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Chicago Sun-Times
The movie is not in any sense a musical featuring this band (which, as nearly as I could tell, does not have a name). The soundtrack has a lot of music, freely selected from pop hits old and new, but the running gag is that the band never gets to play, and so we never get to hear it.
Though the storytelling is a bit lopsided, the slapdash quality is charming overall, and the movie benefits from colorful characters and a couple of hilarious scenes.
Wall Street Journal
What MTV's "The Real World" would be like if its characters admitted they were simply aspiring actors. Garage Days is more clever, more compelling and genuine.
New York Daily News
Proyas creates an engaging, high-octane energy, boosted by an up-for-anything cast.
It's a handsome film, and made with verve, but too often the tone wobbles and far, far too many of its jokes hit with a splat.
Chicago Tribune
A lively little Australian rock movie hamstrung and sunk by one of the least successful story ideas I've seen recently.
New York Post
Garage Days is fun, but it would have been even more entertaining if Proyas had taken an unplugged approach.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
It's scary how unfunny this flick is.
A startling about-face for Australian director Alex Proyas, and an unwelcome one as well.
The overall tone is one of mild Sex Pistols excess combined with Monkees-era high jinks.
Entertainment Weekly
There's something uniquely embarrassing about a rock & roll fable that is no more authentic (and no less coy) than an episode of ''The Monkees'' yet insists on presenting itself as the epitome of rebel-yell cool.

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