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Comedy about a cheesy but charming Colombian macho man who moves from a small town to the city seeking his fortune and to scape his past. In Bogota he is hired as a driver and moves in with a recently widowed woman and her two daughters. There he encounters a series of events and people that change his life. Pedro can be both very insightful yet at times very naive. He is also known to be a very good liar, though not with bad intentions and his lies tend to get him in unnecessary trouble. Though he has a quick temper, he is a noble person, and is always there to help friends and aquaintances. Pedro encounters a society obsessed with social class, and thus the biggest problem he faces in Bogota is falling for the wrong woman, his boss. His love for Paula is both platonic and unrequited, because she has also fallen for her boss, Cesar, a classist womenizer who happens to own the company. Cesar, used to cheating on his wife, who is often traveling and cannot keep an eye on him, sets out to seduce Paula. Pedro suffers because he wants to protect the woman he secretely loves, but cannot risk his job and betray Cesar, nor confess his love to Paula.


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