Van Wilder: Party Liaison (2002) Poster

Plot Keywords

college party
love reporter
reference to led zeppelin doggystyle sex
copulation coitus
red dress upskirt
bikini no panties
nudity nude girl
nude scantily clad female
sexual desire blonde
mini skirt leg spreading
lust blue panties
white panties panties
female frontal nudity breasts
bare breasts female removes her clothes
cleavage dog penis
topless female nudity rear entry sex
masturbation womanizer
unibrow spitball
sexual promiscuity sexual humor
sexual attraction set up
security guard school paper
school counsellor sabotage
rich snob pug
popularity pep talk
penis pump objectification
obese man newspaper headline
nerd marathon
man in woman's clothes man dressed as woman
male rear nudity lying
journalism jerk
interview humiliation
guy flick gross out humor
greek letter golf cart
gay stereotype fraternity pledge
frat party flirting
fire sprinkler father son relationship
expulsion exposé
exam egomaniac
eavesdropping drunkenness
drunk child dorm room
dog lover diarrhea
deceit deaf man
cult film crude humor
compatibility coming of age
college student college senior
college party college life
college campus cheating boyfriend
break up bon bon
beer poured over head basketball game
balls attempted suicide
arrest appeal
advice acoustic guitar
streaking hockey
male nudity teen movie
immaturity strip club
premature ejaculation gross out comedy
assistant penis enlarger
national lampoon series roller skating
bare butt exchange student
dormitory spit take
bloopers during credits person on fire
group vomit dog semen
vomit product placement
bong funny accent
fraternity flatulence
locker room character name in title

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