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5 Jan. 2003
Valley of the Shadow
Still shaken by his visions of apparent nuclear devastation associated with Greg Stillson, Johnny grows increasingly obsessed with Stillson, whom he begins investigating secretly. But another mystery draws him back into the public eye: a test of Johnny's powers by a mysterious adversary who is as obsessed with Johnny as Johnny is with Stillson. When Walt forces Johnny into helping investigate the kidnapping of the young son of a wealthy corporate entrepreneur, Johnny is contacted by the kidnapper in a series of taunting mind games his God-fearing adversary forces on ...
12 Jan. 2003
As Walt begins to wonder what's really going between Johnny and his wife Sarah, a group of four teenagers disappear into an abandoned copper mine that was owned by Johnny's grandfather. Walt brings Johnny in to help with the rescue. Soon, Johnny begins to get visions, not only of the teens, but of the miners who died in an incident in 1949 brought on by his grandfather's actions. The ghost miners seem to be striking back at Johnny and Walt is seriously injured by a falling beam. The teens are rescued, but Johnny gets a vision of Walt's funeral as he is taken away in ...
19 Jan. 2003
Walt ends up in a coma after being injured during the mine rescue. Johnny tries to use his powers to reach Walt in his mind and lead him back to consciousness. But while inside Walt's mind, and reliving how he first met Sarah, among other things, Johnny realizes that he is not the only person inside Walt's memories. There is also a mysterious man, who is Walt's father, trying to make him go into the light...
2 Feb. 2003
The Outsider
Johnny must stop the release of a new anti-wrinkle cream, called Revivatin, based on his vision of it causing birth defects in the future. Johnny is forced to team up with Dana to try to fight the greedy bureaucratic company as well as find a reclusive research analyst named Thomas Berke, who may know the way to detect the product defect before it hits the market in the next few days.
9 Feb. 2003
After getting hit by a car while saving a little boy's life, Johnny gets a blood transfusion of blood from six different donors, in which for the next few weeks he's reluctantly forced to 'see' through the eyes of his donors. When a disturbing future vision shows that one of his donors will die, Johnny and Bruce must try to stop a series of bad events all coinciding at a public square where the death will take place at 3:00 PM.
16 Feb. 2003
As Johnny continues investigating the past of the charismatic, but closeted evil sociopath, Greg Stillson, he confides in Bruce about his vision of the future at the end of Stillson's run for power. After he gets an intimidating visit from Stillson to persuade him to stop investigating him, Johnny decides to back up Stillson's congressional rival, Harrison Fisher, a long-time incumbent. However, a vision shows a dark secret that Fisher has involving his service in the Vietnam War, which leads Johnny to debate with himself whether revealing the truth about Fisher is ...
23 Feb. 2003
Johnny is kidnapped by three young women who demand his help in solving a murder mystery from the past.
2 Mar. 2003
Cabin Pressure
Johnny and Reverend Purdy are traveling on a plane to Washington for a seminars conference when Johnny gets a vision of the plane crashing and eventually determines that the pilot will put the plane into a dive as the engine explodes. He manages to convince the though, but closed-minded, air marshal Kelly Park, he's telling the truth. But he sees the same vision of destruction compliments of the co-pilot and realizes both men are trying to save the plane. Using his gift, Johnny determines the wings are covered with ice due to an instrument malfunction. When the ...
9 Mar. 2003
The Man Who Never Was
Isolating himself from a demanding public, Johnny gets visions of himself disappearing after making contact with something belonging to an elderly shut-in, Jeffrey Grissom, brought in by his delivery man. Johnny briefly visits him and Grissom talks about wondering where his old home was. When Johnny returns the next day with information, Grissom, and any trace of him, have completely disappeared. Johnny is determined to follow up when he gets a vision of people removing Grissom and the new family moving in. Johnny gets visions of people going through his own home as ...
16 Mar. 2003
Dead Men Tell Tales
Johnny inadvertently becomes involved with the local mafia when his visions lead him to help mobster Cathan Donnegal, whom he sees being gunned down by a local hood, Mickey. When Donnegal's thugs threaten Johnny to make him help them investigate, the visions lead Johnny to a mobster's moll, Nina, who has connections to the shady Greg Stillson. Stillson is back in town, seeking to buy up the land of an old Indian gambling casino to pocket more money for his political campaign; and his right-hand man/thug, Sonny Elliman, also shares time with the thrill-seeking Nina.
30 Mar. 2003
Playing God
A wild and immature old high school friend, Jason Moore, comes to see Johnny, Sarah, and their friends for a high school reunion. Jason however reveals that he's dying from a terminal heart condition and asks for a vision of his future. Johnny sees him receiving a successful heart transplant and gives him the good news, but later gets a vision of Jason's sister, Kate, being killed in a driving accident and becoming the donor. Johnny soon realizes even if he saves Kate and gets Jason a heart through Purdy's connections, someone else who would have received the heart ...
6 Apr. 2003
Johnny goes to the funeral of Bruce's father in Indiana and after touching both Bruce and of his dead father at the same time, somehow gives Bruce a long vision of an alternate reality of what Bruce's life would have been like if he had never met Johnny; Bruce is an church elder at his church with his father Rev. David Lewis, who's alive and in conflict with his son over his choices in life. This leads Bruce to try to find Johnny, who has shut himself off from everyone he knows, and uncover a plot by Johnny to assassinate Greg Stilson before he gets elected president ...
6 Jul. 2003
The Storm
Four months after Kate Moore's death, Johnny's friends decide to stage an intervention to shake him out of his guilt. As Bruce drives him to Purdy's lakeside resort where he, Sarah, Walt, and Dana are awaiting their arrival, Johnny senses that a major storm is brewing. Johnny and Bruce have a series of misadventures from losing their car, to helping people from a destroyed roadside diner, to hitching a ride with a overbearing tourist family, then having an encounter with the same roadside carnival on the night of his car accident, all of which leads to Johnny being ...
13 Jul. 2003
While at a school science fair, Johnny gets a disturbing vision of a group of children getting extremely ill. Johnny persuades Walt to quarantine the building and eventually the children begin to get sick. Johnny realizes that without his help the children will die, including JJ. With the assistance of Rev. Purdy, Johnny must help Walt and the local health inspector, Jim Pratt, try to identify as well as find the source of the mysterious virus before it kills off the entire town.
20 Jul. 2003
Deja Voodoo
A very strange night for Johnny begins when, during an evening out with Bruce at a local restaurant, Johnny is forced into a series of changing visions to help a young woman he's romantically attracted to, and each vision has both of them begin killed by mysterious assailants, making Johnny relive the evening over and over until he finds a way to break the circle of time to a satisfying revelation.
27 Jul. 2003
The Hunt
'Government Remote Viewing Unit' tries Johnny Smith's special ability in the war against terror in a military operation.
3 Aug. 2003
The Mountain
Johnny, Walt, Sarah and JJ become involved in the search through the mountains for a missing plane, which contains two million dollars.
10 Aug. 2003
The Combination
Danny Avila is training hard for his first ever boxing title match, but John Smith urges him to drop out.
17 Aug. 2003
A man in a vision stuns John Smith by yelling at him and blames him for a bad future.

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