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Psychological Study
tomteboda10 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The strength of this film is not in its wit, acting, or scenery. This film shines by giving insight into the quirkiness of dating and the psychology of people who don't really understand themselves when they get with other people.

Lucy is a stiff-mannered ragdoll. She's constrained by good manners to not put people down, but she can't own up to her own feelings even when they hit her in the face. She fails repeatedly to draw firm lines with men, despite (as another reviewer noted) their obnoxious bad behavior (and in one case returns the favor to another date). Being an uplifting comedy, the movie ends with Lucy finally finding "Mr. Right", who accepts her as-is, and who she can accept for who he is.

The charm of Lucy's character rests in her willingness to see the best in other people. Although one date seems brash and self-absorbed, she sticks it out far enough with him to establish a friendship. On the other hand, this trait leads to her entanglement with exactly the wrong sort of man, despite his blatant disregard for her on multiple occasions.

Lucy is a complex woman, and her dates are complex men. For a short film, this story managed to convey a depth of character rarely seen in the genre. I recommend it to the introspective and people-watchers, but not to folks looking for a pat-story.
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I'm With Lucy - one of my favorites
This is just a gem of a movie. I think I fell in love the film, its characters and its writer when Lucy is serenaded by one of her potential suitors. The song, True by Spandau Ballet.

There are a couple versions of this film out there. I believe the one which is aired on cable television is superior to that which is included on the DVD. The layout affects how you are able to process the five suitor's relationship to our main character, Lucy (Potter).

Some genuinely "easy-to-hate" performances are turned in by the actors, others are more endearing. Admittedly, this is a chick flick in every sense, but a little part of me rejoices every time I see it. This movie is for everyone who's been in that awkward place of hopeful, fearful, dating, committed, separated, broken-up, testing the waters, and settled, all at once.

I'm With Lucy proves we're all just a little neurotic when it comes to love.
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Extremely Underrated Romantic Comedy
juanita8 July 2008
My low expectations were surprisingly rewarded with what turned out to be a jewel of film that I had never heard of. There are very few modern romances that appeal to me in this day and age. At the beginning of I'm With Lucy my skepticism seemed to be on target. A highly unlikely setup with our heroine, played by Monica Potter, being dismissively dumped by a creep of a boyfriend, Craig Bierko, in a public elevator and eventually setting out on five blind dates in search of the right, if not perfect man. But slowly as each scenario played out and I got to know not only each of the men she dates (John Hannah, Gael Garcia Bernal, Anthony La Paglia, Henry Thomas and David Boreanaz) as well as Lucy, I was totally won over. By the time that Lucy married one her blind dates at the end of the film, I'd found something that I've missed during the usual attempts at melding comedy and romance in today's movie market, a real warmth in the story that was told, and an appreciation for most, if not all the characters in the film. We actually experienced Lucy's growth in awareness and self knowledge. The cast was wonderful, and I'm not just thinking of the five male dates and Monica Potter, Julie Christie and Harold Ramis as Lucy's embarrassingly informative parents were spot on. If for some reason you haven't seen this film yet, please give it a try. It truly deserves real consideration given the fact that it had little or no theatrical release and a very skimpy and unannounced DVD release here in the US, although the British release does include cast interviews which are not found on the US release.
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I love Lucy! It's intelligent and romantic, Potter is a delight
Amy Adler10 July 2007
Lucy (Monica Potter) has just been dumped in an ELEVATOR...in front of a group of people! Only moments before, she told a friend that she thought this guy was the one. Men stink, don't they? Well, not all, read on. After an appropriate mourning period, she goes out with five men. One is a blind date (John Hannah) and Lucy is so nervous, she is tipsy by the time he arrives. Sparks don't fly. Another pal sets her up with Bobby (Anthony LaPaglia), a full-of-himself ballplayer who wants her to cook him dinner, not take him to a Vivaldi concert. Other dates include a hot Latin gardener, a handsome doctor, and a shy businessman (Henry Thomas). Will Lucy fall for any of these guys? This is one of those romantic comedies that sports the whole package. It has good looking stars, an intelligent and funny script, great costumes, nice settings and more. Julie Christie and Harold Ramis make a nice appearance as Lucy's parents, too. Best of all, the movie has a very imaginative format, alternating and interspersing clips of Lucy's five encounters until, finally, the film comes to a happy ending. In short, its romcom heaven time for all of the genre's fans....and even for those who aren't. Few people will be able to resist Lucy's charms so order up a copy today.
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I didn't think I could get too much of Potter until...
George Parker5 November 2002
"I'm With Lucy", with Potter (Lucy) in every scene as an available NYC single who's dating five guys, goes round and round showing Potter in select situations with each of her suitors until - drum roll, please - she finally picks one...taa-daa! Rambling on and on sans story with a tad too much of the beautiful, wide-eyed, ever innocent and always tentative Potter, "....Lucy" begins to wear itself out for lack of a real story and real depth of character. A cute flick which gets a little too fluffy and sappy, "....Lucy" should make an okay watch for incurable romantics and Potter fans. (C)
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Why would anyone want to be with Lucy?
smokingjas26 April 2005
Lucy is quite unsympathetic, messed up and a total nag. She has her moments, but I didn't understand nor did I believe that any of the men could be bothered dating here more than once except maybe for the sex. The script is ultra thin, making it one of those pictures that stands or falls with the performance of the lead. Lucy is played by Monica Potter, who couldn't make me care one iota about Lucy. She reminded me of all the spoiled, obnoxious girls you avoided like the plague in college. So what's left? Fine performances, well, more like cameos really, by LaPaglia, Hannah and Thomas and Julie Christie does a strange turn as a Jewish mother. Yes, that's right. Garcia Bernal and Boreanaz are wasted, especially Garcia Bernal. Pass on this one.
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Interesting Concept, Bad Execution
beatrice5139815 July 2003
I loved Monica Potter in 'The Very Thought of You,' and was excited to see this 2002 romantic comedy starring the actress. Like 'The Very Thought of You,' 'I'm With Lucy' has a wacky premise: show the audience five different guys' dates with one girl, and hint that she'll marry one of them before the movie's over. It almost sounds like a concept for a reality show, and maybe it would have made a better tv show than a movie.

The storytelling mechanism (a little snippet of each of the five dates, then the cycle begins again) is gutsy, and I was intrigued by the idea. However, somewhere during all those dates, we lose track of who Lucy really is... She's drunk in one, and in all the others, seems strangely affected by the man she's with. She's a bit too chameleon-like for me to relate to, I guess.

The guys are all interesting... I especially liked John Hannah as Doug, though I may be biased since I adored him in Sliding Doors. The others are good, nothing horrible about their performances.

I think the main problem was the script. I kept cringing at the lines, which made the actors appear as if they were trying so hard to make this movie work that they didn't have any fun. But, as I was reminded by someone the other day, good actors can't save a movie -- they can only elevate it. I think Monica Potter and the other's elevated 'I'm With Lucy', but alas, they couldn't save it.

I do look forward to Monica's next foray into the genre. She can be fun to watch if given the right script and support.
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a sweet story
guppyjaja14 September 2002
It looks like any other American romantic movies like those of Julia Roberts (Notting Hill) or Meg Ryan (you've got mail) but the story is a little bit original and we don't get lost at all! We expect the end but seeing this movie remains a time well-spent. Monica Potter deserves to be more famous. 7/10
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My personal opinion
patriciatobin484 April 2005
I bought this DVD because I am a huge fan of David Boreanaz and found it quite entertaining and a pleasant surprise. Monica Potter is a good actress but I didn't feel she was powerful enough for this film. The male actors were all very good and the idea behind the film was good but it lacked cohesion. David was, as always, excellent but as with the other actors, their potential characters were not explored enough. However it was a pleasant light-hearted little film which did not discredit any of the actors. However, unfortunately this is a film which will be seen by a limited audience. I think it would be a good made-for-TV movie rather than the cinema. As a David Boreanaz fan I would prefer him to have meatier roles than these pretty-boy roles he seems to have been offered. The man is an accomplished actor who can do action, romantic and tragic roles and I'd like to see him in more productive parts. Anthony LaPaglia as always was a joy to watch.
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cute story
kclynne1830 March 2003
I just went out and saw "I'm with Lucy" and to be honest it was more than I expected it to be. I was thinking it was just going to be another typical chick flick, but this one was different.

It follows Lucy, who has just been dumped by her boyfriend in an elevator (with other people around), and is trying to move on with her life. So, she goes out on 5 blind dates over the course of so long. A year I think.

Date 1: Doug, an antamologist. Lucy doesn't want to go on a blind date so she locks herself in her bathroom drunk until her sister boots her out.

Date 2: Gabriel, a play write. There is such a physical attraction between the two that they start to kiss.

Date 3: Bobby, a baseball player for the Mets. He comes on too agressive that Lucy doesn't like.

Date 4: Barry, a Software Co. owner who is a major geek. But in a charming way.

Date 5: Luke, a doctor/ physical therapist, who is smart, handsome, and seems flawless.

Over the course of the movie, it follows Lucy's first date with each of these guys and at the end she marries one of them. Can you guess which?

Originally I only rented this movie becasue I am a HUGE David Boreanaz fan and I was pleasently surprised with his character and his portrayal of Luke. I was also very pleasently surprised with the movie itself. Monica Potter and the rest of the cast did an amazing job! Go rent this if you need a up lifting self movie! It lifted my spirits for the night!
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