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(2001 Video Game)


The corpse sitting in front of the distorted television set in the apartments is the same character model as James Sunderland. The clothes, body structure and face are the same - The camera is designed so that the player cannot see this, however.
The Pyramid Head monster actually has an eye and a tongue. The eye is barely visible on the front of its head and the tongue sticks out and wiggles when it grabs the player by the neck.
The Straight-Jacket monster was inspired by the art director seeing an employee at work coming towards him in a hoodie while bobbing around listening to his personal stereo.
The Blue Creek apartment building in Silent Hill is a reference to the film Blue Velvet (1986). "Blue", for the movie's title; and "Creek" as a synonym for "River", for the Deep River apartments seen in the film. The apartments in the game are very similar to the look and overall layout of the Deep River apartments in the David Lynch film.
When James is holding the chainsaw and is standing over a body for a few seconds, he holds it over his head and screams out. This is a reference to Ash in the Evil Dead series.
The Pyramid Head monster makes similar grunting noises in gameplay to James Sunderland's pain sounds. It is also the same height.
Like the first game, the streets are named after authors: Lewis Carroll, 'Lindsey Davis', Thomas Harris, Ruth Rendell, John Sanford, David Wiltse and Andrew Vachss.
The letter the player has in the inventory of Mary's request for James to come and see her in Silent Hill turns to blank paper later on in the game.
Examining the knife (which has no purpose or use during the entire game) in the inventory increases the chance of the player getting the suicide ending.
This is the debut of the now iconic character Pyramid Head, which is well known in the horror-otaku community.
The facial animations are not motion captured but in fact manually animated.
Although not appearing in the game, several deleted scenes can be found in early trailers for the game, including a scene of Pyramid Head dragging a nurse away, and Laura singing "Ring Around the Rosie".
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Number plates on all cars in the game are from Michigan state.
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