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Rolling Stone
Director Richard Eyre has struck gold. Twice. Dench and Winslet are a riveting matchup.
San Francisco Chronicle
Miami Herald
First and foremost, Iris is a magnificent story about the enduring bond between two eccentric, astounding souls who somehow managed to find each other and hold on for dear life.
Despite the sad denouement, it's still the love story of the year.
It's a powerful, affecting tale that uses scenes of the young couple's new love as a counterpoint to Iris' final days - memories of a brightest spring echoing in the darkest depths of winter.
Baltimore Sun
The union of thought and feeling becomes flesh and blood thanks to four brilliant performers in Iris.
Entertainment Weekly
The movie's most artful feature is the fluidity with which the past slides into the present, echoing Murdoch's own unmoored sentience, so that the younger self, played with dash and vigor by Kate Winslet, turns into the old woman lost in her own home.
Philadelphia Inquirer
A story with a beginning and end but without a middle. Two slices of bread without the sandwich meat, I wrote in my notes.
New York Daily News
A delicately upbeat, even humorous celebration of love and sacrifice.
It's good, but not great -- despite the heights to which Dench and Broadbent drive it. But those heights are lofty, the pain still stings.
Wall Street Journal
I regretted it most when the temporal hopscotching took me away from Ms. Winslet's portrait of the writer as a young sensualist, madly smitten by words and life.

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