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4 Jan. 1988
Good Medicine
David explains what the daily life of the gnomes is like. He tells about his job as a doctor and the time he saved a goat who had swallowed a wire and a badger that had a splinter in his eye. David also tells that the gnomes have enemies, the trolls.
11 Jan. 1988
Witch Way Out
Swift trips over a rope, and he and David are captured by the trolls. Lisa sets out to find them, and disguised as a witch, makes a sleeping potion for the trolls. When the trolls were asleep, she rescued David and Swift.
18 Jan. 1988
David to the Rescue
David is called to Italy to treat a gnome girl. She had eaten a strawberry that had been sprayed with pesticide. The only plant that can cure her is the Shining Begonia. David travels to the Alps and outsmarts a snake to find the flower.
25 Jan. 1988
The Baby Troll
The episode starts with Lisa explaining about the clothes gnomes wear. She mentions that David is out helping two deer who have their antlers locked together. David has to saw through the antlers to break them apart.
1 Feb. 1988
Little Houses for Little People
David explains how gnomes build their houses. The entrance of the house is under a tree, with an underground tunnel leading to another tree. Many other gnomes and animals help build the houses.
8 Feb. 1988
The Wedding That Almost Wasn't
It is wintertime in the forest, and David and Lisa are going to a friend's wedding. David explains that trolls love to ruin weddings, so the gnomes had already set up some clever traps.
15 Feb. 1988
To Grandfather's House We Go
David is expecting a visit from his granddaughter, Susan. In a deep part of the forest lives a real witch with her cat. Once the witch leaves for the day, her cat goes wandering in the woods. Lisa goes to pick up Susan, and they meet a friendly porcupine family. The witch's cat sees the gnome house, and he knows the gnomes have mice as pets.
22 Feb. 1988
Ghost of the Black Lake
This episode begins with David explaining how gnomes make glass. Then he is called to the palace, where the king tells him about a little wizard named Tiraland. The wizard stole all of the gold in the castle, and now the trolls have thrown in into the eerie Black Lake.
29 Feb. 1988
Kingdom of the Elves
The episode starts out with David telling how gnomes make pottery and candles. When he goes outside, another gnome tells him that a little deer has a barbed wire around his neck and needs help. David calls for Swift, but Swift doesn't come. He finds the fox a few feet away, but he is sick from eating poisoned food, a trap set by the trolls.
7 Mar. 1988
The Magic Knife
Lisa's sister, Julie, comes to visit, and she brings along a copy of a scalpel. Julie says the copy came from the Himalayas. David decides to journey there to find the original knife.
14 Mar. 1988
Young Dr. Gnome
David's nephew Jonathan is coming to visit. Jonathan is a city gnome and his parents want him to be a doctor, but he doesn't want to.
21 Mar. 1988
Happy Birthday to You
David tells about the childhood of gnomes, using his friend Harry and his family as an example. David tells about Harry's children, Billy and Belle, and the way children grow up. It is also Billy and Belle's birthday, and David takes Susan to the party.
28 Mar. 1988
The Siberian Bear
David is in his garden picking vegetables when he receives a telepathic message. The message is coming from the king of Siberia. David tells Lisa that they will be gone for a long time, and he builds a sort of bench for them to sit on during the journey.
4 Apr. 1988
Foxy Dilemma
Susan goes to a sawmill with David, who explains how gnomes cut down dead trees to make furniture and birdhouses. Susan gets bored and goes for a ride on Swift with a little boy named Tom.
11 Apr. 1988
Three Wishes
A poor woodsman saves Lisa after she is attacked by his cat. To express his generosity, David grants the woodsman three wishes, which do not go as planned.
18 Apr. 1988
Ivan the Terrible
David and Lisa travel to Siberia where David is called upon by the gnome king. The king wants David to stop a mean gnome called Ivan, who is stealing furs from the human hunters and giving the gnomes a bad name.
25 Apr. 1988
Rabbits, Rabbits Everywhere
David and Lisa journey to Holland to help some farmer gnomes. It is raining heavily, and there are dozens of rabbits trapped on a small island in the floodwater. The gnomes build rafts, and with the help of Swift, they save the rabbits from drowning.
2 May 1988
Any Milk Today
David remembers a time when his children Lily and Harold were kids. Lisa realized the milkwoman had not delivered milk that day, and she knew something was wrong. David and Harold and Lily decided to go to town and see the milkwoman.
9 May 1988
The Shadowless Stone
David and Lisa are summoned to the palace of King Conrad. The king lived behind a waterfall and had a jester named Tim. King Conrad tells the gnomes he wants them to go to the island of Mentoa and find the valuable shadowless stone.
16 May 1988
Friends in Trouble
David and Lisa learn that a hunter is in the forest trapping birds. The man even caught David's friend, the flycatcher. While Lisa tries to feed the flycatcher's family, David rides on a raven to the city.
23 May 1988
David meets up with his friend Cosmo, who says he is worried about the bats in the forest.
30 May 1988
Big Bad Tom
David and Lisa go to a birthday party in a windmill for a David's nephew, Maxmilion. The farm has three friendly cats and one big mean black cat named Tom.
6 Jun. 1988
Kangaroo Adventure
Susan is staying with David and Lisa and finds a gnome xray in an old trunk. It is an xray of the Australian Prince Rex, who just happens to be coming to visit David that day. David tells Susan about how he and Lisa went to Australia a long time ago.
13 Jun. 1988
The Careless Cub
David and Lisa go for a walk in the forest and meet a wolf. The wolf tells David that his wife and one of his cubs ate meat that had been poisoned by a sheppard. The wife had died, but the cub was still holding on. David examins the wolf cub and determines that a certain plant can cure him.
20 Jun. 1988
The Gift
David goes to see an old friend of his, a human doctor named Walter. David wants to give Walter a pocketwatch that has been in the gnome family for generations. David tells Walter a story about the time he let a human boy enter the world of the gnomes.
27 Jun. 1988
The Mountains of Beyond
David and his wife Lisa must go off into the mountains because it time to die. They know they will not live past 400 years old. David finishes writing his journal about the gnomes. He and Lisa are visited by an Arctic mouse, who is carrying a message from their old friend Casper.


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