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from a disappointed fan...

Author: mattdvs from Fresno, ca
1 August 2001

Before I commence trashing this game, let me say I'm a HUGE fan of the Simpsons. I consider it far and away one of the best shows on TV (along with The Sopranos). Now to the game, a friend of mine and I rented it the first day it came out and had very high hopes. We were sorely disappointed. While it's cool for about the first ten minutes that you can play as many Simpsons characters, each with their own special moves, the gameplay is just not there. Once the initial gimmick of playing a simpsons-based fighting game wears off, you'll realize there is a lot lacking. For starters, the graphics are not nearly as good as they could have been, there are WAY too few options, not nearly enough playable characters (considering the number of characters on the show), and even the characters that are playable are unbalanced and have too few moves. Overall, I'm sorry to say this game seems to be thrown together without much time spent on making it fun.

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Author: gary ( from england
10 November 2003

I love the simpsons and always will but i thought this was the worst game i have ever played and i cannot believe they had the cahonnas to release this game!!!! from a dear simpsons fan

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So so painful

Author: Semprini
18 September 2001

I'm about as big a fan of both The Simpsons and wrestling as you're likely to find, so I was doubly (at least) offended by this game. It is truly horrible. Think old Atari game action that just happens to have characters who somewhat resemble the Simpson clan. That's about it. If you consider yourself an actual Simpsons fan, you've seen everything good in the game before. This game is so bad that Krusty the Klown himself wouldn't have endorsed it. But if you must press your luck, do yourself a favor and rent it. You'll only play it once anyway.

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Rock Bottom

Author: davies-13 from Wales
19 May 2006

the Simpson's are the best on t.v. but i can't believe they could release such a bad game. i realise that this was made back in 2001 but back then they still had better graphics than this. they don't look like they are fighting, they look like they're having a cat fight. the game play is terrible and the special moves aren't so special as they don't have much affect on your opponent.. The sound of this game is, as Bart would say, 'Crap-tacular'. Like all Simpson Games, you get different scenery and this poor game is no different, but like the game the scenery is poor too, first of all it has characters surrounding it and they Move! sounds good eh? well, let me burst that bubble...i don't mean that they walk i mean that their arms move and they move very slowly. Please stay away from this game for your play station's safety.

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My reaction to this game can be summed up in one word... and that word is "meh"

Author: Grann-Bach ( from Denmark
17 October 2005

What is it with these The Simpsons games? Are they all this bad? I've only tried this game and The Simpsons: Hit & Run, but they're both awful(in spite of having seemingly tons of money tossed at them, given the quality of graphics, the fact that every single role is reprised, etc.), and I've yet to hear anything from a reliable source to suggest that any of the others are anything but cheap, poorly produced attempts at making more money off the popular series, adding nothing good to the franchise(like this and the other recent title I mentioned). The characters chosen for the game don't make much sense(not all of them have big roles in the show... what's Bumblebee Man doing there, for example? Heck, he's usually the one *taking a beating*, and since when are, well, half of the selected characters, really, the fighting kind, at all? Yes, I could see them(including the children) driving, as in Hit & Run, long, long before *wrestling*), and they are very poorly balanced(some are ridiculously strong, others are incredibly weak). As with Hit & Run, it's odd to see the famous(and famously) 2D characters in three dimensional form(outside of that particular Treehouse of Horror special, I mean), and I'm not sure how well it works. Attempts are made at remaining cartoon-y, with varying degrees of success. Before you start playing, you can try a few Pratice Rounds... where you choose a character and fight a randomly chosen weak opponent. Good for learning the ropes(not to mention the moves), as well as try to train yourself up to get good at the game. Then there's the regular championship; first, you beat the opponents(about ten, I think) then you have to win a more difficult championship, and finally defend your title. After which, you'll have beaten the game. After about thirty-odd fights of increasing difficulty. That makes for a few hours of playing, and if you want to beat it with all characters, there should be quite a lot of time-killing for you in this game. Of course, that's only if you can get over the frustration of failing again and again, against overly strong opponents. If you beat the game with at least one character(I think; it's been a long time since I did), you get a bonus round, which lets you play as a few characters you can't normally choose, as well as select which level you play in. You can even play as Itchy or Scratchy(with appropriately cartoon-y attacks and a unique detail or two), in an arena(and, if I recall correctly, *only* there, and only those two, if you choose at least one of them to play as or against) made specifically for them(one that makes good sense, and, like most of the settings in the game, contains various jokes and references to the show). Fairly entertaining. Of course, to get to that, you have to play through ludicrous amounts of overly difficult opponents. The game-play is very poor. The fighters are, as already mentioned, poorly balanced, and this means that practically no fight is even slightly fair. Some have special attacks that'll end the fight in no time if spammed, others have nothing to offer but regular brawling which won't do much good against computer-controlled enemies with aforementioned powers, and yes, they *will* use these any chance they get. The moves are divided into three groups... stuff you do while standing still or walking, stuff you do mid-air from a jump, and stuff you do after being propelled back into the arena from running into the strings in the sides of it(I don't know the correct terms... I'm no wrestling fan, quite a bit from it, as a matter of fact). Now, the second group is limited to three moves... a light attack, a slightly stronger one, and the (feel free to jump in with the right word here, wrestling fans) jump the wrestlers do where they land on top of the other wrestler. The first and third group of moves have unique moves for each character(possibly with some exceptions, I haven't checked all of them). And that's really where the lack of balance shows; there are again three moves per character; regular attack, which can be chained, throw and special attack. Regular attack is self-explanatory... just a bunch of punches, kicks and what have you. Throw is usually throwing something(just to clear up any possible misunderstandings; it's not the kind where you grab the enemy, though I believe that move is there, too), often having to do with the character. Like a Squishee for Apu, a glass of beer for Barney, and a Flaming Moe for (yep, you guessed it) Moe. The third is different for each character. The sound is also pretty bad... during the fights, random, unseen characters spout lines that are in-character, but mostly out of place and not even slightly funny. They really just come off as forced. Before each match, the characters insult each other, and usually these insults are actually directed entirely at the specific character they're fighting(instead of something vague, like in most fighting games), which is a nifty and fairly unique feature(as far as I know, but I don't play beat-'em-up titles all that much... surprising, since I am a rather big fan of martial arts). Of course, it's the only positive thing to the entire game. The concept of the game doesn't make an awful lot of sense. The story... well, I guess it's at about the same level of quality that the actual episodes had, by the point in time this was produced, give or take a year or a few. All in all, really just a game to avoid. I would say that you have to look a long time for a game less entertaining or well-rounded than this. I recommend it to... heck, I don't know... wrestling fans, I guess, possibly. Fans of The Simpsons should most definitely avoid(I would know, I am one of them). 3/10

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