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Season 4

26 Sep. 2004
After Dark
When a mysterious blackout hits the city, Jordan and Bug find themselves trapped in the middle of a multi-car pile-up in the Ted Williams Tunnel.
3 Oct. 2004
Out of Sight
While investigating the death of a man, Jordan gets a call from someone who tells her where some vital evidence is. She and Woody track the caller and discover that the caller is an agoraphobic who is also a voyeur. But Woody does a check on the man and discovers that he and the victim have a connection which makes him a suspect. But Jordan believes he is not because of his condition which Woody doesn't. Lily gets upset when an immigrant being held in a detention center is killed. She learns he has a brother and tries to find him.
10 Oct. 2004
When Jordan begins to act strangely after a night out with Woody, her behavior causes her co-workers to become concerned.
17 Oct. 2004
Deja Past
When a body is found in an old house which some people think is haunted, Jordan tries to find out what happened. When Woody has a close call in a parking garage, he finds a body. Macy works with him and they learn the man is a soldier who was discharged. They also learn he has traces of explosives on him.
24 Oct. 2004
Justice Delayed
Jordan and Nigel travel to Mississippi to investigate a 40 year old racially motivated murder. Sidney bashes heads with his boss.
31 Oct. 2004
Blue Moon
Woody believes that they have in custody a serial killer who was active years ago who stopped but appears to be active, who was arrested on a different matter. So he asks Macy and Jordan to come up with some forensic evidence that could be link him to the murder. Woody has to deal with the ambitious detective, who arrested him. And Bug is trying to help Detective Seeley locate some crucial evidence which was devoured by a cat.
7 Nov. 2004
What Happens in Vegas Dies in Boston
Jordan must determine if Sam and Danny of the Montecito Casino are suspects in a high roller's death when a suspicious death occurs on the Montecito private jet. This two-part cross over story when it continues in Season 2 of "Las Vegas"
14 Nov. 2004
Fire in the Sky
The team investigates a plane crash which may have claimed the lives of one of their own. Woody works with the FBI to find a missing boy whose father was killed in the crash.
21 Nov. 2004
Necessary Risks
Jordan is investigating the death of a student whose death appears to be suicide. But autopsy reveals he was murdered. Initial investigation reveals he was involved with his faculty adviser so she's the prime suspect. Later they learn that the victim was not who he claims to be. Garrett is investigating the death of a man whose organs were taken which means it might have something to do with black market organs.
2 Jan. 2005
A Stranger Among Us
A seemingly random mass shooting has Woody and Jordan searching for a motive until the FBI reveals the shooter's identity and his link to a drug kingpin.
9 Jan. 2005
Murder in the Rue Morgue
The staff investigates the death of a woman who was shot in the morgue. While investigating her death, they stumble upon a group of missing children.
30 Jan. 2005
Family Affair
A socialite is killed in an apparent accident that turns into murder.
13 Feb. 2005
You Really Got Me
Jordan comes across something that links to a case she worked on when she was in L.A. She returns to L.A. because what she found can possibly prove that the person who was convicted of the crime and who is now on death row is innocent. But none of her contacts in L.A. are willing to help her so she asks Woody to help her. And Bug decides to investigate the death of a man whom he earlier encountered who was asking for help but whom he dismissed as crazy when he appears to have died of natural causes.
13 Mar. 2005
Gray Murders
Garrett and Woody go to the airport when two people die suddenly. The airport manager is worried that it could be an act of terrorism or an outbreak. But Garrett says that the victims appear to have died of drug overdose. Which is impossible because the two victims were never together and on surveillance footage there were no signs of them taking anything. Jordan decides to investigate the owner of home for the elderly. Because a man who was in his care, died and the man's daughter claims that the owner kept her away from her father.
20 Mar. 2005
It Happened One Night
A recently released mobster is looking for revenge against Jordan's father and two other Boston cops who put him behind bars.
27 Mar. 2005
Skin and Bone
When Woody uncovers an unmarked mass grave, the entire team discovers the remains to be those of a string of missing Boston mobsters.
10 Apr. 2005
Locard's Exchange
Jordan, Garret and Woody attempt to track down evidence from a string of murders committed over 20 years earlier. Meanwhile, Lilly's mother comes for a visit and Lilly has to make a difficult decision.
24 Apr. 2005
When a foreigner who works for a diplomat dies, he is taken to the morgue but before an autopsy could be done, the man he works for takes the remains. Shortly after his wife claims that the man, son of the ambassador, he works for, killed him. But unfortunately there's nothing that they can do because of diplomatic immunity. So the woman goes to the embassy and pulls out a gun and demands that the coroners take her husband's body and do an autopsy. She demands that Jordan remain. So Macy and the others try their best to find out what happened to her husband.
1 May 2005
Embraceable You
Garret investigates a beautiful Black Widow while Jordan looks into the disappearance of the baby born to a cloistered nun who died during the child's birth.
8 May 2005
Forget Me Not
When his new soul mate's daughter is kidnapped in the middle of the night, Nigel is left questioning more than forensic evidence.
15 May 2005
Jump, Push, Fall
One of Garrett's cases is being disputed and the man who along with Garrett vied for the job of M.E. is sent to reexamine the case. Garrett suspects that is all a political ploy to try and smear a man who was the prime suspect at the time, and for the man to get back at Garrett for getting the job he wanted. And he asks Jordan to assist him. And he discovers several anomalies that make Jordan doubt if Garrett is not complicit.

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