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Chicago Sun-Times
A love story so sweet, sincere and positive that it sneaks past the defenses built up in this age of irony.
A sensitively told story of first love that could have been more affecting with a little more grit and without so mawkish a score.
Miami Herald
The film is well-scrubbed of anything resembling sexuality, more a nonthreatening fairy tale than the romantic drama it aims to be. Its appeal flies straight to the hearts of 13-year-old girls.
There's nothing remotely memorable about this walk.
New York Post
About as edgy as a cup of Ovaltine, A Walk to Remember is an old-fashioned teen romance so sweet and free of irony that criticizing it feels like taking a baseball bat to a sack full of newborn kittens.
Baltimore Sun
For grownups, this treacle is going to be pretty hard to swallow.
A vehicle for teen singing sensation Mandy Moore. As vehicles go, it's an Edsel.
Washington Post
Audiences who have avoided the multiplex these last few years because of the garbage peddled there are the only ones for whom this overly familiar "Walk" will be memorable.
Takes the giant leap from your run-of-the-mill mediocrity into an alternative universe of awfulness.
Film Threat
A monstrosity of a movie that I am all too eager to forget.

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