan is canceled (2001-2007)
bonker200013 August 2007
Episode 6-17 was supposed to be a season finale when NBC decided to cancel the series altogether. They then made a few inane changes in order to make it be a series finale. It was done in a very shoddy manner, leaving people hanging and leaving many irritated fans.

It had all the makings of a very good season finale with the story to continue in the fall. For whatever reasons (unknown as of this writing) that NBC decided to cancel, they apparently felt no loyalty to the fans to make a real series finale.

Six seasons is a good run for a crime drama, but NBC could have a least used a little talent to wrap it up.
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eccats121 January 2007
I love this show,just wish Ken Howard would make a cameo appearance once in a while, i miss his Irish Boston brogue. I also miss the bar and their re-enactment's of crime scenes. I don't miss however, the ongoing saga of her poor murdered mother, that dragged on too long . Now tonight, Lily is pregnant, wonder how the writers are going to solve that problem. Wish Nigel and bugs would have love interests too, everybody else has.Jordan is gorgeous, and being pregnant on the show didn't affect her acting, but she did get slightly pudgy-cheeked.Macy needs to shave once in a while, the writers need to make his character more authoritative, he is becoming a Wis.
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Good Show, But Can We Get Past The Whole J/W Thing, Please?
DorkusMaximus7720 January 2007
I like this show. Sure, it might stretch credibility a little in some areas, but it's a TV show not a documentary. Most of the characters are interesting and fun to watch as they interact with each other (EX: Nigel and Bug), but PLEASE! Stop the whole annoying Jordan and Woody Love thing. They two have no chemistry, and the whole love affair drags down the episodes when it rears it's ugly head. This show has an ensemble cast, it's not "The Jordan & Woody Show". Show some of the other characters having a life for a change! I want to see something develop between Bug & Lily this season, and we NEED more Nigel-centered epps; there is great potential for a love/hate relationship between Nigel and that new pathologist, Dr Switzer (the Metallica-listening techno-whiz who made Nige look like a chump in the season premier when she gave his comp a virus). Do I have 10 lines yet!?
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This is a fantastic series
davesherry-119 January 2007
This is a very compelling series that hooks you with the dynamics of the characters joined with the realistic quality of the plot lines. If you are an addict of forensic shows, this one is sure to satisfy! I am a huge fan of the REAL forensic shows without all of the fluff, pomp, & circumstance. This show delivers at every level meeting the need for realism in its plots and the cutting edge forensics involved in solving the cases. They keep you longing for more with the depth of the characters and the tensions, both friendly and sexual, between them. From the very first episode, the quality of casting is apparent as you have no trouble feeling that this is a group that has had it together like a real American "disfunctional" family of friends for a very long time. It successfully ties in past experiences to present episodes without leaving new viewers in the dark as to what is going on. With last weeks premier episode for 2007 (being the first one in quite some time) it is sure not to disappoint and they have certainly not lost their creative edge!! To the writers, producers, and directors: keep on doing whatever it is you certainly works!
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Bring back J.D. Pollick
ilovemovies0129 December 2006
I love this show i watch it every week. But it seems as if Jordan is Lonely! I think that J.D. Pollick should be brought back those episodes with him were the most entertaining ones. But if J.D. isn't brought back there should be a new love for Jordan, or this thing with Woody should go somewhere. J.D. should be done in Washington and come back to see Jordan. What also makes this show interesting is Woodys Brother Calvin and Danny from Las Vagas. But over all i really really Love this show i watch it every single week i never miss one single episode. please bring back J.D. Pollick. Crossing Jordan is deffintally not a riped off of CSI. yes they are sometimes a like but Crossing Jordan is way better than CSI there are too many CSI's and Only one Crossing Jordan.
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Filming locations
docrock-327 November 2006
Re Peter Maranci's comments above, one episode is definitely filmed in Toronto in winter, on the University of Toronto campus and environs (usually St. George Street). There was a cameo appearance of the Robarts Library, a building built to resemble a peacock. No spoiler there! The list of filming locations does not mention Toronto, a city commonly saturated with film crews among its older Victorian sandstone buildings, which could be in any city. The giveaway is often the unavoidable view which includes streetcar tracks, a common feature of Toronto's main arteries. The real difficulty lies in avoiding views of the CN Tower...which dominates the downtown.
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What I think about Crossing Jordan
pierre04067325 October 2006
I use to watch this show only because there wasn't anything else interesting on at the time. I feel that Jordans character in this show is completely unrealistic. I mean what is she a cop or a medical examiner. It's the same thing every time. She gets a body, doe's an autopsy & then go's on her own personal crusade to find out who killed the person. She seems to get all kinds of free time to run around questioning potential suspects. She always solves the murder before the cops do & every case she gets seems to have something to do with her mothers death. She should be running the police force in Boston. CSI Miami is a much better show because it's their job to do forensics and they're also police officers at the same time. Jordan is not a cop, she is a medical examiner, she's supposed to tell the cops how people died, thats it. If Jill Hennessey wasn't the good looking, headstrong woman she is, this show wouldn't have lasted it's first full season.
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Predictable and not authentic
Peter Maranci28 September 2006
The series is supposedly set in Boston, but is about as authentically Bostonian as a Philly cheese steak (I think it's mostly filmed in Toronto - it's DEFINITELY not filmed in Boston). Apart from that, I found it painfully predictable. Some episodes haven't just *blurred* the line between real science and the supernatural, they've plowed up the ground that the line was drawn on and dynamited the underlying bedrock.

In other words, for a show which purports to have a mystery element, the writers simply don't play fair with the viewers.

The show also suffers from more than a tinge of "Providence" syndrome - the heroine is SOOO perfect (albeit in a "bad girl" way), almost always right when she bucks the system (except for a few "very special" plots where she makes a mistake and Learns Something About Herself), and every man is in love with her. Annoying! I did like the characters of Bug and Nigel. They were funny and well-acted. But they don't make up for poor writing and utterly stale plots.
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Crossing Jordan
dadbedeski3420 September 2006
Love it, Love it, LOVE IT. I might be late to the shows site but have been watching since it started. I'm glad they brought it back . Wish NBC quit moving its time slot.... but I will always follow. Jill Hennessy is great and gets even better. Love her in Komodo !!!! And the rest of the cast.... better than E.R. which I am a fan of too. I can only wait to see what season 6 brings. I believe that Crossing Jordan is a mixture of M.A.S.H. and Quincy M.E.. I love the suspense and drama in each and every episode. I work in the medical field and LOVE how it all works together to create an enjoyable hour of entertainment.I tell everyone how great a show this is and see it lasting for at least another 100 episodes.Lilly makes the show where the viewer can be a an understanding level of humanity. Miguel Ferrer (Dr. Macy )is one awesome Supervisor and I'm glad that NBC did not kill off his't forget Bug and Nigel love the relationship they have between each other and the support they give to Dr. Cavanaugh. NBC needs to Have Woody And Cavanaugh get back together but hold off on them getting SERIOUSLY serious!!
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Beautifully Done!
DontKicktheBrit19 August 2006
I started watching Crossing Jordan in its fourth season, and I wish I could have started it from the beginning but I would have been far too young. I was only 13, but I was able to understand what was going on most of the time. The cases are well thought out and interesting, but my favorite aspect of the show is its characters! You can really get into each character's head and feel what they're feeling as you watch them do what they do best. Each character brings a different flavor to the show. Jordan is tough and outgoing and prepared to do whatever it takes to solve each case, disregarding any risk involved. Nigel is the "plucky science geek", British, full of comic relief, and my favorite character! Bug is much the same, but more quiet and reserved and very kind-hearted. Lily is a caring and compassionate person whose goal in life is to make others feel better. Dr. Macy is the voice of reason; the boss who keeps his cool in tough situations. (Usually.) Woody is the cop who works to serve justice and do his job properly (and yet always gets dragged into Jordan's schemes.) Together they solve case after case, occasionally getting on each others nerves while doing it, but when it comes down to it, they're a family.
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Quincy on estrogen
johnfuen30 July 2006
My first reaction when I caught my first episode of "Crossing Jordan" was that this show was going to be kind of "Quincy" on estrogen. Now after watching this show for a couple of seasons, I have to say that my original impression was selling this show short.

The ensemble cast of Jill Hennesey, Mel Ferrer, Kathyrn Hahn, Steven Valentine, Ravi Kapoor, and Jerry O'Connell represent one of the strongest in recent dramas since E.R. The characters played by these actors and actresses are well written and you really care about them.

The mystery aspect of the show is good, but its the characters that make the show so good.
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Awesome Season Finale
Renee29 May 2006
I've been watching Crossing Jordan since the start. It's always been a great show. You never know what to expect. The actors are great and the writers are great! I don't like the fact that the writers tried to hook up Woody and the shrink Simmons though. I thought Woody and Jordan would finally hook up yet again but that didn't happen. I'm sure the writers will get them back together. When the timing's right that is. This season's ending was awesome! I wasn't fond of JD so I'm glad he was killed. I never saw it coming. The fans all know Jordan didn't do it though. She couldn't have done it. I can't wait until next season! What twist will the writers have for us viewers?
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One of the best shows on television!
RainInRivendell25 May 2006
I love this show and I never miss it. The character and plot twists are very entertaining and captivating. The chemistry between the actors in so real, if you don't have a Sunday night show, I recommend that this be yours! Don't overlook Steve Valentine or Ravi Kapoor, they really add another dimension to the show. Jill Hennessy is very believable as Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh. Her off beat behavior lets you know that she is not going to follow the rules. My personal favorite is Steve Valentine as Nigel Townsend. While he maybe sort of creepy looking, you learn to love him after seeing him on screen for 5 minutes. The roles are all brilliantly cast and tremendously portrayed by the wonderful actors that play them. This is definitely one of the best shows on television.
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