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From frame one Showtime displays an ingenuity, cleverness and briskness that never flags.
Film Threat
Chalk up another big-name star vehicle that fails to live up to a wealth of potential.
Portland Oregonian
Its breeziness keeps it from ever being completely bland or flat.
New York Post
It's a wretchedly dumb, lazy and incoherent movie that's magically rendered watchable by Eddie Murphy's charm and Robert De Niro's presence.
De Niro's scowl and Murphy's sass are inherently funny, though in this case both actors are forced to call in moviegoers' long-established goodwill.
The moment Showtime begins to take itself even remotely seriously, it loses whatever edge it might have had -- and that occurs less than 15 minutes into the proceedings. The best time for Showtime is no time.
The A.V. Club
De Niro and Murphy are visibly uncomfortable with each other. Their improvisation seems chaotic and mismanaged, and the movie follows in kind.
Isn't particularly assaultive, but it can still make you feel that you never want to see another car chase, explosion or gunfight again.
This one makes De Niro's recent film "15 Minutes" look like "Network." Even worse, aside from a few scenes with Shatner, it just isn't funny.
A disgrace to the talents of Robert De Niro and Eddie Murphy, but it's not enough just to say that. It's also a disgrace to the talents of Rene Russo and whoever drove the coffee truck to the set every day.

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