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26 Dec. 2009
Chilly on Ice
Chilly Willy learns about the rich winners table at the Antartcic Games. He never qualified officially, but sneaks in and wins three consecutive events. Meanwhile an overzealous security guard keeps catching Willy, at great peril especially for himself, just after the medals ceremony.
26 Dec. 2009
Just Say Uncle
Both Wally's nephew Willy Walrus and Woody's rascals Knotheada and Splinter are dead-set on the latest SciFi must have-toy, a Zach Zobar action figure with laser. Alas only one is in stock, so the rivaling uncles turn the mall into an obstacle course/ war zone while each tries to get it and sabotages the other.
2 Jan. 2010
Snow Way Out
Buzz Buzzard runs a ski resort with only one assistant, Tweaky. That proves painfully dangerous with customers like Woody and his rascals Knothead and Splinter, whom he signs up for lessons.
9 Jan. 2010
Winnie, P.I.
After watching too many TV crime programs, Winnie decides to try her hand at private eye's work. She keeps chasing absurd suspects and troubling real detective Chandler's investigations. Or not quite.
16 Jan. 2010
Carney Con
Woody takes the kids to a carnival. It's organized by Buzz Buzzard, who planned to scam everyone out of winning prizes. Woody takes him on, ultimately con against con.
16 Jan. 2010
Terror Tots
Knothead and Splinter have new toys, ghost-study-equipment, and come to use it on an old mansion. Two canine crooks there want to scare them off, but only arouse growing interest.
30 Jan. 2010
Chilly to Go
Chilly Willy is robbing supplies from an Arctic military storehouse, which is guarded by a mean bulldog. Polar bear Smedley wants his share, but keeps getting caught and bitten by the dog, who is only appeased when sleeping on a live bear-rug.
13 Feb. 2010
Chilly Dog
Smedley is a famous dog trainer. Chilly would like to get the reward treats, but finds impersonating a dog is harder for a penguin then sabotaging a chihuahua. Smedley tries to train his pet to guard against penguins. The press's arrival and a hidden talent changes everything.
4 Jul. 2010
Kitchen Magician
During a visit to Peckingham castle, Winnie learns there is a vacancy at the royal court. She becomes kitchen hand to chef Wally Walrus, to help him prepare his famous toffee. Although Winnie messes up the whole palace kitchen, rude Wally ends up the butt of the joke.
Foiled in Oil
Woody has mail-ordered a divining wand, to search for oil. Instead of gushers, the thing points at most inconvenient places on Wall Walrus's property. When it points elsewhere, they both follow it, competitively, with even worse results.
The Bavariannoying
Woody spends a holiday in Bavaria. there he accepts a fat knave's offer, free lodgings in his castle packed with toys if he entertains the rascal, but finds that hard and danger labor. Woody escapes, meets the next-door female castle-host with similar terms, then has a brilliant idea.

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