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11 Jan. 2004
No Pain, No Gain
Clint treats Heidi for pain that he feels will go away with rest. When the pain continues, Heidi's coach think her pain isn't real. Meanwhile, the staff at Westbury must pass a test to get an A+ rating. Clint asks to look at Heidi's medical records. Clint learns not to judge his patients so quickly and listen more.
18 Jan. 2004
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire
Clint wonders if Colleen may be going too far when she gives him a Porsche. Colleen's son sues Clint for inappropriate doctor-patient conduct, suspecting that Clint just wants Colleen's money. Clint learns that Colleen is dying of a cerebral aneurysm.
25 Jan. 2004
Derek learns his daughter gets a modeling contract. Nancy tries to help catch the thief who stole her purse, but when Nancy show up at the apartment of suspected thief she learns she may have picked the wrong guy. The guy doesn't recall taking Nancy's purse because he has diabetes.
8 Feb. 2004
Arsenic and Old Spice
Shannon, Nancy's old college roommate, comes by the clinic complaining of feeling tired all the time. Nancy isn't happy to see her because Shannon dated all the boys. Clint runs tests on Shannon come back negative, that is until Clint runs a heavy metal toxicology screen to find out if arsenic is making her sick.
15 Feb. 2004
Leader of the Band
Joe comes to town and tells Clint about his dad who died when he was ten. When Clint tries to find Joe, he learns that he was let go from his job. Joe learns that he has Alzheimer's. Joe must use what time he has left to get close to daughter and also help Clint understand who his dad was.
22 Feb. 2004
Till Death Do Us Part
Donna DeWitt has a new beau named Brian who has secret that he has been hiding for three months. Donna shocks everybody with an engagement ring from Brian. Everyone at the clinic wonders why everything happened so fast. Brian falls in love with Donna over lunch and wonders if Brian's daughter Emma would be okay if she were to marry Brian. While at lunch, Brian is rushed to Westbury where Clint learns that Brian has cancer. Brian asks Clint not to tell Donna.
4 Apr. 2004
Searching for Bonnie Fisher
A delusional teenage girl named Lacy Sanders thinks that she is Bonnie Fisher, the author of "Cusp of the Day". The only way that Lacy will come to terms with her true identity is if Bonnie Fisher herself helps her.
11 Apr. 2004
Wedding Bell Blues
Clint tries to figure out why an obese young boy named Clayton has trouble losing weight. Clint learns that Clayton's parents may have something to do with the fact that there son isn't losing the weight that he needs to lose. Tippy tries to plan her wedding with the help of her cousin but things only get worse as Tippy begins planning her wedding to Captain Doss. Tippy has trouble finding an appropriate veil to where. Captain Doss breaks his leg after being told to take it easy on crutches.
18 Apr. 2004
Daddy Dearest
Dr. Crane tries to reconnect with his father whom he hasn't seen in 30 years.
25 Apr. 2004
Breaking Away
Clint treats a man with Asperger's Syndrome named John, He wants to lead a normal life but his mother is afraid that this would only cause him heartbreak. Clint and Nancy try to teach John how to overcome his fear of not having his mother to help him. Raul thinks that he is ready to be his own man after becoming interested in New York City messengers.
2 May 2004
Eminent Domain
Nancy tries to save her father's store from being condemned. Nate learns that he needs to give a speech to new police officers. Derek tells Nate that a joke might be the best way to get over being nervous. Later, he learns that telling jokes doesn't seem to work very well.
9 May 2004
The Great Wall
Clint treats a young boy for exhaustion but learns that the boy wants to be just like his father. The young man has trouble meeting his father's expectations.
16 May 2004
Choices of the Heart
Friends of Nancy come to the clinic to meet Clint. They later have to make a decision that will affect their twins: they will need to decide whether to terminate one twin's life to save the other.
23 May 2004
He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
Tippy's cousin Twyla and her boyfriend Junior have broken up because he didn't like the way that Twyla dressed. Nancy devises a plan to get Twlya together with Junior. Clint and Nancy's plan doesn't go as expected since Twyla falls in love with Clint while Junior falls in love with Nancy.
3 Oct. 2004
Get Me to Church on Time
Tippy and Captain Doss' wedding day is readily approaching.
10 Oct. 2004
Wake Up Call
Derek believes he may have glaucoma because his blood pressure is too high and may be losing his sight. Dr. Crane wants to know how Tippy comes up with the sayings that grace the board in the waiting room because he can't seem to come up with any.
17 Oct. 2004
Derek believes he may have glaucoma because his blood pressure is too high and may be losing his sight. Dr. Crane wants to know how Tippy comes up with the sayings that grace the board in the waiting room because he can't seem to come up with any.
24 Oct. 2004
Lights Camera Medicine
Clint and Westbury take on a new challenge, with the help of Marcia Rodich who wants to teach African doctors how to operate on children in Africa over the Internet. Meanwhile Tippy and Dr. Crane going to be starring in a play called "The Servant who would be King." But after Barbara, Dr. Crane's leading lady, suddenly quits the play he is shocked to find that Tippy is his leading lady. Later, Major Doss watches his wife in action but begins to get worried when the eccentric director shows Dr. Crane exactly what he is looking for in his leading man.
31 Oct. 2004
Nip, Tuck and Die
Clint is asked to help Hank gets his job as a hospital security guard back after being accused of letting a member of the press in to take a picture of the famous actor Parker Pittman after he is found dead in the operating room.
7 Nov. 2004
The Family Tree
Nate and Major Doss start their own family lineage business.
14 Nov. 2004
The Last Ride
Nancy feels her life is in a rut. She and Clint go on a ride with the New York Emergency Medical Services Team. Dr. Crane treats a patient for panic attacks but later learns maybe all his patient needs is change in her life.
21 Nov. 2004
Happy Trails
Nancy is invited to travel with friends to New Zealand. Tragedy is about to strike the clinic as they get word of a plane crash. Colleagues at Westbury start to grieve for Nancy as Derek finds that all the passengers on the flight have perished. What they don't realize is that Nancy missed the flight. Raul has to write a paper on whether under God belongs in the pledge of allegiance as he does his research he learns why the First Amendment was written. His teacher Mr. Adams doesn't agree with what Raul wrote on his paper.
28 Nov. 2004
Till We Meet Again
Nancy plans to leave the clinic to offer services in a third world country. Things get complicated for Clint when he wrestles with whether to propose to Nancy or head back to Montana to take over Harley's practice with Sarah. Raul faces a crisis of his own when he learns he has diabetes. Tippy learns that she is pregnant and wants to name the baby after Clint or Nancy.

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