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One of the most clever, most enjoyable historical fantasies to hit screens in a long time, The Emperor's New Clothes is a sumptuous showcase for Ian Holm, who delivers not one but two great performances.
Baltimore Sun
It's sometimes said that the greatest test of a chef is cooking something cheap and simple, like a piece of chicken or a hamburger. In a movie that testifies to simple pleasures, Taylor and company pass that test again and again.
Chicago Sun-Times
Surprisingly sweet and gentle comedy.
Entertainment Weekly
It's a royal, finely modulated double performance by an actor who always wears his powers with graceful modesty.
The result is a genre-bending yarn, an entertaining mix of period drama and flat-out farce that should please history fans.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Touching historical fantasy.
New York Daily News
In a hilarious bit of actorly sleight-of-hand, Holm (who is not new to the role of Napoleon, having it played it twice before) slips effortlessly from emperor to impostor.
Taylor's approach to this material -- mixing occasional humor with undemanding drama -- works well enough that we don't care about the logical inconsistencies and plot holes. To that end, The Emperor's New Clothes ends up as a pleasant diversion.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Has a refreshingly different twist: What we have here is a "what if" comedy.
Miami Herald
Mildly engaging.
Wall Street Journal
The blithely dishonest script would have us believe that the real Napoleon can't prove his identity when the fake Napoleon refuses to come clean. Not only is that patent nonsense, it's cockeyed dramaturgy.

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