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Lindsay Drew Gets A Clue
bkoganbing15 January 2009
For this Disney Channel television movie Get A Clue, Lindsay Lohan turns Nancy Drew in everything, but name to solve the mystery of her disappearing teacher. Turns out that the teacher has a mysterious past, Ian Gomez used to be a high profile banker who was accused of embezzling ten million dollars from a bank he worked for in Arizona and has been living under an alias and teaching at a fashionable prep school where Lindsay goes. Gomez is also carrying on a romance with fellow teacher Amanda Plummer.

But when Lindsay publishes an article in the school newspaper with his picture, somehow it comes to the attention of the police and other folks seeking to know Gomez's whereabouts.

When Gomez fakes his death and disappears, Lindsay and her friends don't believe it and the four of them, Brenda Song, Bug Hall, and Ali Mukaddam go on the case. It's amazing that the kids seem to be one step ahead of the cops and the other seekers through creative use of the internet. Doesn't say much for New York's finest.

Get A Clue is an amusing teen comedy that has its moments. It's not the best work that the Magic Kingdom ever did nor is it the top tier of Lindsay Lohan's work.
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The Innocence of Lindsay Lohan
BigSoulDiva18 July 2006
The short of the long of it Get a Clue is a terrible movie. The direction, acting, and everything else looks like it was done by 8th graders doing a video for their history project. The film still manages to be some what enjoyable at the fact that it is a fluffy little Disney Channel Original Movie and slapped with that title takes all the credibility away from it instantly. The plot follows Lexy Gold(Lindsay Lohan) a wealthy 13 year old living in New York and attending the exclusive Milington Prep Academy. When her teacher goes missing and is suspected to be murdered her and her friends go on the case to discover the "SHOCKING" truth. The ultimate truth is far from shocking or believable. The most enjoyable part of this movie seeing Lindsay Lohan in her pre Mean Girls days, in this movie she has a certain Innocent quality that has now rubbed off now that she is Hollwood's "it" girl.
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If you think all Disney Channel movies aren't worth watching, get a clue!
J-Dogg29 June 2002
I'm not really big on the Disney TV movies, especially when they stoop down to those who are pre-teens (as a 23 year old, it kinda insults my intelligence). Maybe it had to do with Lindsay Lohan, who did a really great job in the Parent Trap. Anyway, as I sat there and watched it, I became hooked on it. It probably had something to do with the plot dealing with investigative journalism, and me being a Journalism/Mass Comm major here at Iowa State. Anyway, I think one of the best things they did in Get a Clue was they kept the plot simple. Sure, they didn't let on what has actually happened, but revealing everything was timely. While it was a little cheezy and corny (to be expected from Disney), it was not all that predictable. It had a little of everything: action; suspense; mystery; comedy; and just a touch of kiddy-romance. The actors all did an incredible job in this movie. It's just too bad Lindsay isn't 5 years older - that would put her age in my ballpark and then she could be thought of as all of the other actresses of our generation are thought of! 9 out of 10
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An overall cute movie
Here_Comes_The_Sun28 June 2002
A typical disney channel original movie.A rich girl named Lexy Gold is an advice columnist for her school newspaper. She enters a story about the friendship between two teachers from her school and enters it to The Daily Examiner. Then one of the teachers disappears, and her and her friends try to find out what happened to him. In my opinion, it's kind of unbelievable how EVERY student in her school dresses like a fashion model. But it was fun to see Alfalfa ( Bug Hall ) again. **** stars out of *****.
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Definitely for the young ones
Robert W.5 June 2005
Disney has probably always aimed for a certain demographic but they have a habit of appealing to everyone at once rather by accident or on purpose. Get a Clue which starred the not yet famous, Post Parent Trap Lindsay Lohan falls into the enormously successful Lizzie McGuire, That's So Raven rage of the current youngsters.

Get A Clue is the story of upper side New York's Lexy Gold. Daughter of rather wealthy parents and student at an upper class Private School. She happens upon some juicy gossip when she discovers two of her teachers are having a love affair and she catches them on camera and prints a story about it. The story is picked up by a major newspaper and awards Lexy with a young Journalism award but unfortunately the story causes a stir within the school and with the two teachers involved. Next thing everyone knows, Mr. Walker, the male counterpart of the relationship has disappeared and people are beginning to presume him dead. Detectives are snooping around and Lexy is determined to do some detective work on her own to help find Mr. Walker. What she uncovers with the help of her best friend and two unlikely male allies is a mystery of embezzlement and mistaken identities.

Consider it a modern day version of Nancy Drew. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Disney intended this to be a regular TV Series, with it's general set up and premise. It's a detective show for kids. Mix Murder She Wrote with Clueless and you'll have what it's about. Clueless is stamped all over this despite the title of the film. The downside is the acting is HORRENDOUS...frightening even. Lindsay Lohan doesn't even show any redeeming acting qualities in this film. But for what it's worth which is a KIDS mystery film it's alright. It won't hurt you too badly to watch it with your kids and it has some moral messages thrown in for good measure. Even for Lohan fans, it's not horrible but you won't be blown away by any means. 5/10
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Must See...
disneystarsonline28 June 2002
This Disney Channel Original Movie started out silly. Like a kiddie soap opera. But 20 some minutes later.... It became a mystery! Now it makes sense why this movie was delayed from Jan.2002 to June 2002 along with Kim Possible....

Like Kim Possible , Lexi is an oridinary teen girl who well thinks she knows everything..but shes not a superhero.. Later she takes the case as her own to find the truth!

I wont give away anything because you have to see this, Its not the type of movie you want to spoil for someone!

Have fun watching!
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Very short, very fast paced, but very fun
I don't know if it was because the film was so good the time flew past, or just the pace of the storyline got me engrossed, but Get A Clue seemed to be shorter than a lot of Disney TV movies. However, the script was well wrote that length didn't matter, because the content was pretty good.

Having missed the first ten minutes, I didn't quite understand Lindsay Lohan and Brenda Song's characters, but however they were supposed to be, they played the part well. Bug Hall was a good actor too, and the chemistry between him and Lohan was brilliant.

The ending seemed a little premature though, as if it wasn't really thought through. All in all, however, this is a good film, but I'd mainly recommend it if you're a Lindsay fan.
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dumb, dumb, dumb!!!
hjc10118919 July 2002
Let's just put it this way, the acting was poor, the script was lame and the casting was horrible. It contained lines coming out of the mouths of 12 year old like, "isn't that just the bees knees?" Don't even bother watching this movie, it's a waste of time. I give it a 1/10
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Great family movie
rscampb29 June 2002
Finally a good movie that the entire family can watch together. Being a typical Disney movie it has a good blend of suspense, action and comedy, but it won't scare the little kids or bore the older ones. For the adults, that remember, Lindsay Lohan is reminiscent of Hayley Mills when she was with Disney. Walt would be pleased with this movie and it's star.
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This movie was great!!
mandyrox17 December 2005
This movie is great for young teenager girls who like mysteries. It is about a 12 year old girl,Lexy Gold, who comes from a rich family. Her dad is a newspaper reporter and she picks up the gift and writes an article about two of her teachers. The next day one of the teachers goes missing and Lexy and her friends decide to investigate the case. There is a weird twist to the end of this movie but it is pretty good. I don't think that they should've made the kids 12 because they don't look that young and they don't act that young. Also,I think the two girls have too much attitude to be 12. Overall, I recommend this movie to young girls who like humor mysteries.
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1 of Lindsay's best movies
Sarah DeNunzio7 November 2005
I have to admit... Lindsay Lohan was pretty cool in this movie and I was a little confused with it. She starts out as a teenage girl, Lexy who loves mysteries, and she gets involved in a mystery involving her teacher Mr. Walker. Her friend Jack is one of the really key characters. Lexy spends a lot of time with Jack and over the process develops a crush on him. She even kisses him after he saves her in a boiler room. The mystery gets very confusing when you find out Mr. Walker's secret about his past. Then everything unfolds and it is shocking a I love the ending. I recommend this movie for people who love comedy and mystery movies!
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oh man...what trash
Sunshine14clr17 December 2002
where to begin......shallow, materialistic characters who live on madison avenue, awful storyline, terrible acting, and awful EVERYTHING. this piece of crap isn't even worthy to be called a movie. how can a bunch of naive twelve year old kids solve a NYC mystery? even police have trouble with solving this type of stuff!! people....its ok to fictionalize things a little bit, but not to this extent. all they talk about is their latest sense of intelligence whatsoever. people....this is not something thats good for your intelligence!! skip this trash. 1 out of 10
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One Of Zoog's Best
mrmiscellanious1 July 2002
This is definitely one of the best Zoog Movies. It's about a reporter's daughter (Lexy) who walks in his footsteps to become a reporter herself. She writes a gossip column in her school newspaper and has had an article published in a New York newspaper. The article is about two of her teachers having romantic ties. After learning that one of her teachers has switched their identity for protection, Lexy and her friends plan a plot to capture the person who is blackmailing their teacher. Great Spy Movie. 8/10.
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Get a Clue is...
Cutelizzy19 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
When I first saw it, I thought, hey this movie is pretty cool, but then I kept watching it over and over again and it got, well, more annoying. I only like it because Lindsay Lohan is starring in it. I don't really think every kid in New York dresses so trendily. Anyway, Get a Clue would be a bit better if they got different actors. The movie was supposed to be comedy, but I didn't think it was that funny. Like, when everyone was coming in the hotel and chasing everyone, it wasn't that funny, and in the beginning when Lexy woke up and touched the side of her mouth where she had drooled the night before and then wiped some of it away with her hand with a disgusted look, it wasn't that funny either. I don't really think Lexy is spoiled, but I might in real life.
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Loved It!!!!!
gajax_1313 June 2006
This movie was great!Although it is quite impossible for four PRE-teens to solve a mystery that couldn't be solved by even the detectives who were on the case,I liked it because of the discussions on fashion between Lexy(Linsay Lohan)and Jennifer(Brenda Song),Lexy's best friend.Lexy,a budding journalist from Millington Preparotary School(located at Manhattan),who happened to be a very wealthy student with great fashion sense like everyone else at her school(like me...hehehe!!!-I am very materialistic,according to everyone who knows me),was honored by having her article scanned and published in the Daily Examiner.However,the next day her teacher goes missing and now she thinks that she had something to do with her teacher's,Mr.Orlando Walker,disappearance.So together with her fellow wealthy fashion buff,Jennifer,another friend,Gabe(Ali Mukkadam) who is obsessed with photography who is also rich,and her underprivileged rival,Jack(Bug Hall), crack the case.The details would flip anyone who sees this movie! The question,"So what exactly happened?",would be popping in your mind till the end of the movie!So,I shall give this movie 10 STARS!!!
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Better Than Average Disney TV Movie
Man9920410 June 2016
This is a better than average Disney TV. The leads, Lindsey Lohan and Bug Hall, can actually act. There actually IS a plot, and the minimal level of "contrived perkiness" will make the film more palatable to Adult viewers.

On the positive side, there are NO superheroes in the entire film, and no overly caffeinated High Schoolers pretending to be Pop Stars. IT makes for a refreshing change of pace from the more modern Disney films.

This is not High Quality Entertainment, but it is an entertaining little film which you can watch with your family and not be disturbed by the content.
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young Lindsay Lohan not a good movie
SnoopyStyle2 September 2013
Lexy Gold (Lindsay Lohan) is a privileged twelve year old who has spent her entire life amongst the wealthy and elite of Manhattan. Clad in Prada, she prides herself on her ability to get the scoop and serve it up in her school's gossip column. When a photo she has taken of her teachers is published in the city's daily paper, things start getting weird and a teacher (Ian Gomez) goes missing. Bug Hall is the competing reporter. Brenda Song is her best friend. They form a group to investigate the mysterious teacher disappearance.

This is a Disney movie that's a cross between Scooby Doo and Nancy Drew except more silly and juvenile. It isn't young Lindsay's best film although not really her fault.
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Not Lindsay's Best
brightlilchica4 May 2003
Lindsay turned all pretty and everything, but she used no expression in her voice. After seeing her spectacular performances in The Parent Trap, Life Size, and Bette, I assumed that this would be a good addition to her talent. Unfortunately, it wasn't. Hopefully Freaky Friday will make up for this loss.
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what i think of the movie
roses4you19859 April 2004
i like this movie it was very good, but i think lindsay lohan trys too hard in her movies. she does look like she gives all she can to her movies. bug hall is a great actor and i love every movie of his that i have seen and cant wait to see him in his next flim. i love the whole mystery that was going on in the movie and i love the romance that was happing between lexy gold and jack downey. i hope to see a squeal to this movie about another mystery and a little more romance between jack and lexy. i love how lexy really got into her mystrey and how in the end she learned it wasnt bout fashion and boys. i think she learn a lot in this movie and was more open to doing things that she would have considered gross before.
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Boring snooze fest
Loreanae24 December 2003
I find that this movie was very boring, and not creative, as most movies by the Disney Channel are. Lindsay Lohan should stick to a more creative script, as she has the talent to 'really become something.' I really couldn't stand this movie. It was a total waste of my time.
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jface510 August 2002
This is quite possibly the worst of all the Disney Channel Original Movies. I could fill pages and pages just listing all its flaws, mistakes, and plot holes. I fear the school were Lindsay Lohan would be that popular. The acting is just horrible. The villain is no smarter than the average five-year old child. I wonder how these people could say their dialogue while keeping a straight face. The movie steals from everything, from THE RIGHT STUFF to CLUELESS. If you wish to watch a good Disney Channel Original Movie, try HOUNDED or THE PHANTOM OF THE MEGAPLEX. The only reason anyone would watch this is to get a bunch of laughs from the immense stupidity of all the adults, who must have had their brains removed. For kids, maybe this is passable entertainment. For adults, you need to look elsewhere.
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ok movie
SpOrTzFaNaTiC12226 December 2002
I have just watched this movie and im going to have to sound a little harsh but oh well.This movie would of done better WITHOUT Lindsay Lohan.She was bad in this movie.The only reason worth watching it is because Bug Hall,he is cute but a wayyyy better actor then Lohan.I mean first of all why did they make them 12 yr olds! it would of made a little more sense if they were at least 15.I mean what kidna 12 yr olds can solve a mystery like that?And LIndsay and Brendas characters how dumb.All they cared about were boys,clothes,money mand oh yeah themselves.(much like LIndsay Lohan acts anyways.) This movie i would have to give it a 5 outta 10 for at least putting Bug in it.And trying.
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evilauraaa10 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I usually love Disney original movies. But this one is by far the worst movie i've ever seen! The acting was horrible, I couldn't stop shaking my head when I was watching it, and the plot was way too weak. I kept rolling my eyes trough out the whole movie. Like, who would put a super expensive piece of jewelry in a paper bag? and LOST IT like that? Honestly, it gave me headaches. And when Lexy's bracelet was stuck, she could've just taken it off... I don't know, maybe I would've loved it if I had watched it when I was 12? Lindsay Lohan's acting was so awkward it actually surprised me, it's like she was just reading out the lines instead of acting. Totally disappointed.
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TheLittleSongbird15 June 2009
I usually like this sort of film(I loved Clueless), but this is an example of a movie that had potential, but because of its problems, dives like a nailed duck. I do like Lindsey Lohan, and I like Mean Girls and Freaky Friday, and I will say her enthusiastic performance is one of the redeeming qualities of a movie that is only passable in terms of delivery. She is well-supported by her spirited co-stars that are eager to please, and I liked the clothes. However the film is let down by a script that feels at the end that it's run out of ideas, and as much as I liked the idea of the story, I do think the director tried to cram too much into one film, that is too short anyway. The result is a film that tries very hard, but at the end of the day, is only passable, and is further disadvantaged by a predictable ending. 4/10 Bethany Cox.
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panetojust18 January 2009
GET A CLUE. OK are you kidding me?! i love this movie. all the high tech spy gear, the mystery, the crime! it is a great movie, especially for little children, that watch movies like this! i think that the acting is good. i used to LOVE watching this movie when i was a little child, and now my little 5 year old sister likes it.This movie make children smile and makes them have an ambition to go for what they believe in. it sends a good message. Disney channel did a great job creating this movie. so what if it takes place in NYC and that children shouldn't be able to solve cases like this, its a Disney channel movie, not made for adult that want to criticize it. so i don't know what you're talking about but this movie is amazing.
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