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6 Jan. 2002
All in the Family
A couple comes to Clint seeking infertility treatments but Clint's diagnosis and medical advice surprise them. A rival clinic challenges the Westbury Clinic to a bowling match for their annual charity competition and our gang thinks they finally have a chance to win until Tippy joins the team. Nate and Beverly counsel an engaged couple and end up learning a thing or two about their own marriage.
20 Jan. 2002
Busy Man
Nate tries to help a workaholic who is to busy to worry about his own health or to spend time with his family. When money disappears from a crime scene, Nate and his partner are investigated by Internal Affairs.
10 Feb. 2002
My Boyfriend's Back
Nancy must make an emotional adjustment when her first love returns with his fiancée. Clint tries to help a boy who hasn't spoken since the car accident that killed his brother.
17 Feb. 2002
Clint must help Raul's band teacher cope with the news that he has ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease. Dr. Crane's college rival shows up at the clinic.
24 Feb. 2002
Queen of Denial
Clint's discovers that his new patient, a friend and former sorority sister of Ms. DeWitt, is addicted to prescription drugs. Meanwhile, he is attracted to a new surgeon.
3 Mar. 2002
Citizen Crane
Clint becomes temporary caretaker for a street performer whose partner has become very ill. Dr. Crane considers running for city councilman and hires an image consultant.
24 Mar. 2002
Love of the Game
Clint tries to convince a college basketball coach that his son, a star player, may have a serious heart defect. A woman sues Clint for malpractice, claiming that his treatment robbed her of her psychic powers. Raul starts following Clint and Nate around for a school assignment. Nate tries to determine why Jelly Bean confessed to a crime he didn't commit.
31 Mar. 2002
Karate Kid
Clint tries to help a man who refuses to publicize his need for a lung transplant because he is afraid that a secret from his past will come out. When Raul has trouble with a bully, he is rescued by a girl.
28 Apr. 2002
The Commercial
Everybody at the clinic wants to do a commercial except Clint. He wants an elderly patient, Irene, to use the commercial to get her acting career going again.
5 May 2002
My Secret Identity
Clint tries to help an injured woman who has amnesia. Derek seems to be having a mid-life crisis. Raul and his friend Justin discover online gambling.
12 May 2002
Time Flies
Goodbye can be easy or hard to say. Nancy has deal with her mother's impending death.
19 May 2002
Is Nancy ready to move on after the death of her mother? Tippy tries to set Nancy on a date with a young lawyer. Nancy grows closer to Clint, while he continues his relationship with Dr. Weston.
15 Sep. 2002
Full Disclosure
Clint mentors a new intern. Nancy learns her beau has an ex-wife.
22 Sep. 2002
On Pins and Needles
Clint gets in hot water with a new nurse over a medical mishap. Raul is chosen for advanced math class.
29 Sep. 2002
Stroke of Luck
Clint treats a man whose son wants to sell the family business. The son may get his wish as the father's health gets worse. Raul and Justin get jobs. Dr. Crane is concerned about a bug.
6 Oct. 2002
Sea No Evil
Clint and Derek must help a young man decide whether to come forward to identify a shooter after the wrong man is accused of the crime. Miss DeWitt has no date for the hospital gala. Doctor Crane has a run-in with a scam artist after a fender bender.
13 Oct. 2002
A baby is left on the clinic's doorstep. Clint tries to find the father as he fights to save the baby.
20 Oct. 2002
Full Moon Rising
Derek wants a taste of the wild side of life and joins Clint on a ride with a paramedic wild man. Tippy and Nancy start a book club.
3 Nov. 2002
The Price of a Miracle
Can you buy a miracle? A 7-year-old girl gives Clint all her life savings to save her dying brother. Their mother has lost faith.
10 Nov. 2002
Second Time Around
Dr. Derek runs into an old friend, who has a new fiancée. He thinks the man wants his money. The fiancée's life threatening condition makes the doctor change his thoughts.
24 Nov. 2002
The Producers
Nate and Beverly tell everyone Beverly is pregnant. Clint and Dr. Weston reconnect when Clint asks Kate to take on Beverly as her OB/GYN patient. Kate is also keeping a secret about her own health and Clint decides to find out what it is. Dr. Crane is asked to write for a magazine about his most unusual medical case, but may have a lot of trouble finding one.
8 Dec. 2002
Man's Best Friend
Clint makes a new friend, Dr. Jack Barnes, at the hospital when they have to wrangle a patient together. Jack asks Clint for a second opinion about some pain he is experiencing. Westbury offers Jack a position at the clinic, but he turns down the job offer. Elliot has an appendectomy and really misses his best friend who is not allowed in the hospital. Raul and Justin try to smuggle him in to see Elliot.

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