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Season 2

8 Aug. 2003
When the spies find out that Tad Baily, one of their favorite soap opera stars, is missing - they freak! They call Jerry and demand to be WOOHPed. Jerry, of course, tells them that finding Tad hardly qualifies as an international crisis, let alone a WOOHP mission. "Look, Jerry -- we've done a lot for you in the past, now it's time for you to do your part." Jerry reluctantly agrees to let the girls use WOOHP resources to find the soap star. Investigation of the soap set suggests that Tad was abducted -- possibly by international spies! The girls follow a trail of clues...
8 Apr. 2003
I Want My Mummy
The spies travel to Egypt to investigate strange occurrences at a pyramid. They unravel an evil archaeologist's plot to resurrect an ancient Egyptian curse that would give the man eternal power as well as the ability to summon mummies as his minions. In a b-story, Clover 'finds' Mandy's prized diamond ring and struggles with the dilemma of whether or not to give it back.
14 Aug. 2003
Evil Hair Salon
The girls investigate an evil hair salon owner that is using a 'special formula' to grow her clients' hair to massive proportions (in order to make fabulous wigs). The only problem is, the formula is sucking the life out of the customers in the process. In a b-story, the girls try and plan a surprise birthday party for Jerry.
15 Aug. 2003
The Yuck Factor
An evil villain shrinks himself down to microscopic size and enters Jerry's body - controlling him and forcing him to do evil things. The girls have to go in after the villain to save not only to save their boss, but also the world. In a b-story, Alex has to dissect a frog in science class.
18 Aug. 2003
It's How You Play the Game
When the team from tropical Zanzibar begins sweeping the winter Olympics, the girls are sent in to investigate. What they discover is an evil coach who's engineering super-athletes by injecting dangerous, performance enhancing hormones into their bodies! Can the girls stop him and save the Zanzibar athletes before they 'break down?' In a b-story, the girls fight over a dreamy new boy at school named David.
19 Aug. 2003
Here Comes the Sun
The spies investigate a former beach bunny beauty queen who devises a device which selectively intensifies the sun's rays on certain parts of the world - thereby, subjecting those people to severe heat and sun. The villain then sells her 2000 SPF sun block to those affected. In a b-story, Mandy and Clover compete to be the object of David's new art exhibit.
20 Aug. 2003
Green with N.V.
When men all over the world abruptly and unexpectedly leave their wives, the spies are called-in to investigate. What they discover is Possession, a new French perfume created by Natalie Valentine. The perfume's secret ingredient? Natalie Valentine's pheromones. Rejected as a teen, N.V.'s seeking revenge by making every man in the universe worship her. Can the spies stop her before she crop-dusts the world with her 'possessive' scent? In a b-story, each of the girls secretly ask David to a Sadie Hawkins dance -- even though they vowed not to.
21 Aug. 2003
Boy Bands Will Be Boy Bands
The Spies investigate the hottest new pop band, Teensicle, when several band members begin to mysteriously disappear. When the band members resurface seemingly safe and sound, the spies detect strange changes in their personalities. It turns out a group of washed up pop stars are stealing the current pop stars faces in order to revive the has-been's careers. In a b-story, Mandy gets a 'cool' tattoo and claims that Alex isn't cool enough to attend her pool party. Alex wrestles with the dilemma of whether or not to get a tattoo so that she will be perceived as cool.
22 Aug. 2003
Dude, I
When tsunamis begin to wipe out tourist spots/resort areas all over the world, WOOHP sends in the spies. What they discover is that the tsunamis are man made - an evil plot by ex-surfer Frankie Dude to restore the beaches to their natural state and original 'surfability.' In a b-story, Sam goes on a hunger strike to protest the school cafeteria's firing of lunch lady Mrs. Muckle in favor of an automated system. Really, she just wants to impress David.
25 Aug. 2003
Mommies Dearest
It's Mother's Day and the spies decide to take their moms to an exclusive spa to celebrate. Once they get there, however, the girls notice that their moms have begun to act quite strangely. In fact, it quickly becomes apparent to the spies that their moms are trying to kill them! It turns out that their moms are being controlled by the spies' old foe, Mac Smit. Can the girls stop Scam and save their mommies in time to enjoy some spa time? In a b-story, Jerry goes to England to spend Mother's Day with his mum.
26 Aug. 2003
Zooney World
When the children of the world start to disappear, the spies uncover a sinister television show and a host who is training the children to take over the adult world. In a b-story, Clover somehow has to complete her mission while being grounded to her bedroom.
24 Sep. 2003
First Brat
The girls are assigned babysitting duty at the White House for the President's 11-year-old daughter, Madison. At first Madison seems to be a perfect angel, but, as soon as her dad is out of sight, she turns into a major brat. The spies wish the 'First Brat' would disappear - until she actually does! Can they save Madison from kidnappers and get her back to the White House before the President comes home? In a b-story, Jerry goes on a fishing trip with the President and vies for a new job at the White House.
19 Apr. 2004
Ariel is the leader of W.O.W. - 'Women of Wrestling', a vicious wrestling troop made up of a race of ancient, deadly, tall, and strong warriors! Armed with the 'Amulet of Sisterhood', which contains a very old and powerful stone from the early days of the world, Ariel plans to enlarge her army of female warriors to take over the world. In a B-story Clover goes to great lengths to join a boys-only club only to find out the club is dedicated to worshiping Mandy.
20 Apr. 2004
Stark Raving Mad
The spies' old nemesis, Mr. Sebastian, is holding extreme underground raves in Beverly Hills. At the raves, his specially engineered music is inciting the ravers to destroy whatever venue they are having the rave in or at. It turns out Sebastian is targeting all the places the spies hold near and dear - the mall, museum, their school. In a B-story Alex breaks a mirror and is convinced she's cursed.
21 Apr. 2004
A new agency of super spies who call themselves SPI (Super Protection International) keep beating Sam, Alex, and Clover to the scene of major international crimes. Each time, the members of SPI save the day just as the Spies arrive. They take all the credit and are getting a lot of publicity. The public loves them. WOOHP is forced to shut down. Eventually, Sam discovers that the bad guys, who SPI captures, and the events they have been saving the world from, have been caused by none other than... SPI!!! Sam, Alex and Clover must figure out how to stop them, and in the...
22 Apr. 2004
Animal World
A sinister zoologist, appalled by the world's treatment of zoo animals, devises a scheme to increase animal intelligence in hopes of making them the dominant species of the world. It's up to the spies to stop the villain and the animals before they put all humans in cages. In a B-story Clover finally lands a date David only to find it conflicts with the WOOHP company picnic.
23 Apr. 2004
Nature Nightmare
The spies are sent into the woods to investigate a missing film crew only to find that an evil botanist has engineered giant, intelligent, venus flytrap-like trees that feed on humans. The girls must battle the evil trees and free the missing people from their pods before they're 'digested!' In a B-story, Clover tries to prove she's not high maintenance to impress an extreme sport boy.
26 Apr. 2004
Alex Quits
When Alex screws up on several WOOHP missions, she begins to seriously doubt her spying abilities. Then, when Jerry introduces the girls to Britney -- a pretty, smart, sweet, spy-in-training who's been assigned to help them on their next mission -- Alex only feels worse. In fact, she thinks she's on the verge of being replaced. When she screws up again and lets a villain (who's invented a device that literally slows people down) escape, she decides to quit WOOHP altogether. In a b-story, Alex does an extra credit project for science class (about molecules) that helps ...
27 Apr. 2004
Totally Switched
The spies are sent to England to investigate abrupt (and very strange) changes in important people's personalities. What they discover is that an evil psychiatrist, Dr. Gray, is 'switching' the personalities of his patients so that they can stop complaining and learn to 'walk in each others' shoes.' Can they stop him before he 'switches' the personality of the President of the United States with that of a rodeo clown? In a b-story, Clover wins a guest VJ spot on the Z-Channel alongside teen hearthrob Anson Carter... and Jerry finds out he's going to be knighted by the...
28 Apr. 2004
Ski Trip
The spies class ski trip turns into a disaster when Mandy ends up being the girls' roommate. To make matters worse, an old nemesis, Dr. Gelee, from the 'Ice Man Commeth' episode, breaks out of jail and tries to do the spies in. When Gelee accidentally abducts Mandy (thinking she was Clover) it's up to the spies to put their personal feelings for Mandy aside and save her life as well as their own vacation.
29 Apr. 2004
The Elevator
The spies are called away from a movie date-night at the mall to stop an intruder at the nearby Internal Office Of Information. When they attempt to stop the bad guy from stealing important government documents, he tricks them into following him into the building's elevator - then he promptly escapes out the roof hatch and cuts the elevator's cable, leaving the spies in quite the precarious situation. With no compowders, no gadgets and no hope, the spies prepare for their demise, reminiscing about their days as WOOHP agents. In a b-story, Clover cons Alex and Sam into...
30 Apr. 2004
When mysterious new computerized dating booths start to show up at various hangouts around Beverly Hills, Sam and Alex think it might be a fun way to find dates for the upcoming school dance. But when Sam and Alex (as well as most of the other girls at Beverly High) start to go overboard and devote themselves entirely to their new computerized soul mates, it's up to Clover to investigate. It turns out that a young man with the ability to change his appearance is dating all of the girls who used his dating booths. Clover takes it upon herself to expose the culprit and ...
3 May 2004
Brain Drain
Sam wins a spot on the hot new game show, 'The Main Brain.' The girls blame her easy defeat on stage fright - that is, until the following day, when Sam begins to lose her memory. Investigation by Alex and Clover reveals that game show host Larry Large is stealing his contestants brainpower and putting it into the mind of his waitress-girlfriend, Margie so that they can dominate the airwaves and eventually the world! Can the girls get Sam's brainpower back before she becomes a total vegetable? In a b-story, Sam tutors a science-class hunk named Zack.
4 May 2004
Fashion Faux Pas
Fashion Designer Helga Von Guggen (from 'Wild Style') is back -- and this time she wants revenge. With 'Mystique,' her new line of hip clothing, she plans on 'squeezing' her way back to the top of the fashion industry heap - literally. You see, her form-fitting duds are rigged to 'suck the life' out of anyone who dares to wear them - including Alex, Sam and Clover. Can they free themselves from their 'killer outfits' and stop Helga before she takes out fashion victims around the world? In a b-story, Sam becomes dependant on her mall psychic buddy, Tiresias.
5 May 2004
Toying Around
A high-tech toy manufacturer uses military microchips to make his action figure toys more realistic. Unintentionally the toys start to think for themselves and are bent on world domination. In a B-story, Clover gets a new boy toy who caters to her every whim.
19 Sep. 2004
A Spy Is Born: Part 2
The evil filmmaker Lumiere kidnaps Alex and forces Clover and Sam to star in his new spy movie if they ever want to see her alive again. Sam and Clover must unravel a series of clues and dodge danger while Lumiere films them. In the b-story, Sam tries to uncover the mystery of her 'secret admirer.'

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