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Author: Marc from Melbourne, Australia
22 July 2004

This is worth viewing and I give this 7 out of 10 points for characterisation, cinematography and acting. Nowhere near as lame as some reviewers would have you believe. I've rented/bought worse than this film by far.

Beautiful locations and a storyline that will hold your attention for it's run, give this one a go. Emily Hamilton is quite good in this. She's pretty, acts well and offers a decent interpretation of Rachel. The young actor who plays Rick (James Murray) is handsome but a little hammy and cardboard. Music is nice and the underwater scene's are gorgeous.

It's not going to win any awards for realism, but I don't think they intended to.

I enjoyed it.

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Author: matthew-81
14 July 2003

This film is not necessarily a complex story, but is most certainly i-candy throughout (with thanks no doubt to Director Tony Maylam, and Producer Simon Hardy, who is also credited with 'Sexy Beast')... beautiful locations, and cast as well. James Murray is surely a contender for a modern day James Dean. Amanda Donohoe is the baby sitter you wished you always had, and Emily Hamilton is one to either truly love or truly hate - but isn't that most journalists!?

Worth a look. Some wonderful underwater sequences, and great juxtaposing between the beauty of the Caymans and the misery of British winter! The film is swimming with production value, with some decent performances - including from Jason Hughes ('Ralph') who is very comical as the somewhat pervy computer dork next-door!

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it's not so bad..

Author: ferdi from netherlands
2 June 2003

it's not as bad as mossman discribes. the reporter is a nice girl, she reminded my a little bit of meg ryan.

she isn't monotone at all... ok, the story is sometimes a bit unbeleavible , but i liked it. why has everything to be completely true? see it as a 3d

comicbook, that way a lot of socalled "bad" movies are worth

seeing! 7 out off 10

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Very Picturesque Movie

Author: squeezynz from New Zealand
11 February 2008

Despite the previous reviewer negative comments, I saw this movie, largely because it starred James Murray.

That said, I ended up really enjoying it and have watched it repeatedly. Admitedly I wasn't struck with the lead actress, Emily Hamilton, but she did okay, and the support actors are wonderful. The scenery is very watchable and the story is exciting, without being too complicated.

It's not the best movie, or the most suspenseful or dramatic, but the music is great, acting top notch, and worth it just for the supporting cast.

As for James Murray......I could watch him in this again and again.

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Great entertainment, fabulous music, wonderful locations, great young actors

Author: ( from Florida
2 June 2004

Just seen this movie and it came as a very pleasant surprise. A highly original story that held me through to the end, about a bestselling recording artist who the world has never seen - no live performances, no TV appearances, no photos - just the music. Sounds far-fetched, but it pretty much works, principally because the music is so good and the director, Tony Maylam, largely pulls it off. No star names (unless you call Amanda Donohoe a star name, which I don't!), but the three young leads had something. Never seen them before. James Murray, as the singer ... where did he come from? Emily Hamilton the hot young Brit journo tracking down the singer ... and the most impressive, a computer nerd, Jason Hughes, who actually made me laugh. Some nifty locations to, and a backstory involving freediving (touch of "Le Grand Bleu" - remember that!), shot on some dreamy location with acres of translucent blue ocean. But what made the film really standout was the music. Some seriously good tracks. Been hunting down where I can buy the CD, but doesn't seem to be available - ANYWHERE. This is one movie I've seen recently which actually warranted being seen in the cinema on a large screen. Pity, it deserved its shot.

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A good yarn, well knitted

Author: robert-temple-1 from United Kingdom
15 September 2014

This is a very intriguing and under-rated British film. It concerns a 'top of the charts' pop singer named Phoenix Blue whom no one has ever seen, and we discover in the film that he lives mysteriously on a large yacht as a kind of fugitive. He records his music on the boat and his contracts are negotiated by personal managers. The part of the pop singer is played very well by James Murray. His voice is excellently dubbed by the singer and songwriter Jeremy Randall, who wrote very good songs for the film. So the pop singing is of sufficient quality to make the story believable. It seems a shame that Jeremy Randall has not himself come anywhere near to reaching the top since the film was made, considering that he has so much talent. But we now live in an age where talent is not the main thing required to succeed, and where excellent ballads and singing ability are no guarantee of distribution and recognition. I recall this film making something of a splash when it came out, with some enthusiastic reviews, but there did not appear to be much follow-up or sufficient promotion. The film was written and directed by Tony Maylam, a talented director whose rise was also thwarted by factors unknown. This was his last feature film except for JOURNAL OF A CONTRACT KILLER in 2008, and Maylam seems to have endured the same fate as Randall, namely being ignored. But then there are plenty of people of talent in the same boat, alas. The female lead is played by the pert and endearing Emily Hamilton, who is perfectly cast as a determined elf of a girl journalist who will simply not stop trying to solve the Phoenix Blue mystery, despite the fact that it becomes physically dangerous and her life is at risk. Amanda Donohoe is chillingly sinister in her role as the dishonest lover and 'protector' of Phoenix Blue, whom she has fooled into believing that he is wanted by the police as well as a vicious gangster who has 'put a contract out on him', so that he is guarded at all moments and hardly dare leave his boat. His one passion, apart from music, is deep diving on a single breath, a weird sport of which we see a lot in the film. The film was shot in London and on location at Grand Cayman, and there is lots of white sand and blue sea and James Murray in flippers. The yacht has a crew of 18 people. What a lot of money some people waste! A new condition DVD of this rare film now costs £48.34, though a second-hand one is about seven pounds. This film could do with being 'currently available', and certainly deserves to be seen more widely.

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Young journalist in search of a singer, who had never performed before an audience...

Author: paraskevibegni ( from Greece
20 August 2006

A movie without much to expect, the photography though is good enough with all that underwater scenes in the Caribbean. Quite a poor plot and certainly not interesting. However the music was not bad and the directing satisfactory for such kind of movie. Can' t say much about the actors since they did not do much, but they were acceptable. I can say I have seen movies I begged them to end, but this was definitely not one of them. On general terms I would say indifferent apart from "Rik" (James Murray)!!! I definitely give him a 10!!! This guy does not need to speak, one can stare at him for hours....Of course I regret to say that I cannot say the same for his acting...he can do better!

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Great film to watch with your Girlie

Author: sjj-jones from United Kingdom
27 February 2005

Look not every film can be as good as Lord of the Rings or Gladiators, this film had a real good English feel to it, I thought the acting was good. It was kind of like Notting Hill meets Cocktail.

Good easy to watch film, that made me smile and thats not easy, great film to watch with the girlie she will love the lead man, worth £3.50 at Blockbusters anyway.

Ignore the french guy's feedback, after all he's french !

The soundtrack was pretty good to, sort of Coldplay meets Busted.

Enjoy this film its not full of gratuitous violence and sex, the dysfunctional neighbour was really funny.

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Corny, embarrassing and badly acted.

Author: MossMan from Toulouse, France
17 May 2003

I rarely choose to submit a review on IMDb these days, but I want to warn people about this film!

A friend of mine hired this saying "it got a 7.9 on IMDb!"... well hopefully that score will be down by the time you read this, because this was the most painfully badly written and acted pieces of drivel I've had to sit through in recent memory (and my friend has chosen some real tripe at the video store).

Basically, a very corny tale of a journalist discovering a reclusive pop-maker who was set up during a heist a while back. The whole thing is unbelievable in every respect. The woman playing the journalist (not even credited in IMDb) has *ONE* expression and *ONE* flat tone of voice throughout the whole film (and got to be incredibly annoying even during the opening scene). The sound is poorly dubbed throughout. I felt sorry and ashamed for the actors I recognised, since I know some of them can do so much better.

Only two things make this more than a 1/10: pretty pictures of the caribbean and people free-diving (ludicrously tacked on to the story) and the music is passable, but don't watch the actor pretending to sing or it will spoil it for you.

That just scrapes it up to a 2/10...

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read: a particularly bad movie

Author: nuttyrave from United Kingdom
18 February 2005

Phoenix Blue, the movie about "an unseen music star with a dark secret", had been switched off after 5mn on our home television. 5mn had already tested my patience and the opening of the movie proved to be extremely dull and uninteresting for a mystery thriller. It was eventually put back later on, and I am of the opinion that I must not know anybody who in their right mind would give this movie a high rating. I would rather pay than knowingly have other people watch this movie, except if it were for cinematography students to ask them: "What is wrong with the movie?" This movie is terrible, terrible...terrible. Read these words and do not waste your time. Thank you.

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