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Season 2

28 Feb. 2002
Florida: Exploring Pascua de Florida
Jeff's journey starts north of Florida where he swims with manatees and then visits with a local musician, J. J. Gray. He comes face-to-face with a gigantic snail, has several exciting snake encounters and a fifteen-foot male alligator named Superman.
Guyana: Land of the Giants
Jeff Corwin explores the Guyana Shield, the dense rainforest that thousands of "giants" call home in Guyana. He discovers the largest toad found in South America, the largest freshwater turtle and the largest creature equipped with a giant tongue.
20 Feb. 2002
California: The Wild One
Jeff travels to California off the coast of Santa Cruz to explore sea otters and the great white shark. Jeff then hunts for rattlesnakes, the vanishing Bighorn sheep and the desert tortoise as he explores the Mojave desert.
Costa Rica: The Arribiatta
Jeff Corwin explores a secluded beach in Costa Rica hoping to witness thousands of sea turtles that come ashore to lay their eggs. Jeff encounters a troop of Capuchin Monkeys, a venomous Bushmaster serpent, a Silky Anteater, Dolphins, Whales and frogs.
7 Jul. 2002
Brazil: The Amazon Goin' Bananas
Follow Jeff to the most impressive river system in the world, the Amazon. In Brazil, he encounters the exotic and beautiful creatures whose natural history can help to determine the health of the Amazon ecosystem.
14 Jul. 2002
Australia: Out of Balance Down Under
Jeff Corwin visits Australia's unique creatures, found nowhere else on earth. He tries to find the endangered species that were displaced when humans settled on the land long ago are now fighting to make a comeback.
21 Jul. 2002
Tasmania: Sympathy for the Devil
Journey from dank limestone caves to the port capital of Hobart to experience the bizarre wildlife paradise of Tasmania. Jeff Corwin encounters egg-laying mammals, an ancient spider, kangaroos, venomous snakes and the notorious Tasmanian Devil.
4 Aug. 2002
Zanzibar: Dr. Corwin I Presume
Follow in the footsteps of explorer Stanley Livingstone to unlock the exotic secrets of the animals of Zanzibar. From the 30-pound coconut crab to the tiny suni gazelle and rare giant tortoise, seldom-seen species thrive in a remote and mysterious land.
28 Jul. 2002
Tanzania: Bodies in Motion
Home to a massive wildebeest migration and the trail of predators that follow, this land is in constant motion. Witness a rarely seen event as a cheetah takes down prey for her cubs. Take a wake-up call from an Egyptian cobra in the wilds of Tanzania.
28 Jul. 2002
India: Between the Tiger and the Lion
Jeff seeks to find India's big cats journeying to Ranthambhore and then to the western state of Gurjurat. Jeff encounters these large cats from the fabled Bengal Tiger to the rare Asiatic Lion for a rich and exciting experience in India.
11 Aug. 2002
Nepal: Journey to Shangri-La
Jeff's journey takes him from the foothills of the Himalayas at the Indian border, through the heart of Nepal in the majestic and historic Kathmandu valley. He encounters some of the most rare and majestic animals in the world.
18 Aug. 2002
Morocco: A Time Machine of Sand
Morocco holds its secrets closely. Jeff Corwin uncovers them leading him to the not so friendly horned viper, the secretive "fish of the sand" and the legendary predator that killed Cleopatra -- the Cobra.
17 Feb. 2003
Spain: Americano Loco
Spain is teeming with wildlife the casual visitor would not expect to find in Europe. Jeff discovers all the fascinating creatures in Spain's wetlands, forests and sand dunes, from chameleons and kestrels to deadly serpents and Moorish geckos.

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