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MPAA Rated R for language and violence

Sex & Nudity

    • A man holds his hat to his crotch and tells a woman that he has a pain.
    • A man sarcastically tells another man that he can blow him later (to thank him).
    • A man tells another man not to 'spooge' (orgasm) on this comic book and puts it in a comic 'condom' (a slipcase).
    • A man stands nude in front of a woman (we see down to his chest).
    • A man attempts to rape a woman.
    • A man asks a woman if he can 'get in her box' and then he does the "cunnilingus finger symbol" (tongue between two fingers).
    • A man is asked if he got laid yet.
    • A man is asked if he is "creaming with the cockroaches" (masturbating).

Violence & Gore

    • Men are bloody after a gunfight.
    • A man beats up another man.
    • A man is thrown through a door (neck broken).
    • A man's arm becomes infected after an injection.
    • A man is thrown around and discovered with his blood sucked out.
    • Many people are seen wrapped in spiderwebs.
    • A man shoots himself in the head.
    • A man shoots a mutated spider man many times.


    • 'Fuck' is said a few times, also 'shit, bastard, bitch, damn, dick, ass, hell, oh my God, Jesus Mary and Joseph, Jesus Christ'.
    • A man gives another man the middle finger.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

    • A drunk man is seen on the street and a woman is seen drunk often.
    • Some people smoke cigarettes.
    • A meth lab is mentioned.
    • A man is injected in his arm.

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