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Hip, Fun, AND SCARY!!!

Author: lane from St. Louis, Mo.
15 October 2001

Supercool monster movie! Great story of these twisted gen X computer programmers that turn their own greed into a monster, which in effect turns against them.

A great modern-day thriller with a terrifying silver eyeballed monster that gets creepier as the movie goes along. Looking forward to more Creature Features.If you like monster movies this is an original!

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Great Thriller!!!!!!

Author: Kole from Houston, TX
11 October 2001

How To make a Monster is a great film. its about a group of people that are trying to make a computer game that turns into there worst nightmare. I give this a movie a 10!!!!!! It is a great movie for people who like Thrillers...

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my god, what you think you are doing?

Author: oh_archey from United Kingdom
4 July 2005

that was unbelievable!

i was shocked at how bad this film was

i wish i could burn it, and everything that has anything to do with it.

i laughed once, when that guy beat up the monster thing, and that wasn't supposed to be funny.

if you have just bought this film, and haven't watched it yet... ... ha ha you are unlucky to stumble across this, i will give you some advice, don't even bother watching this film.

if anyone says this is good, please, don't believe them, because they may be trying to trick you, or they may have fell asleep half way through.

the kind of film you would even be annoyed if you bought it for 50p.

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So bad it's entertaining

Author: barryslisk-1 from Denmark
1 June 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I'm not sure if the movie is meant as a serious horror movie or if it is some kind of joke.

The game looks cheesy as Hell. Only blind morons could produce such a lame game.

The publisher know the game sucks, so they hire 3 (THREE) guys for 3 weeks (as far as I remember) to fix "the monster". I guess the movie producers have no clue how long it takes to make a game these days. Nevermind the rest of the game, just fix the monster. If they get the job done they get $Million (again as far as I remember). Insane amount.

The scene where the "programmers" enter the company for the first time and the intern walks in the Heavy metal programmer dude thinks she is a spy. Why?? Whyyy?? - One guy is assigned to weapons, and has loads of weapons, like swords and stuff on his desk. HAHA, so lame.

The nerdy programmer is in charge of sound, and is actually not a programmer, but a sound guy. Oh well, almost the same thing right?? - A some point the company the security system kicks in and rooms a sealed off and the can't get out of the building. Must be expensive to install such a system, and.....whyyyy? - One of the programmers is doing an AI chip for the this chip is shipped with the CD-ROM? Will it fit in an ordinary PC?? :) Why does he need a special chip for AI? Will he be able to get a factory to produce this chip with 3 weeks??? I seriously doubt it.

The lightning makes the suit come alive. How does the suit move? It records movements when humans wear it, but has no servos or anything to make it move by itself. Arghh....!!! - The ending where the intern has gone evil, is just overdone. One of the worst cases of overacting I have ever witnessed.

Even though it should earn a vote of 1 because on paper it should really really suck, I enjoyed it a little because it is so silly. It becomes a sport to spot the many flaws. I gave it 4.

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One Bad Ass Monster

Author: TEAQUIEMORO from United States
1 June 2006

This was a monster that was unbelievable to imagine and boy was a scary machine monster I have seen in t.v.This was a great monster movie that was only on t.v.,this had everything that this movie needed to make it the best...a B-Average film.It had gore and lots of blood,great comedy,action,and nudity,it was good.This monster came out of the game called Evilution and started to kill them all,he is now playing.First was Sam's which he took of his head,Hardcore's body,and Bug's smartness,together equals into one big monster that cannot be stopped.And later it took this guys head and showed his neck bones,a perfect death.And they finally killed the monster,all stopped by an intern who learns the secret of winning.There is got to be another part to this and I'll wait to see it and enjoy it.

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A Good Metaphor of the Real Business Life Wasted in a Silly Screenplay

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
30 April 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Four web designers and a trainee are gathered in a computer company for a challenge: if they succeed in developing a scary game within a month, they will earn a bonus of US$ 1,000,000.00. The group does not have sense of teamwork and all of them are moved by greed only, generating an uncontrolled monster and being destroyed in the end. The trainee learns how to become a monster worst than the existing one, wins the prize and becomes a businesswoman. I believe the intention of the writer of this story was to create a metaphor of the real business life. The title `How to Make a Monster' has a double sense with the creature and the trainee. There are many messages between lines in some dialogs and situations. Unfortunately, although having reasonable special effects in the movie, the screenplay is very silly and is only recommended for killing time. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): `A Criação de um Monstro' (`The Creation of a Monster')

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From Stan Winston and Cinemax

Author: departed07 from United States
15 November 2003

this was the only movie from the 5 episodes that was cool and spooky at the same time. This film is about computer software designers and an intern that face a monster that has come out of the video game and attacking the building. It is up to the company to fight the monster before they all die.

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black comedy with a twist

Author: Pinky9929
16 September 2003

although i found some of this movie to be a little disapointing some light as you would say was shown through the skills of the actors themseveles we cannot blame them for what has happend of all of the actors one particularly stuck out and grasped to my attetion that would be one of Mr.Jason Marsden (Bug) don't get me wrong this may sound like the cheesiest movie review in the history of man but the plot was a little abscure to me but has good quality to be a black comedy as i did not find it scary in the least bit in the end i belive it to be true some people really are just not nice but what do i know im only 15

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Bottom 30 Worst Scripts Ever

Author: olspazzy from Walnut Creek, California
11 July 2003

The message of this movie is to destroy anyone in the way of your greed. The main character is unclear throughout (are the programmers the most important in the script? Is it the boss? Maybe the intern? All of them??), then suddenly at the end you find out the whole story is about only one of them.

Worse yet, that character goes from a GOOD character in the start of the film, to totally pathetic. A reverse transformation.

Despite the terrible acting, laughable story concept, and disgusting message of the writer's script, somehow, unbelievably, the plot, dialogue, and character development manage to suck even more than everything else in this downright pitiful made-for-TV trash.

Well, then again, if you enjoy movies that completely cliche the business industry and utterly skewer the truth of video game development, then hey, you're in for a joyride of totally misinformed, brainless delight!

But for the logical-thinkers, don't waste your time; keep flipping through the other HBO channels and choose something that would get at least a 2/10 rating; or better yet, just turn off the TV.

Personally, I find it horrifying that 37 people gave this movie a perfect score.

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Grade F Horse Meat

Author: ManOrAstroMan ( from Grand Rapids, MI
28 April 2003

This, on paper, has to rank up there as one of the dumbest things I've ever watched. But as I watched it, I found myself unable to stop watching. It is a suspenseful sci-fi with very little production value but intelligent writing and an appropriate cast. I am not going to brag about it to my friends like if I'd seen some blockbuster thriller, but I will admit to having seen it and maybe watch again....and Clea Duvall is still hot...

Final Score: a very made-for-cable 7/10 stars.

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