American Psycho II: All American Girl (Video 2002) Poster

Plot Keywords

murder girl
fbi professor
college affair
unethical advancement cliff
school psychiatrist returning character killed off
infatuation prophylactic
reference to patrick bateman quaniko
application form reference to ted bundy
reference to jeffrey dahmer piss sheet
fictional college fictional town
giving a speech book signing
book behavioral science
putting a cat in a microwave oven sketching
mother son relationship black american
african american beaten to death with an employee of the year award
employee of the year award beating
beaten to death reference to ed gein
washington state small town
pendant jogging
running liar
lie divorce
twenty something reference to ricky martin
martini wine
date party
mansion college dean
car goes over a cliff car explosion
explosion dead body in a closet
decomposing body library
computer frisbee
killing spree telephone call
psycho killer murder of a boy
death of a boy rain
rubber gloves cigarette smoking
surgery spring break
sabbatical murder by hanging
hanging sociopath
boy death of parents
cafe dead body
faked suicide dormitory
older man younger woman relationship bribe
drunkenness drinking
drink kiss
orphan disappearance
campus police police station
policeman car chase
chase killing a cat
stalker stalking
flashback husband wife relationship
voice over narration beheading
co ed sex
father daughter relationship mother daughter relationship
death violence
college student student
direct to video sequel to theatrical movie villainess played by lead actress
stand alone sequel female psychopath
female killer answering machine
second part ice pick
dorm room serial killer
valium waiter
missing person hanged girl
college freshman janitor
blood sequel
corpse police
necklace falling out a window
restaurant strangulation
teacher nickname
obsession school library
mistress cat
drawing microwave oven
teaching assistant murderess
psychopath dinner
teacher student relationship strangling a boy
psychiatrist car accident
watch office
security guard spike
babysitter lecture hall
birthday condom
independent film plot twist
surprise ending

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