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Don't compare it to the movie...
godzillafan8 March 2003
This series is based on characters in "The Mummy", and "The Mummy Returns", but is not a direct sequel to either of them. Instead, it is an alternate timeline. Look at it that way, and you'll like the series much better.

As near as I can tell,you take "The Mummy", and instead of Evy reading from "The Book of the Dead", she gives it to the museum and ends up falling in love with Rick O'Connell, and meets Ardeth Bey as well (my memory of exact events in the movie is a little fuzzy). Take those events, and when "The Mummy Returns" should take place, this series occurs instead. Which means this is the first time the O'Connells have encountered Imhotep. With that knowlege as a foundation, the series suddenly makes a whole lot of sense.

The first season deals mostly with the O'Connells wandering the globe in search of the lost Scrolls of Thebes, which hold the spells that can seperate the Manacle of Osiris from its user, or enable them to control the world. In addition, they battle several demons and monsters on their quest to find the scrolls. In the final battle of the season, Alex frees himself of the Manacle, but puts it back on and destroys the Scrolls so that Imhotep cannot use them: a victory, and yet with a price. In return, though, Ardeth Bey offers Alex the chance to follow his heritage (unbeknownst to him at the time), and recieve Medjai training.

Season 2, currently showing in the US, starts with Imhotep's return and his quest to control the world with the help of Anak-Su-Namun, who helped him in ancient times. However, the two split up due to certain arguements, and neither have been seen since in the two episodes that have aired since. In addition, we learn in the two-part season opener that Evy is the reincarnation of Princess Nefertiri, who briefly returns to posess her reborn self and stop Anak-Su-Namun, and in the fourth episode of the season, we learn that Rick's father Jake, whom he thought was dead, is alive... and was once a Medjai, meaning that Alex was meant to join their order.

All in all: exciting series, interesting plot, and lots of action. Plus the monsters-of-the-week are pretty cool. I give it a high rating - just not sure how high.
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underwaterandraia26 June 2002
I was SO ashamed when I first watched the first episode. When I saw the previews for it I was shocked to know they could do such a thing, but I wanted to watch it to see what they did. I only saw the first episode, and I can't watch anymore.

First of all...the image is so totally wrong. The cartoon didn't even stick with the movie descriptions. Evie is not a redhead, Rick's not blond, etc. And the mummy...he is NOT supposed to have hair. It is a FACT that egyptian priests shave off their hair for religious purposes. And that is obviously why Arnold Vosloo had no hair in the movie. But then this cartoon comes along and he has hair! It goes against the movie, the storyline, AND the historic evidence of priests.

The storyline was also just...terrible. Alex is not totally stupid, even I can see that. But you'd think that after the second movie, he'd think twice before sticking strange bracelets on. In the VERY FIRST EPISODE he sticks that sucker on his wrist and what happens? Yes, it gets stuck on him and brings Imhotep back somehow. The viewers aren't stupid, they're going to see that and notice the lack of creativity there is among the writers.

Another peeve would be the lack of sticking-to-character. They travel by some new high tech hot hair baloon, and Rick even made some comments saying how nice it was and how nice it would be to fly it. Now if we were to look back in Mummy II we'd know that Rick DOES NOT like balloons and probably would never want to ride one again. And Jonathan...his only purpose in the cartoon is to trip and fall on his face and possibly get everyone in danger. 'Hey, we don't know how they're going to fall in this trap, so let's put JONATHAN there first...'

First episode was enough for me. All I saw was a bunch of repeats from the movies and even the repeats weren't efficent enough to carry the story.

Please. If there's a good movie out, DON'T ruin it by making a cartoon. They did it to Men in Black, and that was a disaster.
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chrisjgray200023 January 2002
After two movies which are funny, entertaining and adventurous this comes along. It's a novel idea but the scripts are just bad and the attempts to make it funny at times makes it even worse.

The series shows the O' Connell family once again trying to defeat the evil mummy priest Imhotep(that looks very different from the movies, HE'S PURPLE).

The fact that you cannot believe that a couple and the female's brother are up against an evil force three times in their lives is just stupid and giving us this plot in bad form makes it worse.

This makes both movies look as if they were here to show how bad cartoons can be. The movies were great fun, but this is strictly for children who can't count to ten yet. Terrible stuff.
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Movie Nuttball3 February 2004
This is for the animated feature on VHS.


As a huge MuMmy fan this was a must see and it didn't disappoint Me at all! I was satisfied with the characters which they were just like were in the epic films! They really made Evy a great animated female character and Imhotep was animated into a great villain rather well! The story, voices, animation, and music was all fine! Whenever The Mummy would use his great powers or change it was animated greatly! I strongly recommend anyone who loves The MuMmy series to watch this animated feature!
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I love this series!
Jake Collins14 January 2017
Okay, so it's certainly not perfect - most of the plot is driven by MacGuffin artefacts (the Scrolls of Thebes, the Puzzle of Horus, the Medallion of the Medjai etc) and its run-time of barely twenty minutes per episode doesn't allow for the level of depth and development that some of the characters are crying out for. However, as an action-based fantasy cartoon series, I feel that it has a whole lot going for it.

The characters and the voice work are very well done. Alex is a fantastic hero and protagonist, and I think the fact that the series becomes more and more the story of his journey is absolutely the right direction for it to take. Chris Marquette gives an extremely engaging and charismatic performance, and his changing voice perfectly mirrors the emotional and physical development of Alex as a character.

John Schneider also does an excellent job as Rick, giving the character a pleasing Indiana Jones vibe. Grey DeLisle and Tom Kenny may not provide the best English accents ever, but their performances are always on-point. I do like what Jim Cummings does with Imhotep, although I think it's a shame that he doesn't get very much chance to engage in appropriate banter with the good guys.

The locations and guest characters are always well conceived and well used. My particular favourites are Yanit and Fadil, whose continuing relationship with Alex is the most interesting unexplored aspect of the series in my opinion.
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Loved It
aerokossa10110 November 2015
I loved the series. And WHO CARES IF THE MUMMY HAS HAIR OR RIcK IS A BLOND OR WHATEVER. People who complain about such stupid stuff shouldn't be allowed to write reviews. ANd people who ADMIT to not even watching past the first episode should DEFINITELY not be allowed to write reviews. What a waste of space that review is with all the whining and complaining and she didn't even bother to watch past the first episode because of hair LOL. I mean how lame can you get. ANywho My review is the series is awesome, if you can get past all the hair issues LOL. The stories were great, it was great that they changed it to be kid friendly and its JUST A CARTOON AND FICTION AND IS NOT REAL SO WHO CARES IF THE MUMMY HAS HAIR OR NOT. NOWHERE DOES IT SAY LOOSELY BASED ON AcTUAL EVENTS OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT.
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