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Earth vs. the Spider
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15 out of 19 people found the following review useful:

This is *NOT* a spiderman rip-off! (Spoiler warning)

Author: willywants
21 February 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Before I begin my analysis, I would like to point out this is not a spiderman rip-off as it was released before spiderman trailers even came to the screen.That said, on with the review:

PLOT:A shy, obsessive comic book fan gets injected with an experimental serum of a lab that is studying how to give humans the abilities of spiders. At first he develops minor abilities such as increased strength, which allows him to fight local criminals and bullies, thus living out his dream of being a superhero, and impressing his attractive next-door neighbor. Things start to get more odd when he is able to shoot webs out of his abdomen. Then he loses control over the force with which he applies his increasingly deadly abilities, as well as his judgment to discern between criminals and jokesters. His dream becomes a nightmare when he starts growing large spider body parts, he's in constant pain, and he develops a nearly insatiable hunger. A detective with a traumatized wife begins investigating when bodies covered in cobwebs and spider venom start piling up.

DIRECTING: 7.5/10- The directing and editing for this type of film are top-notch. The production values and cinematography are top of the line and create a almost dream-like world. It's nothing super-stylish, but it is still fits the bill nicely.

WRITING: 5.5/10- The script comes across okay, but there are still a few cheesy lines here and there and the characters aren't all that realistic......

ACTING: 6/10- Dan Ackroyd comes across best, all the other cast members are fine and Devon Gummersall who plays Quenton is good as the ever mutating spider-monster.

GORE: 6/10- This film isn't gore driven, but it has some nice moments here and there. Victims get there blood drained, leaving mummy-like bodies, a guy gets flung across a hall and has his neck snapped, and more. The gore isn't graphic, and squeamish or faint of heart viewers won't have to turn away too much.

MONSTERS: We get the "Quentin arachnid" in many forms. He starts out like a deformed person i.e. the elephant man, and rapidly becomes a "Predator"-like monster with spider legs, etc. it's a damn cool monster, as cool as I could ask for from a made-for-cable film.

SPECIAL EFFECTS: 8.5/10- Special effects mastero Stan Winston delivers terrific creature effects and one but-ugly monster! Great work on the final stage of the transformation, too.

SOUNDTRACK:5/10- We get some groovy Jazz tunes, but nothing memorable.

FINAL VERDICT: "Earth vs. the spider" is a fun monster film/above average made-for-cable flick. Decent acting, solid production values, great monster, fun movie. I really enjoyed it and theres a funny in-joke at the very end.

My rating for "Earth vs. the spiders"--7/10.

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15 out of 21 people found the following review useful:

Spidey gone completely wrong

Author: lucifer_1981 from India
24 April 2004

I should say i caught this little piece of gem the other day on tv and this tv movie was quite impressive.To begin with we have this kid who loses his job as a security officer at a research lab as he screws up a bust up by a bunch of crooks .To top it the kid injects himself with some potion say xxx which has something to do with spiders .So this kid will he become a super hero or some thing very sinister? thats for u to watch mucho. And well we have Dan akroyd as the investigating officer,and he gives a good performance.The movie builds upon the premise which we all dreamt when we were kids "to be a super hero with that special powers in order to save the world, save the girl and save the day". Quite a little neat movie i give it 4 otta 5.Have a good day.

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9 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

echoes of greatness...

Author: joshlemli from Illinois, USA
23 June 2005

This may not be the best film ever, but the writing and direction manages to be fresh around every bend. You'd expect lots of dumb noise-swell scares, cheesy one-liners, etc, but you'll find none of that here. Good old fashioned horror is alive and well here, and although this movie isn't the most involved or beautiful film you'll ever see, give it a chance.

The direction and cinematography is surprisingly good, and the transformation of the spider is done just right -- you don't see too much too soon, but just enough to keep it creepy and interesting. I really can't say enough about how this film avoided the pitfalls into which most big-budget movies stumble. Horror movies in particular, having made a big comeback in the last few years, suffer from cheap jump-out-at-you thrills, poor plot, and weak plot twists. This movie keeps it good and simple.

My favorite part is that you can sympathize with all the characters, which is especially awesome with the "villian." Oh, and the spider looks FRIKKIN AWESOME. But just as a forewarning, the ending is a little disappointing.

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8 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

The Arachnid Avenger!

Author: Elliott Patrick
30 October 2001

As a fan of superhero comics, hard-boiled pulp stories and old school monster movies, this film was a lot of fun. Yes, there are immediate comparisons to David Cronenberg's remake of "The Fly," but I think there are a lot of other cool influences here as well. The movie has an interesting "retro" feel. The thugs are like 50's era baddies, the female lead always looks like she's dolled up to go swing dancing and the music has a kinda hep-cat jazz flavor. And it works. The main character "Quentin" is in that mold of hero/villains, like Sam Raimi's "Darkman." You like seeing him get even, but then it starts to go too far and he just can't help himself. The way he learns and deals with his transformations is also really well done. Another solid entry in the Creature Features film series. There's even a cool homage to the original "Earth vs. The Spider." See if you can spot it.

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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:


Author: Jason Kolman ( from Raleigh, NC
27 December 2001

What is the fetish with movies like this? Is gaining a super-power always a pre-cursor to becoming evil? Maybe that's why I liked Darkman so much. With the abilities that Peyton got, he used them for good, even if it was in a vigilante way. I really wanted to enjoy this movie, and was encouraged by the fact that initially, Quentin used his powers for good.

Of course, it took all of 45 minutes for him to go bad and go on a killing spree. Did somebody think that was original? Aside from the fact that it was a blatant knock off of Jeff Goldblum in "The Fly" remake, though much less gory.

The acting was of the "not bad" variety, but Dan Aykroyd is wasted in a role that tries to have depth, but fails (chalk it up to comic book writing? I dunno).

I did get a huge kick out of the store owner using the Hasbro "Darth Maul Lightsaber" (of which I have on right next to me here) as his last line of defense. A total hoot! Classic!

I would be remiss if I didn't say the movie does a decent make-up. Pretty creepy.

Sadly, the ending falls flat and comes way to abruptly, and is also cliche, and confusing to boot. Did he want to kill her, or not? I leave that for you to decide.

** out of four.

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8 out of 13 people found the following review useful:

A comic book brought to life!

Author: peanuts mom from Burbank, CA
23 October 2001

This movie was everything I hoped it would be! The director and writers created a wonderful comic book feel that made this movie all the more enjoyable. Devon G. did an excellent job as Quinten - we felt every emotion he felt. His character was well written. We understood his struggle as he tried to accomplish his dream of being a hero and how that dream slowly destroyed him. I loved the comic book store owner as well. There were some great scenes that took place there. I thought this was a well put together movie - the writing, casting, directing, music and of course - THE SPIDER!

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

One of the many films released with a misleading title.

Author: Prolox from Canada
7 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When the title on a video box reads EARTH VS. THE SPIDER, instantly (At least for me it does) you think of a giant mutated spider stomping on a cardboard city, while people in the city run for their lives, the army shooting at the thing, trying to hit it with bombs, war planes shooting at it from the sky etc. etc. well if you think that this is what you'll be in for when you sit down to watch this, then you will be majorly disappointed, this was yet another one of those films that rips off the title of one of A.I.P.'s classic films of the 50's 60's & 70's, the film has a shy young security guard (who happens to love comics) who witness's the killing of his friend & partner, an elderly man who is shot by robbers who break into the lab that they are suppose to be watching. He feels horrible & wants to stop crime, so why not drink the formula that some scientists have made up using spider DNA & other chemicals, I mean it works for the guys in the comic books, they always wind up as these muscle bound superhero's? well this time the total reversal happens, instead of the formula turning him into a muscle bound hero who fights crime, it slowly turns him into, you guessed it, a spider monster! DAN AYKROYD makes a good turn as a detective & the acting, effects & direction is good, so if you just ignore the title, you may just find something to like with this movie, I did anyways.

*** stars

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4 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

It was pretty good...

Author: Lando_Hass from The Thuderdome, b**ch!!
3 June 2002

Earth vs. the Spider was a pretty good film that gives the audience what they want.This film delivers good acting,very good make-up effects,and a well though out plot.There is a flaw that Earth vs. the Spider suffers from,and that flaw is that the special effects arent really all that great,and that the movie seemed to short.I really think that the make-up effects were terrific,and that the acting could have been better,but the movie is still great considering that it was made for TV only.I would recommend renting it before buying it,because this movie may not be appealing to some people.8 out of 10.

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10 out of 18 people found the following review useful:

Lame 2/10

Author: The_Wood from United States
20 January 2002

Wow, this movie is just awful. First off, the spider isn't really vs. the world, the spider goes against Dan Aykroyd (giving a lazy performance). Secondly, the film has lousy special effects, and even worse voice acting.

The disappointing thing is, the film actually had me hooked for the first little bit. I like the concept of a man who thinks he is going to become a super hero, but ultimately ends up becoming a super villain. It's just too bad the villain is lame, and the hero is....well Dan Aykroyd.


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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

A film where nothing gels

Author: Leofwine_draca from United Kingdom
6 July 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

An inappropriate title adorns this weak rehash of 1986's THE FLY, with all of Cronenberg's chills and explicit gruesomeness watered down to a television movie level. Sadly, for fans looking for some giant creature action, the only thrills this movie offers are of the low-budget variety, and such thrills as they are come few and far between. Instead, this amateurishly-scripted nonsense treads the length of its storyline with too much talk and not enough action, and a rushed, anti-climatic ending which offers none of the destruction I had initially hoped for. More of a whimper than a bang. The film itself is part of a series of five movies called 'Creature Features', which - with the help of Stan Winston, Colleen Camp, Lou Arkoff and others - have been created as homages to the sci-fi/horror movies of the 1950s. I only hope that the other instalments are closer to the real thing than this disappointment.

Not that the film is totally bad; indeed there are a few redeeming qualities here and there, but the combination of a veteran actor (Dan Aykroyd) and a veteran effects man (Stan Winston) should have at least made a good film. My mistake. Dan Aykroyd does star as world-weary cop Jack Grillo, but his character is underdeveloped and performance-wise he simply goes through the motions in his own downtrodden way. Don't get me wrong, I love Aykroyd and his work, but this is definitely one of his lesser performances. The bulk of the screen time goes to fresh-faced newcomer Devon Gummersall but he's no Al Hedison or Jeff Goldblum; you never really sympathise with his plight, which is proof of this. The fact that the situation arises because Gummersall wants to be a superhero like in his comics also smacks of dumbing down (previous versions of the tale used science gone wrong as a basis for the horror to follow).

One genuinely good performance comes from female lead and Denise Richards lookalike Amelia Heinle, as the neighbour with a heart of gold who wants to help our lead out; her quiet, laid back character is a nice change from the screaming blonde heroines usually seen in modern horror fare. Theresa Russell also makes a small appearance playing an unlikable and slightly crazy character. The few deaths that the film offers are mostly off screen with nothing in the way of gore; the transformation effects are suitably icky but I was hoping for a little more realism from the Stan Winston Studio instead of just ripping off THE FLY. It doesn't help that 90% of the film takes place in a hallway and apartment room either. Sorely lacking in both action and intelligence, EARTH VS THE SPIDER is a disappointing film in which the various ingredients - tragedy, superhero worship and bodily deformation - never really gel.

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