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Wall Street Journal
What the movie lacks in coherence it makes up for in zest, well-founded self-delight and a sharpshooter's eye for the absurdities of reality TV.
Would seem to be surefire casting. The catch is that they're stuck with a script that prevents them from firing on all cylinders.
Baltimore Sun
Humorous but much too predictable send-up of reality TV and the sheer banality of it all.
Chicago Sun-Times
The movie's funny in the opening scenes and then forgets why it came to play.
De Niro's scowl and Murphy's sass are inherently funny, though in this case both actors are forced to call in moviegoers' long-established goodwill.
New York Daily News
A lame buddy-cop movie that squanders stars De Niro and Eddie Murphy as it races from one cliche to the next, blithely unconcerned with whether anything parses.
New York Post
It's a wretchedly dumb, lazy and incoherent movie that's magically rendered watchable by Eddie Murphy's charm and Robert De Niro's presence.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A flat-out cynical attempt to launch a new Lethal Weapon-like franchise.
Entertainment Weekly
De Niro seems to be reacting to nothing so much as the lame movie he's stuck in.
A disgrace to the talents of Robert De Niro and Eddie Murphy, but it's not enough just to say that. It's also a disgrace to the talents of Rene Russo and whoever drove the coffee truck to the set every day.
Rolling Stone
Add Showtime to the pile of Hollywood dreck that represents nothing more than the art of the deal.

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