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5 Jan. 2003
A Clear and Present Danger
Nate is forced to confront Gunny after he seems to be jeopardizing other officers' safety on the street by his actions. Clint diagnoses Gunny's secret, but Gunny forbids him from telling anyone about his condition, which could be helped by a radical surgical procedure. Derek's sponsored 'son' Vijay arrives from India and ends up living with the Hebert's and cooking wonderful Indian dishes. But he may not be all he appears to be. Lt. Doss' old girlfriend Rita, a Navy Seal, visits. Tippy feels inadequate, so she does something about it.
12 Jan. 2003
Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Clint cares for a mother, father and son who are friends of Nancy but they seem to have a family secret. Nate and Beverly go to a spa with Derek and Nellie. Tippy starts a lunchtime errand business to buy Steven a special birthday present. Dr. Crane lobbies for a spot on a medical certification board.
2 Feb. 2003
Angels in Waiting
Amy Lynn tries to comfort a teen who has cystic fibrosis.
9 Feb. 2003
Lost and Found
Sometimes it is better to let romance take its course as Raul and Evan try to match Evan's mom with Clint but what happens when an old love returns and new information is found out?
16 Feb. 2003
Welcome to New York: Part 1
Friends visit Clint from Montana as well as Sara who brings back memories for Clint.
23 Feb. 2003
Welcome to New York: Part 2
Clint and Doc Johanson must find a patient before someone else is sick. Poor Tippy has a big problem the IRS. Can she pay $90,000 to them before she loses everything?
9 Mar. 2003
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Martin, Derek's father-in-law is ready to quit smoking but he may more problems. Raul and Justin think their idea was stolen by a publisher.
13 Apr. 2003
Safety First
Clint is shocked when a patient that he prescribed medication for ends up in ER moments after seeing him. Did he give her the wrong medication? Can Diane help save the patient's life?
27 Apr. 2003
The Checkered Flag
Racers Scotty Redfield and his father Bud come to town shortly before the beginning of the racing season, and both father and son are devastated to learn that Scotty has a subdural hematoma that could end not only his career, but his life as well. Nancy offers comfort to Bud as she also waits for news on Scotty, with whom she has gotten romantically involved.
4 May 2003
Evaluate This
Richard Black wants to make Westbury Clinic a part of his management team, but doing so Donna DeWitt agrees to performance evaluations. Black asks Dr. Crane to handle the cross evaluation of the nurses.
11 May 2003
While You Were Snoring
Nate is having trouble sleeping because Beverly is snoring so he asks Dr. Crane for help. Dr. Crane helps Nate by telling him to sew a tennis ball in a sock and then sew the sock to her nightgown. One problem: they both lose sleep.
18 May 2003
And Baby Makes Four
Nate wonders if Beverly's food cravings are common. Richard Black tells everyone at Westbury that going corporate is a good idea, but problems are about to happen. Black continues his big lie. Only Clint smells a rat.
5 Oct. 2003
Westbury: The Final Conflict
Nate drives everybody crazy with pictures of the baby, while Nancy, Clint and Derek try to find away to get Westbury back from Richard Black. Dr. Crane, Clint and Donna DeWitt meet with Richard Black and learn they can't come back to the clinic. Irene gives Clint an idea as to how patients can be treated. Clint uses his home as a clinic. After looking at Irene's chart, Clint thinks she may have a tumor. Donna, Nancy and Tippy think Richard is cooking the books and making him rich. Richard learns Westbury isn't his hospital anymore.
12 Oct. 2003
The Way We Were
Tippy's friend Marcia hides a secret. Raul has to put something in time capsule that will be opened in 60 years. Marcia ends up in the hospital. Tippy is asked to say with her and learns the secret. Marcia asks Tippy for sleeping pills. Tippy thinks 10 pills is too much. She learns of Marcia's other job as a news photographer in which she photographed the death of a little girl. Raul asks his friends to help him make a video about what has changed and what might change 60 years later.
19 Oct. 2003
The Candidate
When Clint learns Tom Bailey stopped taking oxycodone, he decides to put him back on the drug to ease him off the drug. Clint finds out politics can be a problem when Tom's patient file is leaked to the press. Beverly learns her parents are getting a divorce but that they will always be there no matter what happens.
2 Nov. 2003
Pick Your Poison
Clint treats a baby that has PCBs in her system. Clint tells the Barnes family that all have PCB in their bodies to the fish they ate. Clint decides to talk to the CEO of BND manufacturing, Clint only gives himself and Westbury trouble.
9 Nov. 2003
Rules of Engagement
Captain Steven Doss launches Operation Rules Of Engagement as a way of asking Tippy to marry him. Clint treats a young boy named Jordan for ADD. He notices something else is wrong when Jordan doesn't hear Clint calling his name. Clint tells Jordan's parents that he has auto immune inner ear disease.
16 Nov. 2003
Men in Tights
Nancy finds love letters in an old desk. Meanwhile, Raul gets to play Romeo but soon finds he wants to quit the play because Kiley didn't get the part of Juliet.
23 Nov. 2003
Donny's Millions
Donny suddenly learns he has an inheritance. Clint tries to advise Donny on how to handle the money. Clint learns Donny's cousin Ray may try to keep him from getting the money. Raul learns how to handle an allowance.
7 Dec. 2003
Swing Shift
Dr. Crane and Clint train Kyle, a medical student, to help treat patients at Westbury. After Kyle misdiagnoses a patient, Clint wonders if there is something much worse going on with him. Kyle tells Dr Crane and Clint that he has peripheral neuropathy.

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