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Dallas Observer
Akerlund and crew use their full arsenal of lenses and editing techniques in service of leaving you spun, but it's undeniable that this movie was produced by steady hands and thoughtful minds.
Washington Post
It's like the longest just-say-no commercial in history, only you'd say no not because drugs are evil but because you don't want to get a serious foot fungus.
San Francisco Chronicle
Has no insights, no point, no urgency and no importance.
You can't accuse the film of making speed addiction look glamorous, but the freak-show kick is too compelling for it to be called cautionary.
New York Magazine (Vulture)
As the cowboy-hatted wild man who cooks up speed in his motel-room lab, Rourke, who looks at home in his tattoos, is mesmerizingly grungy. He strikes a rare note of authenticity in this otherwise phony fandango.
New York Daily News
Both a madcap comedy and a cautionary tale about the dangers of drug abuse. But it's not funny or smart enough to work as either one, let alone to strike a balance.
Miami Herald
This is a gleefully repulsive movie. Spun is bound to be described as bold and cutting-edge by those who confuse shock value with achievement. Most people, however, will just long for a shower after it's over.
Boston Globe
Because Spun is so plotless it's almost avant-garde, we're meant to be delighted with its assortment of set pieces.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Spun is so hip it hurts.
Village Voice
The traumatized critic must struggle to avoid capital letters in urging patrons to steer clear of the colorfully cast but unbearable Spun.

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