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Sex & Nudity

  • A middle aged male character is seen walking around nude, having emerged from his bath. Strategically placed soap suds prevent anything being revealed.
  • A female character disrobes for the bath and is seen removing her bra, allowing a brief side view of her breast, but only in silhouette and through a frosty window.
  • A female character disrobes to swim but discovers her swimming costume has been stolen. She is briefly seen naked from behind and from a distance. She is forced to return to the house clad only in a towel. She passes briefly behind a bush, emerging with two dirty hand prints on the towel over her buttocks.
  • A character wearing a mini-skirt is unexpectedly required to ride on the back of a motorcycle, exposing her panty-covered buttocks.
  • In a running gag, several times the "tweeny" maids pass along a particularly draughty corridor and their brief uniforms are blown exposing their panty-clad bottoms.
  • An off-duty staff couple walk hand-in-hand into the woods. They are later interrupted by a hound, while laying on the ground cuddling. They each re-do a couple of buttons. The hound later returns to his master having fetched a pair of knickers instead of the shot bird.
  • During a temporary black-out a male character accidentally gropes the buttocks of a female character crawling around in the dark.
  • A female character with an exposed decolletage spills drink on her dress. The general wipes it down, causing her bosom to wobble distinctly (and in close-up). The general then sticks a flower in her cleavage and two male characters sniff it.
  • The butler is often depicted peeping through keyholes.
  • Two or three couples are shown kissing.
  • After the lights come back on a couple are shown, each wearing the other's pyjama bottoms.
  • A page 3 newspaper photo is seen, the model is topless but seen from behind. No breasts shown.
  • The sex as depicted in this film is a prime part of the plot but more of the "saucy postcard" type.

Violence & Gore

  • The general is seen hunting and firing his weapon on several occasions. The dog sent to fetch the birds he has shot returns with a dead rabbit and a pair of knickers, but no birds.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The general smokes almost constantly.
  • The butler smokes a cigar once.
  • Three-quarters of a bottle of alcohol is accidentally spilled into the fruit salad. All the guests enthusiastically eat the meal, clamouring for seconds, and becoming increasingly tipsy. They all suffer from hangovers the next morning.
  • A glass of beer is brought to a character who is outdoors painting but he inadvertently drinks his paintbrush water instead.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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