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HBO Europe Orders Series From 'No Man's Land' Director Danis Tanovic

HBO Europe has given the green light to an original series from Danis Tanovic, the director of Oscar-winner No Man's Land.

A six-part drama set in modern-day Zagreb, Success was created and written by Marjan Alcevski, and was selected as one of the winning projects at HBO Adria First Draft Contest, an open call for original works from the Adria region, the nations of the former Yugoslavia that stretch along the north-east coast of the Adriatic Sea.

The plot of Success follows four strangers who are bound together irrevocably by a violent event. Each, in their own way, moves to take...
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Oscars 2018: 10 Biggest Snubs and Wtf Surprises

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced their nominations for the 2018 Oscars this morning, sticking relatively to the script written out by awards season pundits, critics' groups and Golden Globes voters. The Best Picture race may appear more wide open than usual, but a lot of expected titles were present and accounted for when Tiffany Haddish and Andy Serkis read the nominees – The Shape of Water! Dunkirk! Get Out! Lady Bird!!!

But where, pray tell, was Haddish's name in the Best Supporting Actress category? Or, for that matter,
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Who Has Gal Gadot Dated? It's a (Very) Short List

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Who Has Gal Gadot Dated? It's a (Very) Short List
Gal Gadot not only plays a powerful superhero on film, but is also a badass human in real life. So it's no surprise that her Prince Charming is head over heels for her! The Wonder Woman star has been married to Israeli businessman Yaron Versano for almost 10 years. They actually met several years before her first big role in Fast & Furious, so Yaron has been with her through it all. Although we know little about Gadot's prefame relationships (onscreen kisses with Kate McKinnon and Chris Pine don't count!), we've uncovered a good deal of information about the adorable couple. The duo first met in 2006 under unusual circumstances. "We met nearly 10 years ago through mutual friends at this very strange party in the Israeli desert," Gadot told Glamour last year. "It was all about yoga, chakras, and eating healthy - we didn't exactly find ourselves there, but we found each other.
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Episode something or other.... [cue link theme]

• Racked Titanic's necklace almost bankrupted a whole company!

• My New Plaid Pants geeking out over Ms. Laura Dern who spoke to NYC at the Film Society of Lincoln Center recently

• Deadline an interview with the great production designer Santo Loquasto on Wonder Wheel

• Out Ryan Murphy's Boys in the Band Broadway Revival has cast a bunch of its players already and it's basically all the famous gays: Charlie Carver, Matt Bomer, Andrew Rannells, Zachary Quinto some of whom at least have stage experience.

• The Muse talks to Glenn Close who has some interesting things to say about gossip, Harvey Weinstein, and being an older actor in Hollywood

• Indie Wire on the multi-pronged creative casting efforts for The Florida Project

• Vanity Fair interviews Joe Wright of Darkest Hour, Atonement, Pride & Prejudice fame

• Variety the Roseanne reunion sitcom will start airing March 27th. Wheeee

• Mubi on the
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‘Mosaic’: Steven Soderbergh’s Murder Mystery App is Now Available to Download for Free — Watch

‘Mosaic’: Steven Soderbergh’s Murder Mystery App is Now Available to Download for Free — Watch
The super secretive wait for “Mosaic” is finally over. Steven Soderbergh and HBO’s murder mystery has officially launched as a groundbreaking narrative app that can be downloaded for free on devices that include iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Soderbergh partnered with the technology company PodOp to create the interactive experience, which is structured as a choose-your-own-adventure murder mystery.

Read More:‘Mosaic’: Steven Soderbergh Unveils the Three-Year Process of Making His 7-Hour HBO Experiment

The story centers around the murder of a celebrity named Olivia Lake (Sharon Stone), and the app features different story threads relating to all the different characters that users can select to watch on their own terms. Supporting characters are played by Garrett Hedlund, Frederick Weller, Beau Bridges, Paul Reubens, and more. The narrative does not have a traditional beginning, middle, or end. The app presents a handful of files that the viewer selects to watch.
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'Professor Marston and the Wonder Women‎' Director on the Superhero's Kinky Origin Story (Exclusive)

'Professor Marston and the Wonder Women‎' Director on the Superhero's Kinky Origin Story (Exclusive)
If you saw Wonder Woman this summer -- and the record-setting $800 million worldwide box office indicates a lot of people saw Wonder Woman this summer -- then you know the story of how Diana, Princess of Themyscira, became the superhero Wonder Woman, protector of mankind. How Wonder Woman ended up on the pages of comic books in the first place is a story unto itself however, told in Professor Marston and the Wonder Women: In 1941, Dr. William Moulton Marston (played by Luke Evans), his wife, Elizabeth (Rebecca Hall), and their lover, Olive Byrne (Bella Heathcote), created the character to save the world...through psychology. Director Angela Robinson (D.E.B.S.) could never have predicted, though, that her Wonder Woman indie would arrive in theaters mere months after one of the biggest movies of the year.

"I'm getting a lot of credit for having the foresight to know that in the summer of 2017, the 75-years-in-the-making, long-gestating Wonder Woman movie would
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Steven Soderbergh Shares the Lucasfilm Rejection Letter He Received in April 1984

Steven Soderbergh Shares the Lucasfilm Rejection Letter He Received in April 1984
In April 1984, Steven Soderbergh was a 21-year-old aspiring filmmaker. Soderbergh had skipped attending college at Louisiana State University in order to try and make it in Hollywood. Soderbergh worked as a game show scorer and a freelance film editor to make money, and one of his efforts to break big apparently included sending a demo reel to George Lucas at Lucasfilm. The young director spent his high school years making a handful of short films on Super 8mm.

Unfortunately, whatever dreams Soderbergh had of getting into the Lucasfilm family were denied when he received a rejection letter returning the tape he sent in. “Please know our returning your tape is in no way a reflection upon its merits,” the letter reads, claiming the volume of videos and ideas Lucasfilm receives each day is so high it’s impossible for Lucas or any executive at the company to see them all.
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‘Mindhunter’: The Cast of Killers Ranked by Their Serial-ously Creepy Performances

‘Mindhunter’: The Cast of Killers Ranked by Their Serial-ously Creepy Performances
One of the immediate takeaways from David Fincher’s new Netflix series, “Mindhunter,” is that there are a lot of creepy characters. Between the convicted criminals FBI Agents Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) visit in prison and the suspects they try to send there, the list of people who give us the heebie-jeebies grows faster than Holden’s ego.

Behind these fascinating minds are a formidable ensemble of actors evoking the worst within us. Some of their faces may be familiar, others may be brand new, but each and every one offers a particularly striking performance — and not just because they talk about having sex with decapitated heads.

Read More:‘Mindhunter’ Season 1 Review: This Fascinating Textbook of a TV Show Thrives on Hidden Monsters — Spoilers

Below, IndieWire has listed each and every killer studied in Season 1, noting who played them, what they’ve done, and how
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"Wonder Woman": 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly'

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From TheGoodTheBadandTheUgly.Ca, take a look @ 'the good, the bad and the ugly' in director Patty Jenkins' comic book adaptation "Wonder Woman", starring Gal Gadot as 'Diana Of Themyscira':

Michael Stevens For The Good:

"'Merciful Minerva', it is true that many of us were rooting for dimpled Audrey Hepburn look-alike Gal Gadot, to give us a decent portrayal, in her first stand-alone 'Wonder Woman' feature...

"...after her exciting tease in 'Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice'.

"And Gadot does not disappoint, delivering the goods as a sweet and sexy, smirking action star...

" a 'girl power' film about 'love and compassion'...

"...despite piles of fresh-killed, lantern-jawed Ww I 'enemy' corpses, dying in a cold blue 'No Man's Land'...

...looking more like 'Saving Private Ryan', than the world of Lynda Carter

"But Gadot makes the most of what she's got, with great leaps and bounds.
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5 Reasons to see Wonder Woman (even if you already have)!

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5 Reasons to see Wonder Woman (even if you already have)!5 Reasons to see Wonder Woman (even if you already have)!Jenny Bullough9/19/2017 11:38:00 Am

Wonder Woman was easily one of our  most anticipated movies of the year - though we have to confess, we were a little wary that the long-awaited big-screen solo debut of Gal Gadot's titular heroine might have been overhyped. Well, when Wonder Woman arrived in theatres the hype was proven to be real! It is truly one of the best superhero action movies ever, right up there with our favorite iconic Marvel heroes.

And it seems like everyone agrees - as of this writing the movie has a 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and it's grossed over $800 million at the box office worldwide, the highest earning live-action movie for a female director in history! Happily, director Patty Jenkins has already inked a deal to direct a sequel,
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Patty Jenkins secures big payday for Wonder Woman 2

Kayti Burt Sep 12, 2017

Patty Jenkins will return to direct Wonder Woman 2, making her the highest-paid female director ever.

Patty Jenkins will officially be returning for Wonder Woman 2.

Wonder Woman was the breakout hit of the summer, crossing the $800 million line worldwide in a 2017 season that was a bit of a bummer at the box office for Hollywood studios. While this was a success for everyone involved, including star Gal Gadot, DC Entertainment, and Warner Bros, Patty Jenkins was pivotal in steering the film to both narrative and commercial success as director.

This was why it was so surprising to hear that Warner Bros had not yet secured Jenkins for the second film in the franchise. It was also why Jenkins managed to secure a much heftier salary for the sequel, having serious negotiation power after Wonder Woman had been released and immediately started surpassing the box office estimates laid out for it.
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The Moment Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins Knew the Movie Was a Hit

The Moment Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins Knew the Movie Was a Hit
Wonder Woman is one of the best-reviewed superhero movies ever and continues to smash box office records. There's one scene in particular that struck—and continues to strike—a chord with viewers: The introduction of Wonder Woman. You probably just gasped remembering it. Yes, the scene where Gal Gadot's Amazon princess took to the battlefield in No Man's Land and deflected bullets left, right and center. It's probably the most important scene in the movie, one director Patty Jenkins became obsessed with—and one that almost didn't happen. "The thing about No Man's Land is I fully believed that that scene could and had to be all of that. I was like this is it, this is the...
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4 Wonder Woman Scenes That Could Have Been Very Different If They'd Been Directed by a Man

  • BuzzSugar
Throughout Wonder Woman, director Patty Jenkins repeatedly puts up a stop sign right before things could take a sexual turn in the female-led superhero film. Doing so safeguards both star Gal Gadot and Wonder Woman's image as a respected, feminist icon and shields the princess of Themyscira from becoming yet another filmic sex object. For starters, Jenkins eliminated the stars around Wonder Woman's groin region. Jenkins also turns down the volume on the Wonder Woman outfit; by dulling and muting the loud hues from her comic book past, Jenkins allows the DC queen's personality to bring color to the big screen. Jenkins presents Wonder Woman tastefully in other ways. There's no denying that Gadot makes a drop-dead gorgeous Wonder Woman, but her beauty is continually bested by her bravery and smarts. Moments come and go in the film that could easily be sexually charged, but Jenkins defuses them before our very eyes. Below are four Wonder Woman scenes that might have been very different if they had been directed by a man - or to generalize less, a director who catered to the male gaze. RelatedGal Gadot Gushes About Patty Jenkins in Badass Behind-the-Scenes Wonder Woman Footage 1. When Wonder Woman Eats an Ice Cream Cone For the First Time Wonder Woman gleefully grabs a vanilla ice cream cone in the film. Her eyes light up as she licks the dessert with pleasure but only for a split second. The goddess appears like a child trying a lollipop for the first time instead of a woman putting her mouth on a phallic object. Had someone else shot this scene, the innocence could have been lifted with an extreme close-up and a lengthening of the shot. "You should be very proud!" the incognito warrior princess praises the ice cream man as she shakes the cone at him. It is an adorable, stainless scene but one that could have easily been turned into something far more provocative had the camera been in the hands of a male director. 2. When Wonder Woman Has Sex With Steve In the film, it can be safely assumed that Diana and Us Air Force Captain Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) make love as snow falls gently outside the place they're staying at for the night. Steve walks Diana to her room as she flashes him "come hither" eyes. The two kiss passionately, when suddenly, the camera transports audiences out of the bedroom and onto the cement pavement outside. There, the audience watches snow fall softly, giving the impression that if lovemaking is going on behind the closed windows, it's happening just as delicately and affectionately as the snowfall making contact with the pavement. This cutaway scene is an example of how Jenkins respects Wonder Woman. She upholds her privacy and leaves what happens behind closed doors up to viewers' interpretations instead of seizing an opportunity to expose Gadot's body. Had someone else directed this scene, it might not have been so soft and gentle. In fact, it likely could have looked like a sex scene straight out of 300. Related9 Male-Led Superhero Films That Wonder Woman Has Already Beaten at the Box Office 3. When Wonder Woman Tries On Multiple Outfits To keep Wonder Woman hidden, Steve takes her to a clothing shop to fish out a new outfit. During the scene, the beautiful Gadot tries on a string of ensembles. What follows is slightly clumsy and fully comical. Firstly, Diana almost strips in front of everyone, unaware of the concept of a dressing room, but Jenkins quickly advances the scene before Diana can take anything off. If the male gaze was ruling the director's chair, it's probable that some skin would have been shown right then and there. The princess even complains that her shirt is "choking her," a relatable, feminist touch that only Jenkins could bring to the film treatment. That small complaint is just one of the subtle details that add to the female mosaic that makes up the modern version of Wonder Woman. To add humor to the scene, Diana is then shown accidentally ripping a pencil skirt while kicking her leg out. She isn't trying to look sexy while shopping - she's trying to kick ass, literally. What made audiences hold their stomachs from laughter could have doubled as prime time to show off an objectified Gadot. 4. When Wonder Woman Reveals Her Iconic Armor Diana introduces the world to Wonder Woman in the most powerful way possible. As she ascends from a ladder into No Man's Land, Diana carries herself like the volcanic force she knows she is. She climbs up the ladder in the film, mirroring the climb of women up the ladder of patriarchy today. The scene places emphasis on her hard-as-nails stare and bulletproof demeanor instead of her killer curves. As she walks toward the warring Germans, she deflects a bullet. Finally, her armor is revealed in full. Had it been meant to feed the male gaze, it might have been ushered in quite differently. Through calculated angling and lighting, Jenkins transforms Wonder Woman's short outfit into a source of power. It's plausible that the same outfit could have been portrayed as a gilded Victoria's Secret one-piece had certain male directors had their way. Yet, luckily for us, we had a female director who made the conscious decision to glorify Wonder Woman's strength over her sex appeal time and again.
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‘Blade Runner 2049’ Mobile Game in Development From Next Games, Alcon

‘Blade Runner 2049’ Mobile Game in Development From Next Games, Alcon
Alcon Entertainment and Finnish mobile game developer and publisher Next Games are partnering on a mobile game for “Blade Runner 2049.”

Next Games CEO Teemu Huuhtanen made the announcement Wednesday, the second day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017, also known as E3. The companies did not disclose when the game will be released or a specific title.

Alcon is producing the movie sequel “Blade Runner 2049” with Warner Bros. handling domestic distribution and Sony handling international territories. Ryan Gosling stars with Harrison Ford reprising his memorable role as Rick Deckard, the titular blade runner. The movie launches on Oct. 6.


Harrison Ford on Returning to ‘Blade Runner,’ Reprising Deckard Role

“We are thrilled to work on Blade Runner, a true pop culture icon,” Huuhtanen said. “We are determined to deliver on Blade Runner’s unique themes and vision of the future. Both we and Alcon Entertainment value mobile games that
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Patty Jenkins Reveals Her Initial Reaction to Gal Gadot Being Cast as Wonder Woman: ‘My Heart Sank’

Patty Jenkins Reveals Her Initial Reaction to Gal Gadot Being Cast as Wonder Woman: ‘My Heart Sank’
Gal Gadot is already synonymous with Wonder Woman, but at least one important person was initially resistant to her casting: Patty Jenkins. The director reveals in a new Playboy interview that her first reaction to the news that Gadot had received the role wasn’t positive: “I remember when I read in the news that Wonder Woman had been cast and my heart sank,” she says.

Read More: ‘Wonder Woman’ Director Patty Jenkins Has Not Signed on for a Sequel (Yet)

“I had been talking to the studio for so long about doing it and I was like, well, ‘That’s that,'” she added. “I’m sure we wouldn’t have made the same choice.”

Jenkins cites her childhood conception of the character as an “all-American” figure, but quickly came around to the idea of Gadot as the powerful Amazon: “I started paying attention to her, and watching her
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Wonder Woman 2: Patty Jenkins hasn't signed up yet

Kayti Burt Jun 8, 2017

Jenkins hasn't been officially signed, but has some serious leverage heading into negotiations with Warner Bros.

Though Gal Gadot is locked in for another Wonder Woman movie, Patty Jenkins has not yet officially been signed for the Wonder Woman sequel.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. only signed Jenkins for a one-film deal, which means there will be a negotiation process heading into the second. Based on Wonder Woman's stellar box office debut, I have a feeling Jenkins is in a particular position of power heading into this discussion... which, you know, is a nice change of pace for female directors in Hollywood, I'm sure.

Warner Bros should give Jenkins whatever she wants to direct Wonder Woman 2. The director is not only one of the only women helming big-budget superhero fare (one of the two directors making Captain Marvel is a woman), but was one
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No Man's Land!

No Man's Land Written and directed by Melissa Moschitto Presented by The Anthropologists at TheaterLab, NYC November 18-December 11, 2016

Given its focus on identity, race, and theatrical narratives, the new play No Man's Land could not be more timely, debuting as it did only a few days after Vice President-elect Mike Pence's, shall we say, controversial visit to Broadway's Hamilton. Created by theater company The Anthropologists and written and directed by Melissa Moschitto, the issues it interrogates have come increasingly to the fore of our national discourse over the past eighteen months and look to remain both pressingly and depressingly relevant for the foreseeable future. In the program, Moschitto discusses The Anthropologists' "unequivocal support" of the Black Lives Matter movement and its impact on the company's work and personal realizations, but suddenly, police brutality seems just one means of oppression among many when officials are using segregation-era tactics on protesters
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Foreign Oscar Watch: Bedouin Marriage, Persian Haunting, Slavic Space Program

Yesterday at an unusually tense and controversial Ophir Awards ceremony, Sand Storm won the Israeli Oscar and will thus be Israel's Oscar submission. The debut female director Elite Zexer, giving the last acceptance speech of the evening, spoke about how she employed Jews, Muslims, and Christians on the picture. 

Though I already think Israel should have won the Oscar in this category (for Late Marriage which was submitted but not nominated in the year of Amelie and No Man's Land) and they've had high quality films in the mix before, I'm a little cool on this particular picture. Ah well, you can't love everything!

The UK's submission is a horror thriller set in IranAs more and more titles are announced for the Foreign Oscar Race, the variety of genres keeps growing, too. We have animated films, horror thrillers, docu-fiction hybrids, political dramas, romantic comedies, crime films, as well as submissions
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Tiff on Fire: "Pyromaniac" and "Death in Sarajevo"

Nathaniel R, reporting, still at the Toronto International Film Festival where you'll notice I tend to give dual grades. This is the way to go in the mad rush of festival going. As nourishing as festivals can be from a cinephile, they aren't actually the best climate in which to generate definitive feelings because when you're done with one piece of art you have to rush on to the next one. Here are two films I saw this week that were quite combustible.

Dag lights up a small Norwegian town... unfortunately it's with matches.

Pyromaniac (Dir. Erik Skjoldbjaerg, Norway)

One of Norway's best known directors (Pioneer, Insomnia) is back with another unsettling thriller. The peculiar dichotomy of a fireman who also sets fires is the focus. Create your own dream job, they do always say. Dag (Trond Nillsen, King of Devil's Island) is the son of the local firechief and
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