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Season 1

17 Sep. 1983
Around the Swamp in a Daze/Rogue Biskitt
King Max and Shecky use a balloon to find the Biskitt Island. A Biskitt named Rover arrives on Biskitt Island. Scat want to join him on his journey.
24 Sep. 1983
As the Worm Turns/Trouble in the Tunnel
Sweets befriends a worm. Shiner gives the treasure to Scat to clean it. Suddenly a mole comes on Biskitt Island and the ring gets stuck on the mole's nose. Scat follows the mole.
1 Oct. 1983
Belling the Wild Cat/King Max's War
The Biskitts plan to keep Scratch from sneaking up on them. Meanwhile, Scratch is visited by his cousin Itch.
8 Oct. 1983
Dogfoot/Up to His Old Tricks
The Biskitts meets Dogfoot while Downer is sick. King Max uses the Trick Book to get the treasure. Unfortunately, Sweets and Downer are on the treasure box at the time. Wags and other Biskitts must get the treasure back and save Sweets and Downer.
15 Oct. 1983
Moving Day/A Biskitt Halloween
King Max and Shecky search for the Biskitts and attack them suddenly. On Halloween, a witch that the Biskitts have outsmarted years ago returns to capture two Biskitts in order to stay on Biskitt Swamp. Her spell ends up draining the life out of the swamp which also turns Scratch, King Max, and Shecky into stone. She kidnaps Waggs and Sweets. Now the other Biskitts must save them before the witch's spell is complete.
22 Oct. 1983
Raiders of the Lost Bark/The Princess and the Plea
The Biskitts meet the Whiskers, a clan of friendly tiny cats who live on a tree.
29 Oct. 1983
Spinner's Surprise/Two Leagues Under the Pond
The Biskitts plan a surprise for Spinner's birthday. King Max and Shecky use a submarine in the shape of a crocodile to steal King John's treasure on Biskitts Island.
5 Nov. 1983
The Biskitt Who Cried Wolf/Shecky's Last Laugh
Wiggle tries to impress Waggs. King Max uses an eagle to capture the Biskitts. It's up to Wiggle to save them. Bump befriends Shecky.
12 Nov. 1983
The Golden Biskitt/The Bone in the Stone
Lady is turned into gold by a wizard's apprentice. Sweets takes over the leadership while Waggs' foot gets better. Sweets and the other Biskitts try to retrieve the treasure from the dragon.
19 Nov. 1983
The Trojan Biskitt/Snatched from Scratch
King Max plans to give the Biskitts a statue that would help him to steal the treasure. Shiner kidnaps both Scratch and King Max.
26 Nov. 1983
The Moonpond/Fly Me to the Goon
Shiner wants to become brave. So he visits the legendary The Moonpond. Bump lands on King Max's castle. It's up to Waggs, Sweets, Scat and Shiner to rescue him.
3 Dec. 1983
The Swamp Monster/May the Best Biskitt Win
Scat tries to be brave. Shiner challenges Waggs for the leadership of the Biskitts.
10 Dec. 1983
Turnaround Hound/A Dark and Stormy Knight
Snarl gets hurt and the Biskitts take care of him with Shiner being the biggest helper. A Black Knight appears and he is after the Biskitts' treasure so he kidnaps Scat. Now the Biskitts and King Max have to work together to thwart the Black Knight.

 Season 1 

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