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Entertainment Weekly
In the scurrilously enjoyable documentary Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy, we get to know the man whom Al Goldstein dubbed ''the hedgehog of porn."
The portrait drawn by this film is of a man loved and/or respected by nearly all that have known him.
San Francisco Chronicle
A lively, ultimately sad portrait.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Now in his late 40s and hairier than ever, Jeremy seems a simple enough, likable guy, and he has no pretensions about what he does. And no apologies either.
Captures a shadowy scene.
Chicago Tribune
Too full of worship and the culture of celebrity to ever pose the questions that should be asked.
Miami Herald
The result is less an examination of the porn industry than it is a portrait of Jeremy's own humanity, with all its quirks and eccentricities.
New York Post
It's a lumpy and disorganized film that remains unsatisfying, perhaps because the fundamental oddness of having sex in public for money as a way of life remains just as mysterious at the end of the film as in the beginning.
Though generally sympathetic, the film manages (without stooping to clichéd moralizing) to suggest that being Ron Jeremy isn't the non-stop paradise his fans imagine.
New York Daily News
This documentary doesn't probe too deeply, and it presupposes that there is a general interest in Jeremy commensurate with his Q rating among the porn-renting public.

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