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Rather flat documentary
tomgillespie200224 March 2014
Ron Jeremy is adored by thousands, possibly millions, of fans. All of them have inevitably at one point in their lives caught a glimpse of a fat man with a hairy back, ridiculous moustache and gigantic penis making noisy love to a big-breasted woman. His everyman looks and charismatic 'acting' style gave hope to even the most grotesque of horny males, standing out amongst an array of muscular, polished male porn stars. The sheer volume of his output (he claims to have made over 1,500 movies) all but guarantees that he's in at least one of those VHS tapes you find under your dad's bed as a teenager. But there's something quite tragic beneath all the frat house appearances and self-parodying movie cameos, and it's all the sadder that this documentary doesn't really dig deep enough.

Porn Star takes an episodic approach, each focusing on different aspects and episodes of Ron's life. We also get talking-head interviews from the likes of Jenna Jameson and the amusing Larry Flynt, all offering their own anecdotes and insights to the man nicknamed 'The Hedgehog'. It's all light-hearted and loosely structured, but the movie fails to really get a grasp of its subject, preferring to lovingly mock him or to allow others to tell his story. Ron never seems to stop working, attending anything he's invited to and keeping a giant book of contacts that looks like gibberish to anyone apart from him. And it's this somewhat naive drive to achieve mainstream respectability that makes him a tragic character, something the film could have explored in more depth. But ultimately, Porn Star is just a bit of a drag, never managing to capture the energy and tacky razzle-dazzle of the glory days of porn.
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The most charismatic porn star you're likely to find
Steve Pulaski5 January 2013
Ron Jeremy is the most iconic porn star who ever lived, with very good reason. The man is still currently active, has starred in over two thousand adult films, and is one of the few straight male performers who has a face and not just a name. For someone who bears the number one spot on AVN's "The 50 Top Porn Stars of All Time," Jeremy is not exactly what'd you expect. He is a short, hairy, rotund little man, yet he has proved that size matters in the industry, and you're height isn't what it is.

Jeremy states in Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy that he began his career during "the golden age of the adult industry," which was from roughly 1975 to 1983 we're told. Other adult film directors, such as Jim Holliday state that during that time, adult films were professionally made and could compete with any B-movie production from Hollywood. They had talent, they had a script, they had direction, and they had solid special effects. They weren't just complete porn, but had some inkling of substance, along the lines of the softcore stuff you get on CineMax after 11:00 PM. Now, we're told, the industry is over-glamorized, fake, lacks any form of substance, and due to performance-enhancing drugs like Viagra (which Jeremy is staunchly against, saying he wants to rely on himself rather than a drug), anyone can be a porn star in the current day and age.

Jeremy grew up as "Ron Hyatt," but adopted his middle name as his last name upon entering the industry. His father was a physicist, intelligent and supportive, but his mother was gravely ill with Parkinson's Disease, which led to her death shortly after being institutionalized in a nursing home. Jeremy went on to study acting and used education as a fallback career, obtaining a master's degree teaching special education. All he ever wanted to be was a performer, but an acting job is not a stable career, as we all know, and work in 1970 New York was difficult to come by. He feared that he'd never get the break he rightfully deserved because he'd never get the chance to show people he was a good actor since there was an appalling lack of work.

After his girlfriend posted a naked picture of him in the new issue of "Playgirl" magazine, Jeremy seriously considered a career in the adult industry and began his odyssey in the 1970's, going on to star in well over two-thousand adult pictures and several mainstream films directed by the likes of Trey Parker, Adam Rifkin, and Troy Duffy. During the course of the documentary, we speak to people like Rifkin and Duffy, who recall working with "The Hedgehog" himself. Other interviews conducted are with industry stars such as Jenna Jameson and Tabitha Stevens, who recalls Jeremy's sweet personality as something light years more attractive than a bodybuilder's arrogant one.

For a man seemingly having the job almost any male would want, Jeremy seems to be a rather undesirable man, chubby, hairy, and always appearing dirty, as we're told. Yet he's sweet, charismatic, always funny, cracking jokes, a good actor, and well-built, which is why he's achieved so much likability over the years and been so reliable. Even Holliday states that if you wanted a person to be a diverse actor in an adult film, you'd be hardpressed to find someone more qualified than Ron Jeremy.

Yet this is where Jeremy begins to reflect on his career with sadness and the looming idea of feeling unfulfilled. He has always wanted to be a screen performer, and he has rightfully so been on the set of several films, doing little cameos and whatnot, but due to his profession and history, he is often the subject of much ridicule and joke to the point where many question if he can be taken seriously in a mainstream work. I think in even just his cameos he has proved he can. If Jeremy were to make a film tomorrow, I wouldn't hesitate to see it.

Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy, at seventy-four minutes, is a complete documentary, revealing, informative, and oddly enough, charming in its own right, examining a controversial industry and one of the most recognized performers in it. It neglects to provide a strong enough commentary on the industry from Jeremy himself, who briefly responds to the public's long-term idea that it degrades women, but having the title character be the concept of a full-length documentary is nonetheless a substantial one and the result is successful and highly entertaining. This is where I'd end with some sex or pornography pun, but it seems to be too low for such an admirably charming man.

Starring: Ron Jeremy, Jim Holliday, Tabitha Stevens, and Jenna Jameson. Directed by: Scott J. Gill.
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Attention-seeking of the most extreme kind.
Fedor Petrovic (fedor8)25 September 2007
I had never considered Jeremy particularly likable. To me he was always this barely amiable porn actor who seemed like a media whore, hell-bent on being everywhere all the time. Every time I saw him in a video or a in movie cameo I had an immediate "oh, no, not him again!" reaction. But just how extreme that drive for fame is in him, surprised even me. His hunger for being noticed even rivals that of most Hollywood stars. Even Marilyn Monroe's willingness to do ANYTHING for fame pales by comparison! His drive for notoriety perhaps even rivals Princess Diana's willingness to do anything for money! (If that's actually possible.)

However, as the documentary ploughed on, I realized that Jeremy isn't such a bad guy after all. Quite the opposite. In fact, he is more to be pitied than anything else. Not that I believe that he is unhappy, but his ambitions of being taken seriously as an actor - the ultimate cliché in porn biz, especially among women - make him somewhat of a tragic figure. Fortunately, he doesn't quite see himself in this light, hence he enjoys life to the fullest, the incurable glutton that he is, still not realizing that he will never come anywhere close to being anything more than a clown who did plenty of porn.

The documentary doesn't suck up to him, i.e. plenty of negative, non-flattering opinions about him by various people are shown here, which is essential for a documentary to be a real documentary and not just a mere propaganda film (like Michael Moore's fantasy films for the politically retarded).

The world of porn has always been a fascinating one, nothing new there, so the fact that this film is interesting was not a surprise.
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Skin Deep
gftbiloxi12 June 2007
Ron Jeremy was not always the fat, slightly slovenly looking man he is today. When he entered the pornography business in the late 1970s he was reasonably if not uniquely attractive, determined to make a name for himself on stage and screen as a serious actor, and he saw pornography as a way to pay the bills and make contacts in the film industry.

The idea was not quite as far-out as it might seem. At the time, pornography was a big screen venue and films came with plots, dialogue, and reasonable budgets. As it happened, Jeremy had what it took to be a porn star and then some: a nine and three-quarters inch endowment and the amazing ability to control it on cue. But he failed to recognize a well-established show business fact that not even such legendary (and comparatively discreet) performers as Gypsy Rose Lee could overcome. Once a stripper, always a stripper. Once a porn star, always a porn star.

Twenty years after he made his adult film debut Ron Jeremy is still a porn star, only these days he is a chunky, sloppy one who commands a following largely due to his unlikely appearance and quasi-comic persona and who continues the career thanks to that near-inhuman control. And even as he takes a monthly AIDS test, scrambles for extra and bit work in mainstream film, and makes one porn flick after another he continues to dream of a "legitimate" acting career that will never come.

In theory, it is the stuff of both great comedy and great tragedy, but this fairly short documentary is neither; it has a touch of pathos, a touch of humor, but it never goes far enough in its exploration of Jeremy as a human being. I did laugh a little and I did feel a bit sorry for him, but the big questions were never asked and the big issues were never more than indicated. In the end, I feel like I met Jeremy at a party in passing--and when he left the room I knew little more about him than I did when he first came in.

GFT, Amazon Reviewer
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ron jeremy
macvader99927 November 2006
Maybe it was the fact that I watched it at 2am, that I knew very little about Ron Jeremy, or that I was probably in the mood for an action movie but I found Porn Star: The legend of Ron Jeremy to be too slow moving. Despite its slowness, Porn Star did a good job of portraying Ron Jeremy as your average joe and not only as a porn king. So for those of you who envy Ron Jeremy and his particular endowment this documentary will help shed the light on how Jeremy actually lives his life. It goes to show that people will always want what they cannot have. For example, many men envy what Jeremy has in terms of physical endowment and success but it has not led to ultimate happiness for Ron. In fact, he wants to become a serious actor but that would be nearly impossible considering his past in the porn industry. Also, Jeremy talks about how he hasn't really been able to love anyone or have a serious relationship because of his work. I suppose the moral of the story is to be thankful for what you have and to do the best you can with it.
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Ironically, It Isn't Very Long
gavin69426 August 2006
Before "Anchorman: Legend of Ron Burgundy" there was "Porn Star: Legend of Ron Jeremy". After that, the similarities end. This documentary offers a short overview of the career of Ron Jeremy, arguably the world's most famous porn star. Did I say arguably? I should say indisputably. Who else even comes close? Jenna Jameson? Peter North? John Holmes? Beetlejuice? Christy Canyon? No, this are all second-rate actors.

The film is very fun to watch, going through a typical day with Ron and seeing how he is always trying to break into real acting, which judging by this film he will probably never do. (And having seen "Andre the Butcher", I have no high hopes for him.) We see his father, his Jewish upbringing, his one true love and the phone directory he keeps (if you pause the film you can copy down several phone numbers of people you'd have no need to contact). Even when they show him on the set, it's done in a tasteful and informative way. Yes, there is some sex (it is a documentary of a porn star) but the most racy parts are not shown.

Quite simply, this is a novelty film. If you have any interest in Ron Jeremy (either as a porn star or as a Troma extra) you will probably learn something from this movie and be glad you saw it. Otherwise, there is no real point to checking it out. A Catholic priest watching this would be as out of place as myself renting a Nascar documentary, for example. We would both be repulsed.

So, there you have it. Ladies and gentleman, the Hedgehog himself... Ron Jeremy. (With special guests Al Lewis, Al Sharpton, and Corey Feldman)
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Funny, Witty and very entertaining *****
j-fox213 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Ron Jeremy's life has been very different from most other men out there. Being an obese man like himself, its amazing how this fat man became a porn-star. This documentary covers his whole life, from his late childhood, all the way to his HIV tests. The film's humour is great, and its all just one entertaining film about a very likable character. The film is sometimes sad as we find out that Ron isn't just the average 'Prick', there is actually a very sensitive man inside, who wants to be more than just a porn-star. With interviews from family-members, porn-actors, and crew, the film delivers everything you could want from an intriguing documentary. There's plenty of archive footage (From his Films!!), and very hilarious interview exerts.He's not the average sex-symbol, he's not the average smuck, he's ron Jermey!! 10/10- Absolutely the best documentary of 2001
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Ron. You pity him, but also envy him
3-D26 February 2006
This documentary was an enjoyable watch. Pretty much anybody who has seen a porno at one time or another in their life has seen Ron Jeremy. I have seen plenty over the years, but I particularly like his work in clothes-on roles in non-porn films, such as Citizen Toxie, Orgazmo, etc.

Here, we have an interesting look into Ron's personal life. We all know Ron for all of the women he's had sex with in his lifetime, despite having a less than perfect physical appearance. Or, as Ron puts it in this movie, he proves that "anyone can get laid!" Despite all the women, however, Ron's life is fairly rough. This film lets you take a look at Ron's PACKED schedule and gigantic book of phone numbers, and we see that this guy is ALWAYS on the road and is ALWAYS busy. All of the travel has got to be hard on his body (although Jenna Jameson will help soothe his wounds).

Basically, you'll end up cheering on Ron for all of the beautiful women he gets paid to {sleep with}, but you'll also feel sorry for him when you see how tough his life really is.
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Everyone loves some good porn! (Oh, wait, this isn't porn.)
MovieAddict201628 August 2005
After John Holmes died of AIDS in the eighties, the Famous Male Porn Star slot was left open. Holmes had successfully managed to help make porn something more than just a thing for "excited" guys. His Johnny Wadd character has become semi-famous like any regular movie character - he was even referenced to in "Mystery Science Theater." He was around when porn became pretentious and tried to develop story lines, resulting in some really bad, bad porno - and some really cheesy stuff like "Pizza Girls." Ron Jeremy was overweight and not-too-good-looking but he had a long s*hl0ng and managed to fill John's position after he died. He instantly became famous for his, err, "attribute" and "penetrated" the world of porn like no other. (Okay, here end the none-too-subtle sexual innuendo on my behalf!) This revealing documentary (darn! There I go again!) follows Ron's life from childhood to porn - detailing how he became involved in X-rated films to begin with, and when exactly he became the most famous male porn star in the industry.

The documentary features interviews from Ron himself, as well as fellow porn stars and directors. There are also some celebrity interviews for good measure.

If you aren't interested in porn at all you may still find something worthwhile here because Ron's life is pretty interesting, just in terms of how successful he's been in his transition from porn to Hollywood (nabbing some roles in major films, including Trey Parker's "Orgazmo").

I'm not a big porn watcher (despite my knowledge of pretentious '70s porn, which I only know of - I swear - because of "Boogie Nights"...and a few I watched) but I found this fun and engaging. It works as a good documentary, a good comedy, and a good porno. Just kidding on the last one! Here ends my sickening sexual-innuendo.
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Very funny if you ever wonder how he became a porn star
steve-15479 December 2004
Yup, Ron Jeremy is, well how would you say, gifted. Somehow, despite not being the most attractive chap, he seems to win the hearts and other parts of ladies who happen to love having sex. This old style porn is almost nostalgic, if sex can be nostalgic that is. I prefer the new age porn and must admit to being a member of one or two adult themed sites (my favorite being However, there's something groovy - in a shaft, flower power, natural heaven type way - about this release. Also, it's hilarious. the director is right on target in depicting the mundane yet bizarre inner workings of porn, using Jeremy as the court jester tour guide. But the film really shines when The Hedgehog is center stage, with his unlikely, raunchy, compelling charisma. Highly recommended. Just pass it off as a documentary or tutorial of the perfect, vet very lucky, porn star. Peace.
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A documentary looking at the "rise and re-rise" of veteran porn star/bit-part actor Ron Jeremy.
Peter Hayes18 September 2004
Legends: What a great word! Many legends are dead, something I rather like not be! Some legends are middle aged, something I'd rather not be! Some legends are fat, something I'd rather not be! Some legends work in the pits of show-biz, something I'm proud of not doing!

Ron Jeremy isn't dead - as I write anyway! - but all the others apply to him. While RJ may have slept with a lot of women - if only by way of work - I believe that the only thing that counts in sex is quality. So no points on my card!

I have problems with porn because I am intrigued by it, but quickly become bored by it. Maybe it is my age, maybe it is liberal background, but very little of it doesn't leave me cold. Certainly the humping-in-a-motel-room porn - that is the RJ mainstay - has no interest to me."The business" is just that: A business. Nothing more, nothing less.

Certainly the history of porn is interesting as it is the underworld of show-biz. Illegal and therefore dangerous - until more recent times - it formed a intriguing backdrop to the fake tinsel of mainstream Hollywood. The actor/actress that didn't make it and fell in to porn is a cliché, but that doesn't mean it is not the frequent truth. As clichés often are. RJ has seen that history and it is the one pity of this movie that he only makes passing references to it. A witness to (show-biz) history who is not being properly probed.

It is hard to know the appeal of the central character. Uni educated, and even a special needs teacher for a while, he wanted to be part of show-biz because most bored people think that is where the drugs, fun and sex are. In this they are right - for a chosen few. Ron wasn't one of the chosen few, but god bless him for flying half way around the world to do two minutes of mainstream film. These show-biz types hang on to their dreams until the very end.

The lowering of the porn budget (not extensive to begin with) has destroyed even the slightest pretence of "telling a story" merely quickly linking one sex scene to another. Paradoxically the mainstream has learnt how to respectablise sex through documentary, men in white coats (so called "adult sex education") and daring sex scenes ALA Basic Instinct and Showgirls.

So how does RJ fit in to this over ground/underground Hollywood world? Well he doesn't. He performs sex well on cue and tells a lot of second rate jokes but who is he inside?

Here we never get down more than one skin of the onion, he is performing all the time. We don't see him at home or expressing his doubts of frustrations to camera - this is done by others. Food and sex are his drug, but what else is there for him?

He is single and talks of his past conquests with pride, but there is a little sadness beneath the surface. He talks of marriage to a woman who has yet to appear on the horizon and might never do so.

We meet the usual crew of industry names and they give their little bit-to-camera about his large penis, party habits, personal hygiene (fat guys often look smelly even freshly showered), spending habits, but I was not bothered. I doubt anybody is, apart from the college jocks that think along the lines of "the more sex you get the better." Don't worry they will learn the truth later.

No one can make a good documentary about Ron Jeremy simply because I am not that interested in Ron Jeremy. He is on the run from the 9-2-5 - something that I am as well incidentally - but eventually it pulls us all back in. He has become institutionalised to porn - something that doesn't happen to female "talent" who usually burnout after about three years - and thinks that this is his natural home.

He can't go on forever, but I am sure he will find some niche as a producer, director or even a prop shifter. While I didn't feel sorry for him because he is in the sex business, I feel sorry for him because there is nothing in life that really makes him happy. The best he can come up with is cheap thrills - which are no substitute.

This film left me with a giant feeling of "so what." There is too much happening in the big wide world to care about one little man's struggle in his self-chosen little show-biz niche.

Ron is not a bad guy and he shows good manners, but he lives in a world where anyone will say or do anything for money - a world where even blonde teenage girls will say that they enjoy having sex with fat, sweaty, middle aged men on camera...
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Enjoyable, but ultimately very sad
dbborroughs22 August 2004
Stumbling upon this late last night on cable I decided to give it a go. This is the life of one of the longest surviving porn actors in the business.

Two things that struck me was that Ron seems like he's an extremely nice guy. He's the type of guy that you'd want at your party because he's so interested in having fun. The other thing that struck me was that despite the upbeat demeanor it was all terribly sad. Its not that the life is a bad thing, rather its simply that Ron is trying so hard to be "Ron - Superstar" and to break into mainstream movies that he's completely missed the chance of having anything approaching a what is considered a normal life, there is no girlfriend, wife or family, there is only the drive to be famous. You can sense the sadness in him, in talking about his girlfriends, the desire of kids. I also found it telling when he said that he looked for certain things at a party, and mentioned that food rated higher than women.

I liked the film, but was left both liking Ron more than before and being left clueless as to why we should care.

Definitely worth seeing

7 out of 10
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Humorous look at porn industry
Simba415 May 2004
I'm female, well-educated, mid-40s. I've seen maybe 3 dozen porn movies in my lifetime, and in my opinion, and apparently Ron Jeremy agrees with me, porn does not degrade women. Nor does it degrade men. These actors are well paid for what they do. Some women may do it because they can't get any other kind of work, but you could say the same thing about waiting tables or working fast-food. Anyway, I digress. This movie is a funny, behind-the-scenes peek into the business. Ron is a personable, self-deprecating man, who is driven to be somebody. Anybody. He just wants people to pay attention and to notice him. More than likely this drive resulted from his mother's sudden death when he was 10 years old. What a devastation that must have been to a young boy. So he grew up wanting the attention and adoration he probably didn't get enough of as a child. And he certainly has succeeded. As an actor who has appeared in over 1,500 x-rated films in his lifetime, Ron Jeremy has achieved cult status. His only wish is to make it into mainstream film and leave his past behind. He's had bit parts here and there, but the majority of mainstream Hollywood won't give him a chance because of the stigma he carries. This is his life. Don't watch this movie expecting to see graphic sex scenes because you'll be disappointed. You'll see nudity and even a few glimpses of Ron's 9 3/4" (his measurement, not mine) but that's about it. Mostly what you see is lots of interviews and clips about his life. It's worth a rental, especially if you are a fan of x-rated films or Jeremy himself. If you don't like nudity or porn, then skip this one.
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A fun look at a real character
FilmOtaku20 April 2004
Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy proves my point that you can always learn something from a documentary. I started watching this on a lark and figured it would be pretty mindless entertainment; and it was, but it was still fairly enjoyable. Scott Gill's documentary style wasn't anything ground breaking, rather it was pretty standard with straight interviews and photos. It was the subject who actually made this film as enjoyable as it was – as notorious as he is, he is actually pretty engaging at times, and it was interesting to see how a Jewish kid from New York who received a teaching degree eventually became a very unlikely porn star. His following is pretty rabid, and that's a good thing since he is full of self-promotion. What I thought would be a film solely worthy of a couple of eye rolls turned out to not be fantastic, but interesting nonetheless.

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Great entertainment
MichelleATX11 March 2004
Forget every pathetic, dreary porn documentary you've ever seen, this is Ron Jeremy we're talking about and it is as fun and interesting as the man himself. Yes, it's a great look the biz details and yes, there are the occasional glimpses of the body part that helped make Ron famous. But the real heart of this documentary is in the day-to-day look at a nice guy who got a really nice break in an unconventional profession. Ron isn't John Holmes with an arrest record and HIV-status; he isn't Annabelle Chong, whose family felt disgraced by her adult film work. Ron's family is proud and supportive and he's made some smart choices. Ron is what's good about the industry.

Highly recommend the DVD for it's deleted scenes, some of which are really funny. And if you ever have the opportunity to meet Ron, do so! He's great. (Although, ladies, his hands tend to wander when he's giving autographs....not that that was a bad thing...)
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There will never be another.
caspian19789 February 2004
Not only do most people have an interest in pornography, but they have an even bigger interest in the pornography industry. Movies like Boogie Nights and documentaries on John Holmes and now Ron Jeremy have become a crowd pleaser more times than one. The Legend of Ron Jeremy paints both a positive and negative look at the industry. What the industry was and what it has become has changed a lot. From when movies were shot on film to the cheaper and much more desired format of digital video. The respect of the industry has also changed, legend like Ron Jeremy have been treated like a King to small circles of devoted fans and sadly like a dime of dozen to other members of the industry. The ending is poetic with the statement that there will never be another Ron Jeremy. With such a vast list of amateur actors, the industry doesn't want or care to have professional actors like Ron Jeremy. The production value is great and Ron is Ron. While his legacy has made millions happy, others are left with the sad fact that Ron has become a metaphor for struggling actors that had a dream of making it big, no matter what the cost. God Bless Ron Jeremy
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For someone in the business this long, how come Ron can't get terms right?
hippiedj1 January 2004
Ron Jeremy has had a long (no pun intended), challenging career. Defying the odds of a regular joe getting so far in the porn industry is something to give him a lot of respect for.

Problem is, it's important when dealing with sex to know your terms, and his credibility went right out the window for me when he kept referring to an HIV test as an "AIDS test." After ALL these years, anyone with a lick of sense that has educated him/herself on the subjects of HIV and AIDS (especially if you're in the pornography business) should know that there is no such thing as an "AIDS test" --you test positive or negative for HIV! AIDS is a condition determined by other opportunistic infections and by the determination of a doctor. This problem is still going on and even journalists on the likes of 60 Minutes have misused the technical term, which in turn sensationalizes the word AIDS and in turn makes people fearful of taking an HIV test (thinking if they test positive, they automatically have AIDS). By testing, and if positive and getting early treatment, one can sustain a long life with having HIV and the possibility of not progressing to AIDS.

Ron Jeremy could do the world, particularly his fans who look up to him, a big favor by learning the correct terminology and therefore educating those who are sexually active (though it seems the party crowds he's done appearances at feel they aren't at risk, which is why the HIV problem is getting worse).

That said, the documentary is otherwise an informative and entertaining story. People have been too unkind by often referring to Ron as an unattractive, overly hairy man, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are many who consider someone who is quite hirsute to be the ultimate "bear" and it's a shame (and rather awkwardly funny) to see parts of his body shaved just to make him more "acceptable." I've seen several of his early porn films, and he was actually quite a strikingly good looking man -- these days, having men shaved from face to toes is all too common and makes things too biased. I know of many, many women that are sick of pretty smooth men, and of course there is a huge "bear" phenomenon in the gay community (gay life and looks are not really as TV shows like "Queer

Eye.." or "Queer As Folk" would have you believe). Of course, Ron's large endowment has guaranteed him a continuing career, but it's apparent from the beginning he had more about him that was appealing. Thank goodness the DVD includes deleted scenes that take us further into his life, like the particularly scary scenes involving his narcolepsy and him falling asleep on the freeway!

I respect Ron Jeremy, but he needs to become a bit more wise to the importance of using correct terms in the realm of HIV and AIDS. You'd be surprised how much folks could learn from him if he got it right, since they are such devout fans and feel they can relate to him.
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Ron is Just a Real Likable Guy
rwint20 December 2003
7 out of 10

It is rare when you can use the words cute, cuddly, and porn in the same sentence and yet this is definitely one of those times. This is one of those films that is very natural and honest and has a real feel good spirit to it. You can't help but like Ron Jeremy a man who has done over a thousand adult films and has had sex with some of the hottest women in the business. He is very self effacing and affable. He seems less like a film subject and more like a chum. He is somebody you could party with and have around as a pal.

The filmmakers show no intent at conveying any particular type of message. A wide variety of things are shown. Everything from his background, his childhood, his costars, his hobbies, his family, and of course his many adoring fans are seen. The approach is objective with the porn scene shown in a very matter of fact way. It also takes a look at the stressful side of being a male performer. In particular are the methods they use to gain erections and then sustain them for long periods.

This is a film that can be fun even for those who don't like porn. Ron is certainly an original and nothing like what you might expect a porn star to be. He is intelligent, out of shape, and has a very warm relationship with his family. He also takes his job quite seriously and even considers what he does as true acting. He is very opinionated about this. Depending on your point of view you may find this either intriguing or just highly amusing.

Some of the best parts are the deleted scenes, which you can find on the DVD version. The part where he hugs a tree that was planted the same day he was born is both goofy and memorable. He is shown to be a very good pianist and also tells of a rather arousing 'Lolita' story. The deleted scenes also shows more of his father who is fun to listen too and has a real nice 'old man' charm.

Like the man himself this is fast, funny, and offbeat. It has a very humanistic approach and doesn't stay on anything too sordid. It can be enjoyed equally both by those who like porn and those that don't.
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Biggest Porn Star in the World
mrchaos335 July 2003
Ron Jeremy is the biggest (wink wink, nudge nudge) porn star in the world. With over 1600 adult films to his credit, Jeremy has been working in the adult film business for nearly a quarter of a century. One would expect a documentary about his life to be salacious sleazy stuff and while Porn Star does have elements of baseness (how could it not?) it chooses to focus on Ron Jeremy the man, not the movie stud. We learn that he holds a Master Degree in special education, and was once a teacher. All his friends talk about his legendary cheapness. Jeremy is very open in front of the camera, sometimes almost too much so. He can be a charming guy when he wants to, but there is an air of desperation that bleeds through his well constructed public persona. Director Scott J. Gill humanizes Jeremy and somehow makes you feel pity for a man who says he has slept with over 4000 women.
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Ron is a lonely man
macabro35728 April 2003
Imagine the most popular male porn star in the world being lonely and sad and you'll find Ron Jeremy. At least that's what I sense when viewing this film. Underneath all the hedonism and gaiety is a man who's dream of being a legitimate actor in Hollywood, goes unfulfilled. And it shows, too.

I wanted to laugh at this film, I really did, but I just couldn't do it knowing that he seems to be one of the loneliest guys on the planet. And I don't care how many women he's balled.

It seems the nature of the (porn) business doesn't allow for people to have meaningful relationships, and Ron is a perfect example of this. He knows he's getting up there in age. He knows he'll have to leave someday, so at least he has a plan, unlike most of the other victims who had a big time in the industry, only to see it all come crashing down.

It's a well-done documentary that isn't tasteless. It could of been, but it wisely isn't.

7 out of 10
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Interesting film, far surpassing Sex:Annabel Chong and Girl next door....
ari24 October 2002
Pornstar premiered in Iceland on the 24th of October 2002 (sponsored by a film club trying to promote "different" films). What´s more, Ron Jeremy himself made his way to Iceland to attend the event, answering questions from the audience and taking the time to meet anybody who wished it. The film was shown in the nations largest movie theater, seating 1000, and was sold out a week in advance! So how was the film itself? Well, pretty good actually. Enjoyable fun, showing Ron Jeremy as a person, often not flattering, but seeming all the more real for it. We see a man who is happy to do what he does, but not quite satisfied by it.

The film was in all respects a more enjoyable watch than both "Sex: the Annabel Chong story" and "Girl next door" with Stacy Valentine. Both aforementioned films try to glorify the industry, and the persons represented in the films. Although Pornstar seems to be in part a tribute to Ron Jeremy, it does not glorify him as a pornstar, but rather as a regular joe (which is of course part of his appeal). Some parts of the film could have been edited, as it lost its pace around three quarters through, and more attention could have been given to Ron´s "legit" film appearances. Apart from those minor niggles, quite enjoyable, funny and shows Ron Jeremy as a insecure man with a HUGE need for attention. Best of all, he signed my favourite t-shirt ;)
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A poor fellow?
LeRoyMarko27 July 2002
Good documentary, hilarious at times, about Ron Jeremy, the famous star of X-rated films. The king of them all! Under the hairy appearance, we discover a guy who just wants to be the center of the attention. Funny and sad when the documentary reveals his trip to France to play a small bit in a low-budget film.

You don't need to be a X-rated films buff to enjoy this one. Of course, it helps to know who's Ron Jeremy, but I'm pretty confident that most of us know.

Out of 100, I gave it 79. That's good for *** out of ****.

Seen at the Paradise Cinema, in Toronto, on April 29th, 2002.
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Interesting without getting it's hands dirty
bob the moo28 May 2002
A documentary looking into the up bringing, family, career and future dreams of porn star Ron Jeremy. It uses old footage, interviews and clips from his films to show a guy who wants to be centre of attention and be talked about.

This documentary is not one of the type I usually like to watch relating to porn. I usually like the ones that are done by people from outside – it tends to be less airbrushed! For example everyone should check out Channel 4's Hardcore (UK) it's an excellent documentary and will make it harder to get turned on next time you're watching porn. However this is more of a human interest story that a documentary – it's like those polished celeb features you see sometimes where a little bit of bad or unfortunate stuff is wheeled out, but not much. So we naturally have lots of porn celebs being interviewed as well as family and lots with Jeremy himself.

However this is all still interesting – after all, how can you not be interested in a man who is one of the most famous males in porn for decades despite looking like a slob! But it does go beyond just the surface – we start with the idea that Jeremy is a pretty nice guy (not anywhere near as arrogant as you'd expect for a guy who gets sex so much!). But during the film little things come out – he is insecure, he wants to be the centre of things and maybe has too much importance put on himself.

I did feel disappointed that it didn't push deeper when Jeremy was vulnerable. At times you can see sadness and hurt just behind his eyes but the director doesn't move at these times – instead the hurt is only really referred to in voiceovers by the narrator or by other people. It felt at times that the film was helping Jeremy to get exposure without actually letting us inside his character.

However overall I enjoyed it. There is some nudity but it doesn't use the porn footage for titillation – instead most of the porn footage is old dialogue scenes. If you hate porn then this will be too glossy for your taste – but if you like it or just leave it alone then you should get something out of this.
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