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18 Jun. 2006
Forbidden Fruit
Miranda is going ahead with her marriage to Stilson, for all the wrong reasons, and Johnny begs her to keep the faith that he will find a way out for her. It's discovered that Stilson's wedding will be televised on Faith Heritage with Reverend Purdy performing the ceremony. When Johnny has a vision about Miranda being killed afterwords, he and Bruce must race against the clock to try to stop it from happening. Meanwhile, someone has leaked information on the nation's most vulnerable terrorist targets. Johnny and Bruce discover it was Stillson's right hand man/thug ...
25 Jun. 2006
Independence Day
It's July 4, and Bruce and Johnny are headed to Boston for the harbor fireworks. On the way out of town, Johnny foresees Bruce's death in a car accident. Later, the pair are stuck with a few hundred newfound friends on a locked-down stretch of Interstate 95. Johnny's visions begin to foresee a multiple fatality pileup occurring, and tries to stop people from leaving. But elsewhere, a dangerous escaped felon is loose somewhere near the highway.
2 Jul. 2006
When a young man comes to the Smith house in danger, Johnny uses images of his family's WWII past to save the group.
9 Jul. 2006
Articles of Faith
A young Muslim boy is murdered, and the white supremacist son of a new Faith Heritage minister takes credit. While Dana uncovers the minister's own hateful past, Johnny uncovers the details of the murder.
16 Jul. 2006
The Inside Man
Johnny ends up taking the place of the inside man in a museum robbery to stop the crime and prevent several deaths. He soon finds he may have to help them escape to prevent innocent people from being killed. Purdy finances the Faith Heritage Organization which is having a showing of religious artifacts. The robbers attempt to steal the finger bone reputed to be John the Baptist. Johnny tries to stop the bad robbers, and help a good robber, who is the real owner of the bone.
23 Jul. 2006
Lotto Fever
A man who Johnny inadvertently helped win the lottery kidnaps him because winning the lottery ruined his life. It turns out he squandered and gambled away all the lottery money, totaling over $1 million. This resulted in the loss of his house and his wife leaving him over his constant and unwise lavish spending. The insane man, Boyd, is a natural-born, hapless loser who forces Johnny to help him out on a robbery, before showing that his gun is empty. But then Boyd, being the immature, bad luck-prone loser he is, loses all the money gained in the robbery in a poker ...
30 Jul. 2006
What happens when a psychic is attacked and his whole life flashes before his eyes? Would that also include the life of his attacker? And the life of the attacker's innocent victim?
6 Aug. 2006
To save a child, Johnny infiltrates a local compound belonging to a cult. He soon finds out that the place is loaded with explosives and must stop a confrontation between the cult leader and the FBI, before the entire place goes up in flames. However, Stillson makes another appearance and does not pass up the opportunity to exploit the situation. He plays the fear-card for his own gain for further admiration and power for himself.
13 Aug. 2006
A woman claiming to be Purdy's lost-long daughter arrives in Cleaves Mills. Johnny has a vision of the woman causing harm to Purdy, who ignores Johnny's warning that the mysterious woman, Jessica. While investigating the woman, Johnny and Bruce learns of Purdy's secret past involving being a carnival preacher and of his involvement with a con artist seeking to swindle Jessica's mother out of all her money.
20 Aug. 2006
Into the Heart of Darkness
When Sarah and J.J. go missing, Johnny helps Walt search for them through his visions. It turns out that Linda Finney, the Collector's captive-turned-protégé (from Season 4) is back and seeking revenge against Johnny and Walt. She sees them guilty as for killing her true companion. But with a hard-nosed and skeptic FBI agent hindering Johnny and Walt's investigation, Johnny himself is captured by the deranged woman. She subjects Johnny to mind games, hoping to play on Walt's panic and determination to let him kill her, while Sarah learns during her time in captivity ...
27 Aug. 2006
The Hunting Party
Johnny stumbles upon a conspiracy to assassinate the Vice President. The plan, headed by Janus and his mysterious Illuminati, is to take over the government so that Stillson can assume the vice president's place. A vision of a murder leads Johnny to a paranoid and controversial radio show host, named Marshall Frost. His girlfriend, Kendra Crowe, is also a part of Janus conspiracy to frame Marshall for the murder. But it soon becomes clear that Janus not only has similar powers to Johnny, but Janus has his own plans to take over the world for Stillson's New World Order...

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