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The movie takes place in 1932 but some of the songs Ivor Novello sings for the guests weren't copy written until years after like "Glamorous Night" (1935), "Why It Wasn't You" (1937), "I Can Give You a Starlight" (1939) and "Waltz of My Heart" (1939).

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

The pheasants cluck like chickens.
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Early in the film, Lady Trentham taps on the window of the car. Mary, who is seated in the front, looks over her right shoulder. In the next shot she is looking over her left shoulder.
In the dining room when George the footman tells Henry Denton to go elsewhere, Henry's hands are in his pockets, but in the next shot, as Henry leaves the room, his hands are at his sides.
When Lady Trentham is getting ready to leave, she doesn't have a scarf around her neck. When she goes to the vanity, she throws the scarf to Mary, but then in the next shot she is taking the scarf off.
When Mable informs Lady Trentham that she doesn't have a lady's maid, Mr. Nesbit lays his tea cup and saucer on the mantel. After scene cut, when Lady Sylvia joins the group at the table, Freddy again places his cup and saucer on the mantel. In same cut, tea cup in hands of Lady Trentham suddenly appears.
At the beginning, Lady Trentham jumps closer to the car between shots just before she gets in.
Lady Trentham is holding the paper open as Denton leaves after having coffee spilled on him. In the next shot, the paper is closed and she opens it again.
When the butler goes into the servants' quarters to tell Lord Williams' valet the police wants to talk to him, Mrs. Wilson's door is closed. In the next scene the door is opened.
When Mrs. Wilson enters the Servants' Hall while the inspector is telling the staff that he will be leaving, Mrs. Croft exits the room but the door remains open behind the Inspector. When Mrs. Wilson leaves the room, Mrs. Croft reenters, the door is shut and she opens it.
When Mrs. Croft and the cook are counting the knives, we see servants bringing the candelabra from the dining room down the stairs. Then we see the gentlemen in the dining room, where the candelabra are still lit.
At the beginning of the movie when Constance walks to the car, she is wearing pointed-toe shoes with a heel. When she arrives at Gosford Park you can see, as she enters the doorway, that she's clearly wearing "flats".
Near the end, Rupert and Jeremy are about to drive away and the cigarette in Rupert's mouth disappears between shots.
In the beginning, in the car, when Mary turns back towards Constance to "see what wants", you see Mary from Constance's point of view and she is turning to look over her right shoulder. Then the camera jumps to looking towards Constance from next to Mary, from the front of the car, and now suddenly Mary is looking at Constance over her left shoulder.

Crew or equipment visible 

When Lewis and Probert are listening to the music, the shadow of the camera is visible just before the cut.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.


During the build up to murder sequence, with Ivor Novello playing piano, Morris Weissman clearly leaves the room "to use the telephone". We see him at the telephone, but then he is back in the room again during later shots, but when the murder is discovered, he is still on the telephone.


Before William is killed, the dog is on the desk. When the killer enters the room the dog is at the killer's feet. When William is discovered dead, the dog is on the desk again.

Factual errors 

When McCordle's coffin is shown loaded into the hearse, there are only two men closing the back of the hearse. There are no other pall bearers in sight. It would require more than two men to carry a coffin with a man the size of McCordle in it out of the house and to lift it into the hearse. Only two men trying that would find it impossible.

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