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I've Seen Better
Theo Robertson17 August 2005
I caught this on channel 4 very late , or very early considering how you think of 2.40 am and discovered that it was another Creature Feature movie production . I knew what to expect - Slightly corny and old fashioned B movie values but one that at the very least would be watchable , and I did enjoy the previous effort SHE CREATURE . After the credits rolled I did feel disappointed . HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER while not being a bad horror movie made for television it remains a ratherflawed one

The story suffers from a lack of originality and stereotypical characters . A trio of software designers are told there's a million dollars reward if they come up with the ultimate computer game . The trio are a funky black dude , an uber-geek and a sociopath . Since there's a danger of industrial espionage there's special security measures that causes a lock down on the software laboratories . Doesn't this sound contrived ? And I think you know where this is heading . So the trio , an intern and a company director find them selves trapped in a building in a plot that isn't a million miles removed from ALIEN , HARDWARE or THE LAWNMOWER MAN . Unforgivably it becomes very obvious early on who's going to die and who's going to survive meaning there's no surprises for the audience

Like most of the other movies by this company there is a comic book charm to the proceedings in that the gore doesn't overwhelm the story , I notice that several people have complained about the laughable make up and effects but surely this is done on purpose by the makers ? Despite having a TVM budget it's relatively well made , but would have been better if the script wasn't so predictable . As it stands if you're going to watch only one Creature Feature watch SHE CREATURE
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Great, Great Sci-Fi flick!
KolobosRexx13 October 2001
I saw this on Cinemax last night, and LOVED it! It's the story of a computer game company which hires three maverick programmers to finish and enhance the "Evilution" game. However, Sol(the guy who develops the game's A.I) fills it with virtually every evil he could download, and a power-surge brings the program to life, causing it to construct a cybernetic-zombie body, and seek to kill the programmers, the intern, and the project boss! A very interesting and well-done sci-fi flick, with a clever script, cool effects, and good acting for a made-for-cable film! The characters are flawed but likeable, especially Tyler Mane, as "Hardcore", who is hysterical! The film also has interesting philosophical points to make regarding greed, competition, and what it takes to survive and succeed in the computer industry, and what the definition of a true "monster" is... better than a lot of theatrical attempts at sci-fi I've seen the last year or so. Five out of five stars! :)
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Kenn Hoekstra31 March 2003
Speaking as a game developer in real life, this was about the funniest movie I've ever seen! Here you have a Triple A title being developed by three guys (one sound guy, one AI guy and one weapons guy) along with a business manager and an intern. Bwahahahahaha... Oh my.

If you know anything about PC hardware, you'll get a really good laugh about their "mainframe" and the rest of their "high tech" equipment. Their server room is a huge closet right out of the 70s and it looks like a rack of video cards and Cat 5 cables hanging there in disarray. Oh, and I love the fact that their entire network and game assets can be backed up on a single CD-ROM that takes hours to run a restore with... Priceless.

This movie could have seriously, SERIOUSLY benefited from a technical advisor. I'm sure any self-respecting game developer would have been happy to consult in exchange for lunch with Julie Strain. Odd, too, that Julie has contacts at Ritual Entertainment, who developed FAKK 2. I'm sure they would have consulted just for kicks.

Silliness aside, this wasn't all bad. It's a cool concept... Julie Strain is still nice to look at. Clea Duvall does really well, considering what she has to work with. Tyler Mane was also very cool and there's some pretty good costuming, sets and gore as well.

This is no Citizen Kane, but it's an enjoyable way to spend an hour and a half if B movies are your thing. If you're an IT professional, you will absolutely LOVE this movie! But you'll see it as a comedy... This would be great entertainment at an IT professionals conference.
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Makes Itself
tedg24 August 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers herein.

I have several movieland people I follow because what they do is pretty interesting. I have a (much larger) list of people that I follow casually because they show promise, or have done something interesting in the past.

This little TeeVee movie popped up because it has three people on the second list.

George is still a hamfisted director, but he started life with a film about film. While unoriginal, it showed what interests him. Such folding in film interests me too. Here he wrote a story about something similar, the folding of film into "real" life and both into the virtual reality of a game. Been done before (the best is "eXistenZ"), and there isn't much new here except for the fake moral on which he goofs.

The notion of the building's floor plan being the same as the game's dungeon was nice.

The second person on my list is Colleen Camp. Former party girl and cheesecake actress, she is an example of someone who worked her way up from buttwiggling to producing. And she has a history in folding as well. "Clue" is my favorite of hers. Here she is the producer of the movie and appears in character as the producer of the game, and with precisely the same charter. She's red here. I'm sure that the insert of goofy nudity was her idea, and another fold: breasts with attitude controlled by others.

Clea DuVall strikes me as a particularly intelligent actress. She's the real murderer in "Identity" and the real victim in "Thirteen Conversations" both pretty interesting experiments in novel folding. She knows what she's about, and can annotate her own character which tends to be shy. She could have been the secretary in "Secretary."

The final fold here is that she inherits the characteristics of the four people she "interns" for. Cool word that, and it provides the final twist, which I think may be more clever than it appears at first. Especially given who the new intern is.

Ted's Evaluation -- 2 of 3: Has some interesting elements.
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millerman18936 November 2004
Wow, I was brought back in time with this movie. It reminded me of so many early computer games. It had so many great parts played by some better than B-movie actors. Hardcore was hilarious and Bug was the perfect nerd. There were a few video game references in Bug's music and voice clips like "Fresh Meat" and "Come Get Some" that reminded me of some games I played back in Junior High. It's a little bit nostalgia and a little bit action. I guess you could say it had a good underlying message, which you'll see in the end... pretty predictable though. I also loved the Evil Dead poster on the wall... good "nerd" movie, and I can personally vouch for that. This movie is definitely worth seeing... for the acting AND the story.
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my god, what you think you are doing?
mr_facehead4 July 2005
that was unbelievable!

i was shocked at how bad this film was

i wish i could burn it, and everything that has anything to do with it.

i laughed once, when that guy beat up the monster thing, and that wasn't supposed to be funny.

if you have just bought this film, and haven't watched it yet... ... ha ha you are unlucky to stumble across this, i will give you some advice, don't even bother watching this film.

if anyone says this is good, please, don't believe them, because they may be trying to trick you, or they may have fell asleep half way through.

the kind of film you would even be annoyed if you bought it for 50p.
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Terrible. Just terrible.
tom-171213 December 2008
This is one of the most terrible movies I have ever seen. Even for a TV-movie, it's bad. After throwing all shreds of realism out of the window (3 programmers creating a game in a matter of weeks?), they have a few short action sequences before bringing the movie to a close. It felt like some scenes has been cut out of the movie, as Laura immediately going back on her decision was unlikely, to say the least. Horrible acting, bad video game sequences (it felt like Doom or Quake by the graphics and gameplay, which was probably the idea), and a fundamentally flawed idea made this go from a bad movie to a terrible movie very quickly.

I wouldn't recommend it, in fact, I'd recommend just about anything else if you were to choose.
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Samuel Z. Arkoff is turning over in his grave.
curly-1713 October 2001
This movie is a remake of "How to Make a Monster" (1958). One of the producers is Lou Arkoff, son of Samuel Z. Arkoff. It has none of the charm, originality nor good writing of the original. Ed Wood had written a script, back around 1955, for his good friend Bela Lugosi-- Bela was to have portrayed a makeup artist who makes real life monsters. It was eventually turned into an AIP movie. In 2001, AIP was making remakes of 10 of their old movies. This remake turns the monster into a video game, and the film seems to appeal to computer gamers only. The movie is dedicated to the memory of Samuel Z. Arkoff and James H. Nicholson, founding fathers of AIP-- it is not a fitting tribute. My advice: watch the 1958 original, and skip this turkey.
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Fun B-movie for video game geeks
Leofwine_draca3 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
After sitting through four of these distinctly lacklustre 'Creature Feature' movie remakes that were made for television back in 2001, it pained me to watch the last, HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER. Each film has an interesting premise and plenty of potential, but these elements were usually wasted in favour of the mundane. HOW TO MAKE A MONSTER isn't a perfect film by any means but the key difference is that it's actually entertaining for once. From the word go, the story of computer nerds accidentally bringing a monster to life is a lot of fun, with plenty of larger-than-life characters and humour to keep things amusing; I went through a video game stage myself as a teenager (and have probably never really grown out of it) so much of the on-screen antics are also appealing.

Ironically, the first half, which is as usual the set-up, is the most interesting, before the second turns into a traditional monster-on-the-rampage flick. The low budget is evident in the use of one single set and the lack of any CGI effects, but the monster itself is a fantastic-looking beast that manages to scare. It assimilates body parts in a similar way to the Jamie Lee Curtis-starrer VIRUS and looks horrendous, which is the point. I loved the sword-and-sorcery edge the film has to it with the use of swords and axes rather than the weaponry which the usual clichéd soldiers-vs-aliens flicks have. The climax plays out as you might imagine, with a moral epilogue of a twist as well, and I sat through it all and found it amiable enough.

The cast is fairly interesting and wide-reaching for what is, in essence, a B-movie. Clea Duvall, who I found intensely irritating in the likes of THE FACULTY, is actually passable here; Steven Culp is the established actor of the piece but makes little impact. The three guys playing the nerds are having a lot of fun and are all fine in their parts, with particular note going to Tyler Mane, he of the massive build; Mane later went on to play the hulking hero Ajax in TROY and Michael Myers in Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN remake. There's also a topless cameo from scream queen Julie Strain, which is the closest this film gets to modern-day B-movies. It's no masterpiece, but I think it achieves what it set out to achieve, which was to create a B-movie for our times with similarities to '50s flicks with added here-and-now updates.
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Terrible, How could Clea Duvall every agree to this?
jennyann19756 July 2005
I am a huge fan of B movies but this was absolutely terrible. I only rented it because I think Clea Duvall is a great actress. I think the movie is trying to make a point but the only one I got was that you need to be utterly ruthless to make it in the gaming world!?! ***SPOILER ALERT*** Basic plot is three game programmers, a manager, and an intern are locked in an office building with some electronic suit that comes to life because of electricity. It proceeds to kill everyone but the intern who all of a sudden develops sword fighting skills and kills the monster. Clea Duvall is the intern who starts out as a nice girl with an abusive boyfriend. But for some odd reason she turns into a money hungry software company boss. I think there is a plot somewhere but I got distracted by a wrestler trying to act like a computer geek. Anyway, the movie is a complete waste of time and even Clea Duvall's great acting can't save the movie. Oh and someone needs to tell Julie Strain she doesn't look good topless anymore.
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Wow what an excellent sci-fi scary movie
cleaduvallisababe17 January 2002
I saw this movie last week and was totally blown away by how good it was. I wonder why it didn't get a cinema release. I live in the UK and find it a task to get hold of some movies so it was a bonus to see this. Clea Duvall who happens to be my fave actress was great in this, her character was so convincing. I rate this a perfect 10 out of 10 go get it..
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A unique, entertaining flick
mauricej7410 April 2003
Well I consider myself a bit of a movie buff... My favorite flicks are Taxi Driver, Apocolypse Now and other hardcore dramas. I just stumbled upon this movie on HBO and I couldn't stop watching it! In my opinion, any movie that lets you forget about the real world for an hour or so is a great movie. If you're a computer geek you'll probably be chomping at the bit to nick-pick it but many of us watch movies to be entertained, and I have to say this movie was GREAT, imo. Something very different (and funny), and entertaining! I would buy this DVD. I especially enjoyed the performances of the three programmers, and the hottie intern.
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So bad it's good.
nightbreed3037 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
If you're a geek, you'll be laughing your batman socks off watching this. It's great to watch for the old skool gear (green screen palm pilot anyone?)and horror genre references (thumbs up for the 'tales from the crypt' pinball machine).

Much of the dialog involves faux techie jargon - guaranteed hilarity for the most part. For instance;the intern character trying to impress her boss by asking how she can compress 9 gig of video data. I can only guess that she had a bootleg copy of LoTR she wanted to upload.

The plot premise is a delightful hotch-potch of elements from 'Tron', 'Weird Science', 'Hardware', 'Lawnmower Man' and references various other sci-fi films such as 'Wargames' ('It's learning all my moves').

Probably one of the worst films ever made, but that's if you expect a serious sci-fi film. If you're bored of on-line hack 'n' slash for the night and want a film that's unintentionally hilarious to wind down with, this is one.
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Great for What It Is - A real life version of a video game cut-scene
dhaz27 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, first off, I'd like to say that all the negative reviews that think they're being funny by tearing into a low budget sci-fi horror movie are like the bullies who pick on the fat retarded kid. Sure, we all snicker a little bit, but nobody's impressed with your rapier wit dissecting the flaws of someone less fortunate than you.

That said, they do serve a purpose...they let you know what kind of film this is. By having a few amateur Ebert's out there talking about how this is the worst movie, ever, you know you're not looking for a truly serious movie. Otherwise, even if it was bad, they would not have bothered to show up and try to be internet wise-guys.

I really enjoy this movie and will stop and watch it whenever it is playing on TV. It's a cheap, funny, wildly inaccurate movie about a video game company that accidentally makes a monster when a lightning strike causes a motion capture suit become imbued with the AI of what would surely be a controversial game lambasted by the media for it's violence and gore.

The characters are overblown, but they were written (rather well) to be so. The actors do a good job of portraying those characters in an exaggerated fashion. Tyler Mane (Hardcore - Sabertooth/Xmen, Ajax/Troy) is the muscular metal head, Karim Prince (Sol) is the cocky, geek-suave black guy, and Jason Marsden (Bug) is the geeky white guy. All fit some type of stereotype and play a 3 way foil to each other. Clea DuVall (Laura)is always welcome in this kind of role, the quiet, cute for a geek girl. Her abusive boyfriend is even played by Danny Masterson (Hyde, That 70's Show)They worked together before in The Faculty, where the size of their respective parts was about the same, I'm curious what the connection is.

Anyway. Like the title says, this movie is basically a film version of a video game cut-scene. The plot's not airtight, the characters aren't deep or dynamic, and the production value's not high. But we suspend disbelief because it makes the experience enjoyable. Many people have commented on the inaccuracy of 3 guys making a triple A title in a week or so, but that was not the case, they were modifying an existing engine, and in the beginning of computer game development, the biggest games were still made by small teams in short time-spans.

I don't know why I'm even trying to mend plot holes, because that's NOT the point. The point is, if you like old video games, cheap horror/sci fi movies, or better yet both, you will love this movie as much as I do. It reminds me all over of games like DOOM, Quake, Heretic, Hexen, basically the progenitors of games like Halo and Call of Duty (which have made video games more profitable than the movie and music industries) If you're too immature to appreciate the simplistic technology that made those games (and thus all games) possible, you probably won't enjoy this movie, either. So sit back, dig in, watch it while you download an emulator that will let you play all your favorite games from Middle and High school.
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dudes accidentally create real monster when an electric surge gives life to their game AI
ZeroXTML119 April 2008
It's a low budget b movie with lots of holes in the realism. Right off the bat you can spot lots of things wrong with the main logic of the whole movie. i.e. guys having only 4 weeks to complete a game (a ridiculously short deadline), the "computer suit" that goes on a killing rampage and has the ability to move despite the lack of any stable structure, the entire idea than an electrical surge can endow something with free thought "just because". But you can basically look at the movie box and figure out this is a movie that you shouldn't take too seriously.

It's a low budget, corny fairly predictable movie filled with bad acting, but it is fairly entertaining, and that's what matters afterall
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A Good Metaphor of the Real Business Life Wasted in a Silly Screenplay
Claudio Carvalho30 April 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Four web designers and a trainee are gathered in a computer company for a challenge: if they succeed in developing a scary game within a month, they will earn a bonus of US$ 1,000,000.00. The group does not have sense of teamwork and all of them are moved by greed only, generating an uncontrolled monster and being destroyed in the end. The trainee learns how to become a monster worst than the existing one, wins the prize and becomes a businesswoman. I believe the intention of the writer of this story was to create a metaphor of the real business life. The title `How to Make a Monster' has a double sense with the creature and the trainee. There are many messages between lines in some dialogs and situations. Unfortunately, although having reasonable special effects in the movie, the screenplay is very silly and is only recommended for killing time. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): `A Criação de um Monstro' (`The Creation of a Monster')
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pretty bad
stanclimbfll20 March 2004
Wow! How bad was that? Really bad! I mean, all it was, was a bloody, swearing crap-fest where some how in the end the moral is "You have to turn into a cold sarcastic jerk to succeed!" Yay! What kind of crap is that? I watched this movie because I wanted to see a good slash-em-up horror film but what I got was a poorly-made piece of crap. The "monster" was cheesy and the violence was dull. There was no scary moments at all. And I think the characters' favorite words were "s***" and "f***". This is one of those "late-night-HBO-movies that they show because there's nothing else" kind of movies. Please, don't waste your time watching this crap-shoot. I did. And I'm sorry I wasted an hour and a half of my life. 0/10.
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A pleasant surprise, "Programmed For Damage!"
hippiedj7 June 2003
At a glance this film may seem just a time-filler, but to be fair....

While not fresh in originality, How To Make A Monster is a nice diversion from the crop of films out there recently that seem to depend on star power and rock tunes to carry them. This entry in the Creature Features series seems to be what Full Moon was trying to attempt in its hey day if it only had the slightly bigger budget.

Basically, several computer game programmers with clashing egos are hired to expedite the release of a new game called Evilution. In the process, a power surge and system overload bring a motion suit to life and the computer then is literally playing the game out with the programmers and office staff, and it's kill or be killed with everyone trapped inside the building.

There's a fair amount of suspense, a few twists, and a lot to say about greed, arrogance, and the lessening value of being just plain nice. The special effects mainly consist of the creature, and all else is done rather modestly which helps keep the story on track instead of being bogged down with massive digital effects. The only sad thing is that this film seems to say that in the end, it's dog eat dog and you might as well forget about trying to be nice to anyone. The title of the film aptly applies to the transformation of Clea DuVall's character as well in the final scene.

Everyone plays their attitudes to the hilt (to quite an annoying level at times), and some may be put off by the excessive language but things move along rather swiftly so you don't dwell on that too long. I was hesitant at first to view this because I was concerned that it was going to be a Julie Strain "breast fest" (as if she's not getting enough exposure being married to the editor of Heavy Metal Magazine, or should I just call it Heavy Strain Magazine?), but her appearance was minimal. And yes, her "big guns" made the required appearance to satisfy those who just have to see them. That part was not as gratuitous as one would think, and even the violence is just enough without getting ridiculously over the top. Overall, it's a satisfying experience and entertains as intended which is a good feat when you consider how so many bigger Hollywood productions that actually got theatrical release first seem so empty and aren't worth the purchase price on DVD.

I'm not a video game fanatic and don't know much about computers, but you don't have to be a whiz to be entertained by the subject matter in How To Make A Monster. While not a masterpiece, it's a fun ride and one of the better bets in the sci-fi/horror genre lately on home video. Not a cerebral experience like SESSION 9 or DONNIE DARKO, not as serious as BELOW, but something you can sit back with a ton of junk food and enjoy.
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So bad it's good...
Loz817 November 2002
Yes. I liked the film. I have to admit "How to make a monster" is going into my video or (hopefully) dvd collection when it is available to buy. But I have no illusions that this is a brilliant film. I have no illusions that it is genuinely scary. I have no illusions that the actors actually thought they were doing something worthwhile, especially as one of them refers to it as "our crappy little film" whenever he discusses it. After you see the film think "i want to be a yes" and you'll know who I mean ;). Don't get me wrong - the actors were the best thing in this film. Tyler Mane, Karim Prince and Jason Marsden as the computer nerds were brilliant, but they are virtually laughing in almost every scene!~ I can ignore obvious computer illiteracy, unnecessary nudity, and gore and violence, but only up to a point. I would have been laughing too.

It is mediocrity at it's best, and the most worrying thing is that it could have been so much more. Less gore, and more psychological motivation. No nudity and this film could have had a PG rating... being much more suited to a pre-teen audience intellectually. More humour towards the end could have preserved this film in my mind, as it was, I was disappointed with pretty much everything. But also surprisingly impressed as well. I had never had high hopes for the film, just some light entertainment in moments of boredom, and it delivered that well, at least.

The high points were the humour, unfortunately not carried through to the end, the actors, and the title.

I have just spent my words insulting a film I have a admitted I liked, so I am a girl of contradictions. Let your evil motion capture suit come get me ;) :p
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So it's not like the original, who cares....
s_winthrope16 October 2001
For all of you that are writing comments based on the fact the movie doesn't look like the old one, Shame on you. The only thing that is supposed to be like the original is the title "that's it". why in the world would they make a re-make of a 50's B movie that would bore the hell out of everyone. This made for cable film, hits the mark of exellence. It was fresh, original and smart. It could have been a little shorter, but all in all it was a fantastic film that I would watch over and over again. On a scale of 1 - 10 I give it a 20...
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Hip, Fun, AND SCARY!!!
rlar32115 October 2001
Supercool monster movie! Great story of these twisted gen X computer programmers that turn their own greed into a monster, which in effect turns against them.

A great modern-day thriller with a terrifying silver eyeballed monster that gets creepier as the movie goes along. Looking forward to more Creature Features.If you like monster movies this is an original!
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Great Thriller!!!!!!
Kole11 October 2001
How To make a Monster is a great film. its about a group of people that are trying to make a computer game that turns into there worst nightmare. I give this a movie a 10!!!!!! It is a great movie for people who like Thrillers...
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A cheesy good time
slayrrr66617 September 2007
"How to Make a Monster" is a fun and really entertaining cheesy creature feature.


Desperate to fix a new video game, Peter Drummond, (Steven Culp) assigns intern Laura Wheeler, (Clea DuVall) to fix the game's problems. Rounding up renegade programmers Hardcore, (Tyler Mane) Bug, (Jason Marsden) and Sol, (Karim Prince) to fix the game and are given a month to do so. Several weeks of attempts later, they all have ideas for improving the game only for their feelings for each other and their egos to get the better of them. As they near completion, they attempt a go-round to determine what final changes need to be made. Trying to get it finished, they take off for the night and come back the next morning to find one of the group members is dead. Carrying on in the need for money, the remaining members find that the death is the result of the monster created for the game coming to life through a power-surge and is killing the group. Forced into a struggle to get out alive, they turn to different strategies to defeat the monster.

The Good News: This one's not all that bad. Considering the source material, this here manages to get a lot of mileage from it. From the constant video-game play-through to the images achieved through the game and all the background into the business, there's a lot of it and it makes for an interesting viewing. Another great aspect is the interesting monster created. This has a unique back-story, however contrived, and uses a pretty good creepy look to great effect. This one even gets a decent transformation sequence where it manages to acquire more parts and weapons to make it even more frightening. With the spiked horn, shoulder spikes, large frame and huge blades, this one is quite impressive and frightening at times, and with the real scary face, this one scores some great scenes from it's appearance. It's even quite creepy without the monster, as there's some really great stalking scenes early on to be had, due to a plethora of off-screen noises and crashes to get some jumps in. The deaths, though not at all that elaborate, do feature enough blood and gore to satisfy. The last half-hour is the film's best part, as it features a lot of action, some big chasing and stalking and is it's most watchable part. That's the best part of the film, and alone is worth the watch.

The Bad News: There's not a whole lot wrong with this one. Most of this one's flaws result from one area, namely the cheapness of the film. Even though the film is filled with computer graphics, there's still plenty of really cheap graphics. It's nearly impossible for them to become fearful of the images generated from the creature, or even the simulated games. They look like computer games, which is great but they don't look good or convincing in an actual movie. It looks quite terrible, doesn't generate any scares or suspense and takes away a whole lot of whatever good it accumulated in the positives. The cheapness also extends to other areas, as the boring beginning, cramped location and lack of any big moments not done without using CGI all attest to. It does pick up considerably with it's great fight, but there's a real shortage of big moments in this one. There's even a real shortage of kills in here, as this one really doesn't have any real deaths on-screen. The number is incredibly low, making the lack of any real blood or gore a real shortcoming. Featuring bloody aftermath and blood splotches during the few kills done on-screen is nothing really spectacular and only serves to make them more noticeable. They are the real flaws in the film.

The Final Verdict: It's a clichéd, cheesy creature feature yet that doesn't mean that it won't entertain. Give it a shot if you're in for some harmless fun or have a particular love for these kinds are encouraged to give it a shot, while those who have a disdain for those types should stay away from it.

Rated R: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence and Nudity
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How not to make a movie.
Son_of_Mansfield18 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Steven Culp portrays on of those money loving executives that would think Swimming with Sharks is a masterpiece of how to make it in the world. His opinion, that you have to knock other people out of the way to make it to the top and that making it to the top is the only reason to live, is also the thought of the movie. Since I disagree on both counts, the movie is not worth my time. Culp is good as the shark among guppies, but the high points end there. Clea DuVall and Jason Marsden are wasted in wussy roles while Tyler Mane is very tall and muscular. If you like girls with ungodly large breasts who aren't very attractive, Julie Strain obliges. To make matters worse, the f/x are laughable and the gore is blah. This is really only of interest to lovers of bad movies or people with warped world views.
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